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Oct 7, 2011

The Winner of Abu Dhabi Contest

With each trip comes an adnventure for me ...a new place to be at .. a destination to explore , and from there I bring you some 9oghah :P

Well my readers already know that I have a contest almost on each trip I take ,  a contest leads to one winner :)

First of all sorry for the delay ! would like to apologize to all my participants usually I do the draw after I return frommy trip in a couple of days but I've been too busy :)

Can't make it long ! I'm not feeling well at all with that Fever ..yes I'm sick on a weekend :P most of you got the right answer well yeah I give easy hints don't I ;)
I've been to The Beautiful Desert Islands Resort and Spa - Abu Dhabi .

for those who those who wrote non contact details sorry I've been clear that you post your contact details with the answer :) 

 Anyways here comes the draw :) to check the contest press here

Adri my way wayed beda'aeya :P bs I love doing it :)


Congrats to the winner ! Arob.Refae I will contacting you by email enshallah :)

Thank you ALL for participating ! and for those who missed the contest too ;) than you for your excitment ! enshallah more to come and goodluck All :*

Happy Weekend Kuwait ;)


Arob said...

Yaaaaay wanaaasaaa ;))) thaanks alooot!!!

Expat and the City said...

Congratulations to the winner! :D

giggles said...

congrats to the winner, mashala il wrapping wayed 7elow :)

906 The City said...

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