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Mar 29, 2011

Shopping in Las Vegas

The Ventian La Vegas
Shopping in Vegas is different than any shopping experience I had before was something new to me ..If you want to shop in Vegas you have to go by each hotel in the strip.Take a look at the Map below and let me show you how I did my shopping ;)

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Here is my list of shopping , thats what I discovered during my four nights stay ;) ofcourse there is more :P its all in the same street the famous Vegas strip ;)

 No.9 The Esplanades  (Wynn Hotel) right at where we stayed ;) High class shopping :P No money no Honey ;)

No. 10 Fashion show Mall = its a big mall right infront of Wynn Hotel just across the street , lovely shopping for casual ;) o style eli lazem kil yom amer hl Mall ;)

No.12 The Shoppes at the Palazzo (Plazzo Hotel) shopping for Brands ;)

Palazzo and the Venetian Hotel

No.14 Grand Canal Shoppes (The Ventian Hotel) a wonderful shopping experience ! also you can enjoy the Gondola ride

No. 18 Appian way shops & he Forum Shops (Caesars Palace Hotel)

ok Seinfeld wasn't on when I was there for 4 nights ,so no I didn't miss it :P but I missed Rihanna's Concert :( we arrived to Vgeas a daya fter her concert which I know about before I started my trip from Kuwait bs ma qedart aghayer kil el plan o el reservation 3shanha :P

No.24 Belaggio signature Shops (Bellagio Hotel ) I got my mom alovely shirt from one store that has Bellagio las vegas printed on it :)

Bellagio Lobby ...adri giggles intay akthar w7da 7asa fini :P le9war et3awer elqulb :( o yes hatha el hotel eli jena mako ghera kil el kwaitiyeen feeh :P

dakhel hotel Bellagio

No.52 The Shops at Aria and Crystal ( Aria Hotel- the newest hotel in Vegas)  I got me some nice stuff from there too ! crystal is a place to shop for some brands ;)

No.38 Shops at MGM Hotel : I know this hotel little old o dather :P bs I loved el shops eli feeh for souvenirs ! kawadt eshkthr ako serdaab b3d feeh m7alaat hl khrabee6 wayed loya bs 7abeet.hum :)

next time I'm going by the hotels that I didn't see inshallah ! ok here is the list of the hotel where I went by and really if you're going there you have to check them out and go check MORE ;)

1-Wynn Hotel & Encore Hotel
3-Bellagio Hotel
4-Palazzo Hotel ( shopping are is connected with The shoppes at Ventian )

5-The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel ( I stayed once at the Venetian bt at Macau checkout my post about. it click here

6- MGM Hotel
7- Aria Hotel ( I just love this hotel ALOT :** )

all of the abve hotels are really nice places to stay in :) but for me I'll guess either Wynn or Encore are gonna be always my first choice !

Coming up next what to see in Vegas when it comes to shows and FOOD :p o eli e7boon CSI allah e3eenhum :P gonna post shay kh6eeeeeeeer ;P
 and finally Vegas Outlets :)

fekrat Vegas ena elwa7ed mn el9b7 e7oos yetmasha fi hl hltels o ykteshf ! el deera ma tnaaam :P I loved the people there I loved everything each place has its memories but vegas has my Heart maybe even more than NY ;***

I had a chat with a taxi driver there and he told me that I should go mad with my shopping lol why cuz Vegas has low tax so its the best if your want to shop for brands ;) and we did ma boqa shay ma khamenaah ! sh7leelna awal elsfra lol 3la aakhrhaa khasarnaa lol

And lets say it again What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :P here goes more of LV (Las Vegas ) :P

Hotel Monte Carlo 7asafa ma chayakta bs its right next to Aria

Bellagio Fountains eli kil 15 min jena starts 3jeeeebaa ;)

that's when Men Help women with their shopping bags :P Thanks dear bro :***

Mar 28, 2011

Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

I don't believe that its gonna be almost a year in a couple of months since Vegas trip ! that was us arriving at our Hotel in Vegas last summer 2011 ! owh boy Las Vegas once your there you will understand why do they always say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :P

So that was our hotel Wynn La Vegas it is located infront of one of the biggest malls in Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall

Wynn Resorts owns and operates Wynn Las Vegas (, Encore ( I consider those hotels the best to stay when you are in Vegas . They are conected and if you are looking to a high class luxurious service then this is the place you wanna stay at .

Its located right at Las Vegas Blvd. its the street where most of the famous hotels line up ! I will try to draw my own map for you :P 

although it was really hot back in  summer July 2010  ,I had to walk from place to place to discover that street.

it was my first visit to Vegas and I guess I can say that If you really want to see La vegas you have to explore each hotel and resort. Why? because there is much more than a hotel inside like shows intertainment and please leave the Casino's aside :P ok hl sowalef mo lena alf el7mdella :)

You can get a lovely huge room for a reasonable price . I forgot how much our room cost us but its above the standart price but not expensive.

Its totally worth it as I said away min el9ee7a o elooya mokan o hotel raqii for family mo yahalo pls :P we stayed 4 nights and I didn't have the time to check both Wynn and the connected hotel Encore !

From restaurants ( EXPENSIVE:p some mo kilhum) , shopping and shows all at this hotel ! Just amazing!

Hatha el Lobby wela Balash 3yl leeesh emsafra ballah lool

Hatha el show kan 3ndena fi our hotel !
 mashallah their hotels madri eshloon etkafi kil hl blaawi lol

qulbi qulbi y3awrni le shft hl pics ana leeeesh ehnii :( abi aroo7 waaaay ! hathiii our room the girlz room :P 6b3an ehnaak barrah fi shalaaal fih flowers in the morning eba6loon o el thehr e9eer frog o flower sb7aan el khaleq :P shay shay 3leehum 7rakaat t3gbnii hl USA ;p

Next time I will stay at the Tower Suits at Wynn Hotel ! I love to spoil myself:) who doesn't ! and its totally ok to return back home broke :P take it from a traveler's experience :P

Next is gonna be what to see in Vegas ! I will go by each hotel that I had the chance to explore and show you what I saw and eat ;) so Next is like a tour around the hotels and their shopping centers :) get ready ;)

AND what Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :P

Mar 27, 2011

Let's go Las Vegas Baby !

LA Ma Nabi Las Vegas !! said my family :P

There is no way I'm going all the way to the states and not going by Vegas  specially ini twala3t Fi hl Vegas kela mn CSI Vegas ! travelling to the states with no road trips is not worth it ! travelling to the states and not seeing as much as you can ! it means your not a good traveler :P

We are going Vegas dear Family :P and thats what we did !! I arranged for it all the hotel the shows all when we were in Kuwait last summer 2010.

Starting the vacation in NYC then settle at our apartment in Mission Viejo (rented) and from there we had our road trip to Vegas. its approximatley 3 hours 30 minutes. 

Here are the Photos of the road trip back in summer 2010 :)

walaht 3leech ylkhaysa our car :***

knah bnazel my cousin fiha LOOOL . 9ech deerat el movies ma ynlamoon 3la aflamhum athari 9ech 3ndehum hl sowalef :P

yallah tab3ooooooniii next coming up ! where we stayed in Vegas ? what fooooooood not to miss & what shows that will make you wanna go back there again and again and again and again and again and again ...and yes you will love The Hangover movie more :P

Mar 24, 2011

DisneyLand & Disney California Adventure Park

They always bring a smile to your face ;) and Happiness in the air

What ?! its not Disneyland only ! There is a Disney California Adventure Park too ! This is what I discovered when I reached the ticket both at Disneyland Anheim California  back in summer 2010 !

Yeah for the first time I'm not a good planner :P tefashaalt jedam my family lol ena eshloon ma knt adrii ena fi hathi el new Park !! khobri fi hl USA min 1998 , 9ech I felt I need to update my info !!

The Problem is that our days were almost over there and we had that plan and I had only had one day blocked and that's for Only DisneyLand ! hmmm so here is the Ugly truth , we had to manage to see both parks on the same day ! so I 'll leave that to your imagination lol , 3shan arateb been kil ride fi hl park o hl park o between not only rides but also shows and parades ! and as usual I have to get it all ! and if not I have to get what's almost ALL lol , So we got aticket pass for both parks gor our hands Stamped so you can get in & out and again in & out from park to park Unlimited ofcourse ;)

Let's Start with My favourite at DisneyLand Park :

1- Adventure Land : Indiana John's Adventure ride( MY FAV) - Jungle Cruise
2-Fantasyland: DON'T MISS the family ride " its a small world"
3-Tomorrowland: Space Mountain ride.

they have more lands to checkout but I'm going only through my Fav. However don't miss the lovely Parades in the streets usually at the main street ! its all at Disney map ! you can get it at the enterace for free ! showing all the events of that day ! and don't miss Disney's Fireworks ;)

yaw yaw we9aaaaaaal el parade get ready the music rocked !
Celebrate a dream come True Parade 1
I'm 28 Old and this is the first time I meet in person Mary Poppin's !!!
ashwani ma hagaamt o 9a3adt fooq loool

Etyanin :*************

ya 7lohum wallah a7la family ! kela mstanseen 3mri ma sheft.hum unhappy :P

I love her !!!!! do you know who she is :P
she has the accent exaclty like the one in the cartoon !!!! and the attitude

Then let's see what I enjoyed at Disney California Adventure Park lets enjoy the pics then see what can you enjoy there ;)

from World of colors show

my brother's and my sister's score in one of the rides ;)

The elevator you don't wanna miss :P

The amazing Fireworks
1-Golden State : I loved the grizzly river run ! because I stayed in line for approximately 1 hour lol but was fun chatting and getting to know people looool :P

2-Hollywood picture Backout : The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The Elevator that you wanna be in :P 3jeeeeeeeeeb

3-Paradise Pier: Toy Story Mania 
4-Sunshine Plaze : SHOPPING LOL

5- and the beautiful addition World of Color a new nighttime spectacular in Paradise Bay.

Conclusion :

1- One Day at disney is NOT enough :P
2- Get VIP pass its better its a mistake that we didn't ! Disney was the crowdest place comparing to our visit to Sea World and Universal.You will save time and enjoy more sutff !

3- Downtown Disney District : lots of things you can enjoy there only from 8 PM TO 10 PM which in my opnion you should go by on another day ;)

Here you go enjoy that Video by me :P little of what we saw that day at Disney's

 And yes it is the Happiest place on Earth ;D

Shop La Americana- The Grove - South Coast Plaza

You think you got enough money when it comes to  shopping in the states ? then what a nice dream you have :P shopping madness I call it that what happened to us last summer ... it wasn't like shop until you drop no it was shop till you broke :P but the good thing is that you get stuff you really need and when you are back home , you don't get that feeling that you regret buying that or that ! Why? because you got them on their best offers ;)

Yallah let's get done with LA and OC and go to see Las Vegas I'm so excited to show you what I did in Las Vegas :P

Here we go with more shopping :

1- The Americana at Brand Glendale : the place was like an hour 30 minutes away from Mission Viejo where our apartment was , God I miss that Place :(  anyways The Americana is a Lovely place to do outdoor shopping I really loved the place ! also you can have those cupcakes from crumbs there ;)

I had the chance to see that movie in the states ! wish I had time to go for more :(

Don't know but the Place reminds me of Ghost Whisperer's  town :P

7da hadi elmokan 6b3an mo bl weekend ;)

2-The Grove : it has the same concept of The Americana because they belong to the same company. but you can some celebrities in the Grove ;P we saw David Spade ! Where? when we were dining at The Cheesecake Factory .

At the Grove , where we saw David Spade ;)

All my pics on the grove are personal :P didn't have plan to have a blog by that time so this pic is from the net its not mine :)

3-South Coast Plaza : Alovely indoor mall , a big one too , like its divided into two building.

not my pic

not my pice too :P

Ok so that's for all the best shopping in LA and OC if I can say :)

Coming up Next Disney Land Los Angeles (Anaheim)

Yallah yallah 3shaan we gooooooooooooooo Vegas Baby lol jena 9ech :P