Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Mar 6, 2011

Universal CityWalk

7beebi best Ice cream ever Ben & Jerry's

You gotta take that Walk at Universal CityWalk ... after having a blast at the Universal Studios with my Lovely Family and the gates are closed ..
there was the Universal Citywalk just few steps from the main gate of Universal studios !

What can you do at that place?

Since we only stayed for a month in the state , We didn't have time to go by the Citywalk on another day, so I planned after checking the Studios hours that after the studios are closed we can hangout at the Citywalk.

Well when it comes to what can you enjoy , there are alot of things to do there and that's why you can always come to the citywalk anytime you want.

Starting from Cinemas, Dining, shopping for Souviners, concerts, Experiences like IFLY HollywoodJillian's High Life Lanes.

Its a realy nice crowded place to spend at night ! and you may run into some actors too ! cuz you know they've been filming at the studios near by and after a long day of work some hangout to have a drink but not expected to get wasted :P e7m e7m who do you think me and my sister saw :P ?

Introducing Neal McDonough from
 Desperate Housewives cast
ofcourse I was like hey sis shofay Dave
 mal Desperate Housewives :p 

not gonna say what we saw him doing ..bad bad bad lol :P

Things you need to know before you go:

* you have to check on the visitors info on Universal's Citywalk site. 
* Take a look at the Citywalk's Map online.
* love Universal? love the Citywalk? wanna take the VIP Tour all over the    place? need more time in that place? then stay at a near by hotel.

guess that's all about the CityWalk... just try to enjoy your time when your there ...those places are really amazing ! really wanna go there again :( here comes more of the Walk.....

its Bubba ! gonna post about it later ! tried it in San francisco ! best dinner ever
 And now to my lovely readers  please help me what should I post about next ? and please you too my silent readers :)

- What to see in Hollywood? it might take more than a pos.t
- Cheesecake Factory yummy :P
- Fashion Island & La americana and more shopping Experiences.
- Disney Land and Diney's California Adventure Park.
-Tom's Farm.
- Outlets.
- Crumbs cupcake.
-Sprinkle's Cupcake.
-Crystal cove Beach.

Well that's along way to reach San francisco and Las Vegas posts lol :) yallah tra ham ehnaak fi ashy'aa etyaniin ! 7alata b3d hl posts ensawii group klna enroo7 el states :P  a7es shawaqtkum m3aaay :P


giggles said...

thakarteni ib ayam 7elwa fe the states. we went to the one in orlando kan ta8reban yeshbah hatha bas you got to go there when you have a chance. mashala kil mawtho3 a7la min il thani, can't wait for las vegas posts hehe viva las vegas ;)

The Stig said...

You're are travelling to a lot of places and cover great stories that end up as greater posts. I suggest you take a photography course :)

Amazing post!

AMA Traveler said...

giggles: eeeh 7daa ana qa3da aqaleb elmowage3 lol eb hl postat sektay ana zaagh qulbi wallah abi ared ehnaaak ! ambeeh orlando tra khbri feha o ana netfa bl 80's laaaaaaaaaazem ashoofha ! soon hopefully inshallah ! of las vegas o San francisco b3d amoot 3leeha fiha shay eyanin jawha 3jeeeb ..tben el9ech amreka ebkobrha et3awr elqulb ahh bs ahh

The Stig: Thank you ! guess I am :P first I need to get me a good camera cuz I'm using my pics mn kamerti elmotawathe3a sony o also my sis pics mn her canon :) o think adesh dwra bs maybe not here somewhere out there :)

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