Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Mar 3, 2011

Universal Studios Hollywood

One of the best Places to visit in the States  ! Once we arrived to California,
I started to fillout our schduale with the places that we wanted to visit. I had the list ready from Kuwait. all I had to do is fill the Calander.

 Some places can be visited for hours & some takes a whole day and I call that a whole Day trip.

Universal Studio was a one day trip from our apartment at mission Viejo to Hollywood it took aroun one hour and 30minutes.

We got Front of the Line Pass and take it from me its worth it ! it for 119$,
it was crowded and that pass saved us alot of time, we enjoyed all of the rides and also saved us bests seats in all of the shows :) don't forget once your in to get the map with the show Schedules.

So what's not to miss there !

1- Studio Tour Don't miss it ! checkout were hollywood movies are made ! and how they are made ! If you're into this you can come by another day for a special tour & thats under the VIP Experience which for sure I'm gonna try it next time I'm there. you will love the studio tour with king kong 3D !
And here is some of what I saw in my Studio Tour 

Jaws a7b hl film !

Desperate Housewives ! and yes they were at set filming ! we were asking to shshshsh :P but couldn't see them 7asafa

Magnum !! Do you remeber him ?

War of the world filming set

floods ! forgot from which movie !

o hl netfa set el Titanic !

 2- Revenge of the Mummy khoosh ride its a speed ride I thought it would be more fun but it was ok.

3- Jurassic Park The Ride I love this ride its my favourite since 1998 ! it makes you feel that you are really there in the park ;) me and my wide imagination o m3a el sound effect mn el movie tkmel el salfa :P

4- Terminator 2:3D its a show not a ride :) 7lo o worth it weya affects o sowalef guns o 6aq em6aqaq specially recommended for guys :) before the show you will be entertained by someone lol just remeber me :P w7da btbade3 fekum :P

5-House of Horror: ok that was the first thing we went into at Universal ! LOOOL since I'm the oldest my brother asked me to go in first !! I was pushing him in and he was la la intay awal lol :P so we aaranged ourselves , me behind my brother A and my sis behind my brother A :P la9qeen fihum la9qa madri shelli 7adna dasheen ! bs it was fun running away from all the scary chararcters inside that house! if you're familiar with all universal scary charecters? you will find them all chasing you in that house lol .Good luck and its alot of fun :)

6-Universal's Animal Actors lovely show with cute animals ! eshawqon

7- The Simpsons Ride : AMAZING RIDE that even mom enjoyed it lol

8- Shrek 4D who doesn't love shrek ! shrek 7beeb el kol :) If you love shrek you will lvoe the rideat far far away ;)

9-WaterWorld: we missed the fisrt show but thank god we didn't miss the second wela jan mt3asra o em3a9ba ena 6afni :P go early eli e9eer qbl elshow ham ewanes :P elwth3 fih may fa get ready to get wet depending where your sitting ;) o etha t7arashtaw fihum bredoon 3leekum so take care :P 

10- Special effects Stage : the real things behind high effects movie ! get to know how their done ! Don't miss it tra 7lo wayed !

a7la part when it comes to the making of the horror movies

and that's all what we enjoyed at Universal Studios ! there are couple of more shows but sometimes you have to be good in choosing the best of it ;) Hope we did !

Get your souvenirs ! tra ashya'ahum etyanen !

and try my favourite Ice cream there ahhh that I posted about before 
7beebii hatha :* 

Meryl Streep's costume from It's Complicated !
a7ebha hl ensana a7bha :*

Bride of Chucky ;)

that's from long time ago they made the shark in Jaws movie

Didn't see the movie yet ! but for sure don't wanna be infront of that thing at night !

Next coming Up Universal CityWalk ;)


r.alsharif said...

i LOVE Universal Studios! :D my favorite was the George of the jungle set :P

giggles said...

i went to universal studios in orlando and island of adventure it was so much fun we had a blast.

Anonymous said...

wooow mshalla i loved ur blog
i wanna go to NY to eat shake shack burgers :'( and sundea ice cream looks so good
keep going and don't listen to jealousy peoples

Bint ilKuwait said...

I want:(((

Aham shay wa7da bil thanweya shabhtni ib bride of Chucky lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl!! wallah fee naas lema eshabhoon.. la ta3leeq:p

The Stig said...

I wanna go there :|

American Girl said...

Beautiful coverage! You did a fantastic job of really showing so much and making it appealing.

LadyB_Q8 said...

Loved the post, i recently visited the resort in Orlando you sure took me back there ;)

AMA Traveler said...

r.alsharif:eyanin hl universal ! was that at Universal Orlando? because I don't think I assed by the george of the jungle set at Hollywood's :)

giggle: yeah malooot orlando a7la ! Lucky u :P 3leekum bl3afia :) I will ask for your recommendaton when my time comes for going there inshallah

anonymous: Thank you :) glad tat u liked it ! o glad that I could be your guide to the best things ever when you travel ! and because of u I will keepgoing inshallah :)

Bint ilKuwait: me want too :( way mn asawi hl post aq3ad at6amash 3la el pics qulbi y3awrni wanna not just go back to that place I want all that time back again :( o hathi eli emshabhtch ! 3sa ma shar lol :P

The Stig : now everybody wants to go there ! add me please :)

American Girl : Thank you ! and that's what I was hoping ! its just my personal experience and I know there is much to discover too :)

LadyB: thank you :) way orlando I wanna go there :( I think if I do 3adi I camp fi Universal :P a7b hl sowalef o wayed I get over excited :)

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