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Mar 24, 2011

Shop La Americana- The Grove - South Coast Plaza

You think you got enough money when it comes to  shopping in the states ? then what a nice dream you have :P shopping madness I call it that what happened to us last summer ... it wasn't like shop until you drop no it was shop till you broke :P but the good thing is that you get stuff you really need and when you are back home , you don't get that feeling that you regret buying that or that ! Why? because you got them on their best offers ;)

Yallah let's get done with LA and OC and go to see Las Vegas I'm so excited to show you what I did in Las Vegas :P

Here we go with more shopping :

1- The Americana at Brand Glendale : the place was like an hour 30 minutes away from Mission Viejo where our apartment was , God I miss that Place :(  anyways The Americana is a Lovely place to do outdoor shopping I really loved the place ! also you can have those cupcakes from crumbs there ;)

I had the chance to see that movie in the states ! wish I had time to go for more :(

Don't know but the Place reminds me of Ghost Whisperer's  town :P

7da hadi elmokan 6b3an mo bl weekend ;)

2-The Grove : it has the same concept of The Americana because they belong to the same company. but you can some celebrities in the Grove ;P we saw David Spade ! Where? when we were dining at The Cheesecake Factory .

At the Grove , where we saw David Spade ;)

All my pics on the grove are personal :P didn't have plan to have a blog by that time so this pic is from the net its not mine :)

3-South Coast Plaza : Alovely indoor mall , a big one too , like its divided into two building.

not my pic

not my pice too :P

Ok so that's for all the best shopping in LA and OC if I can say :)

Coming up Next Disney Land Los Angeles (Anaheim)

Yallah yallah 3shaan we gooooooooooooooo Vegas Baby lol jena 9ech :P


giggles said...

wayed 7elow the grove o re7at ma7al abercrombie & fitch tarsa il mukan kela, we followed the smell till we got to the store hehe.

AMA Traveler said...

giggles: e wallah wentay el9aja tarsa elmokan lol maq6oo6 b3eeed bs ham to9lech :)

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