Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Jun 27, 2011

Paragon Gourmet Market - Bangkok

One of the things I enjoy much when on a trip is going by Markets and exploring the place around ! on my last trip to Bangkok 3 weeks ago I went on a tour at Paragon Gourmet Market.

To check out their products :) and watch how people do their shopping :P I just love it ,usually I stay there more than an hour :P

Anyways this was one of my tours at Paragon Gourmet Market ( jm3eya ) located at the GF with the Food court at Siam Paragon Mall which I will post about later :)

This post is gonna be all about photos :) enjoy !


I bought This :)

mgmo3at elnathafa lol :)

Take away soup ;)

Right at that Gourmet Market you can find a delicious ice cream place " Gelate " Don't miss it ! 

my treat :D

Jun 26, 2011

Siam Paragon - Shopping Bangkok

its a daily must stop to me everyday when I was in Bangkok .. ! Specially at the G Floor :P where the food is ;) Siam Paragon is located at the most crowded place with many shopping malls all next to each other right at Siam.

Its The pride of Bangkok Siam Pragon has it all from luxury shopping to casual shopping , dining and entertainment it all in that place 5 Floors to exploor :) 

to check their Directory : click here

Also there is a big Depertment store named after the shopping mall its Paragon department store and this is what I loved there :)

got me the cotton candy hand cream ! eyanin

Steve min USA to Thailand :)

L'Espace  Cafe by Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok right at Siam Paragon Mall

what's best that running into events that you didn't know about ! there was an Orchid Paradise right at Siam Paragon ! I was like wow ! the history and kind of orchids ! I'm not into plants and stuff what I love flowers :P  I love anything that adds beauty to scenes :) There it was Siam Paragon Bangkok Royal Orchid Paradise 2-7 June 2011.

 And this is what's coming up next !

Jawlaaat eljam3eya :P tezahebaw next post :D people who love food next few post are for you :)

One thing I learned most from traveling its a bless to have the chance to blend and see other cultures ! and yes its coming officially that most thing I enjoy doing in my Life is Traveling :)

Jun 25, 2011

Let's go USA - My Florida List

It all came in two weeks ! The plan to take a trip to Florida came fast ! and you guys know me ..I can't say No ;) The last time I've been to Florida before this April was in 1986 when my sister was born there ! which cannot be considered because I was just a little kid :)

Certainley The Sunshine State !  explored some of Orlando and the Lovely Miami ! Miami bring me the heat :P I have my list that I always prepare before my trip to the states ! two list are out and many of my readers have them its : lists from Mission Viejo, California  & NYC list . haven't got them yet ? just email me at and I will send them to you :)

Now it is time for My Florida List what did I do and enjoyed during my vacation there last april 2011 ... check my post :

- Flying with United Airlines
-Attending Lady Gaga Concert in Orlando
-I stayed at Floridays Resort Orlando   
-Where to shop for groceries if you stay at Floriday's Resort Orlando ? Sure at Publix
- No one goes to Florida and misses a boat ride ot check out some real Gators :) Boggy Greek Airboat Rides

- Red Lobster Florida
- The Mall at Mellenia
-Road Trip from Orlando to Miami
-Mandarin Oriental Miami
-Why I stayed at Mandarin Oriental Miami ?
- The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Miami
- Shake Shack Miami
-Lincoln Road Miami
- Dolphin Mall Miami
-Dadeland Mall Miami  
Bal Harbour Miami
- Joes Stone Crab Miami
- Going Universal StudiosOrlando ? What kind of ticket you should get ?
- My Day at Universal's Island of Adventure Orlando  
My Day at Universal Studios Orlando
- Universal CityWalk Orlando
- Shop Costco !         
-The Cheesecake Factory
-The Florida Mall - Orlando
- Florida Outlets
- Epcot at Walt Disney World - orlando
- Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
- If you have time you can read my experience with 911 when you need help over there you just get it
   - My 991 rescue
   - at Dr.P.Philips Hospital - Orlando
- Walmart - Orlando

Now let's start spreading around the list with all the details and info about the places I've visited and also those that I didn't have to check out :)

Send me an email at : titled with Let's go USA - Florida List then I will send you the list :)


Jun 23, 2011

ChatuChak weekend Market (2) - Bangkok

So There I was .... Ama Traveler wandering ChatuCkat Market, Its really hard to deside where to go once you step foot into the place you wish you have the eyes to see everthing there .. that's why whenever I'm there I just take some moments and stop right there at my place and let my eyes wander and observe the surroundings ...many things can be bought yes :P but more important many things can be learned ! look into the people,  what are they selling,face textures, how their daily life goes on..what stories behind those smiles or sad faces ! one thing for sure is alf el7mdella 3la eln3ma elii e7na fiha in my lovely country Kuwait !

Now let's go back to ChatuChak Weekend Market ;D in my last post Chatuchak Weekend Market (1) I showed you guys around the place and mentioned some important tips for you to follow when there :) now I will show you more of what I saw and moreover some of what I bought :)

Ok does any one know who's that guy ? if you do let me know :P looks like they are filming a ducumentary

who knows maybe one day I'll be in his place :P

so as talent can be found there ! Mashallah that little boy is so Talented !

bqeeet abooqhum klhum LOOL eyanenoooon !!! bs kan moot 7ar b3d qulbii klhum kanaw daykheeeen

Ok the Husky will cost you only 100KD !!!! MO 9ech so cheap !!
my friend Noor btmooot 3shan el Husky so guess what we might go on a trip specially to get that Husky ;)

I stayed there for 30 minutes what ! because it was their bath time lol
...aham shay faqrat el seshawar :P kant etsab7hum o etsashwerhum b3d waaay

Now let's check some of what I got from that amazing worldwide weekend Market ......

shirts for the kids :)

for the boys brothers madri teshawaqt khatheet
 lehum Crew and rescue :P

And thats my new Bag :) I use it to carry my books for dwam aw elshaleeh :)

a7la part !!!! she is a real artist !!! ashwani shft hl law7aaat ! otherwise I would have missed much !

I wanted them all ! it was really hard to decide what to buy !

eshtaweq hl bnt elba6ah   :/

I took then basa6t yamha 3la elarth ashoofha tarsem ! tdroon eshloon el jaw kan !! moooot 7ar ! mooot ! bs still when I aksed her if I can sit and watch she smiled with that beautiful smile o she was sweating min el7ar ! bs still her passion to paint mwjoood ..wayed 7abeet.ha :) I wasnted that peiece bs she told me still lot to work on so I had to choose another one which I will show you later I got two actually :)

and The Icee Shirt !!! ahhhhh you guys know eshkthr a7b hl Icee ;D

So that was the ChatuChak Weekend Market :) mino eli brooooo7 ? take me with you I'll be a good guide there :) and I know how to bargain in Thai :P

So what do you want next dinner cruise wela more shopping ?

and enjoy your weekend :D