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May 26, 2011

Florida Outlets

Shopping Outlets is one fine memory that is attached to my trip to the states ! I've never been there without going by Outlets ! shay moqarar ;) as usuall I had my big list with me and I had to choose where to go and for me I always start with the nearest once ;) this is gonna be yr list of Outlets if your vacationing in Florida , I'm gonna mention Only the outlets that I've been to ! the complete list of  vacationing in the states will be available for my readers soon and its gonna be upon request :)

Florida Outlets:

1-Orlando Premium Outlet (Internation Dr) my best stores out there :Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Victoria's Secret ( if your looking for basic shirts !! its the right place all colors are available) & Last call Neiman Marcus.

 2-Orlando Premium Outlet (Vineland Ave) my best stores to shop are :Barneys New York Outlet, Etro ,J.Crew,Juicy Couture,Nike Factory Store & Tory Burch

and 7beeebiii steve Madin Just opened !

Always remember when shopping at outlets, you have to check the hours before you go also for me I prefer going either early morning or noon to stay away from Florida's hot sun ;)

and the best thing about the outlets you cane ven get extra discounts just by aplying for free membership cards ! I had them since last summer ;)

my best outlets in the states are Premuim outlets ! they are all around the states ! so no matter where you're going some are gonna be right next to you ;) check Premium Outlets .


giggles said...

you are right about staying away from florida's hot sun e7na re7na ehnak il theher o metna min il shams.

Shela♥ said...

Hey, I live in Florida it isn't that bad. Just remember to put sunscreen. lol. :))

AMA Traveler said...

giggles : eeeh ! la el shams khyaal mn 1:30 lma 5 !!! hatha o e7na ray7een shahar 4 ! eshloon el fmailies lma ero7oon fi el summer :/

Judi : its not that bad :P but it that hot ;) its hot here in my country in kuwait but florida's sun is something eles lol !

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