Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Apr 29, 2011

Some of The Unseen of The Royal Wedding

It makes me Happy to see people from many nations standing there together in one place despite of our religion and other differences ( we are there too check wain momathil el kuwait :P )

A Royal Wedding made a Happy Friday for Many & Specially me.

Waking up every friday to hear worldwide new sad worldwide new from wars, revolutions & disasters.Today was something we all needed ! its not that I don't care about what's happening in the world it just that the soul need to be happy and smile and share love. 

 Prince William and kate got their first royal wedding present from The Queen of England: The Titles of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

I indeed enjoyed watching the ceremony and still the reception to be tonight ;)

Just Like His Mama Diana

Ok now why ?? Laish emhawla eb3omrech !!!

Apr 28, 2011

My Winners with Giveaways from Florida !

My winners your Gifts are Borught to you from Florida the Sunshine State ;) perfectly wrapped by a dear friend Wrapping Mania She wraps it the way it should be the way it will look amazing ! Thank you ;* how can I wrap without you girl ;P 

Everytime I'm travelling I'm gonna do a small contest or a draw depending on where I'm heading too ;) so for my last trip which was to Florida Orlando all I wanted my readers to guess where I'm going? what's new experiences I'm going to add to my life? and to leave me a name or an email to contact them later. If you wanna know about the Contest press here so you can join next time ;)

9 Lovely Reader Participated , But Unfortunately 2 were Anonymous so its hard to count them in since I don't know how to contact them or recognize them If they won I mean like anyone can claim being anonymous :P so please next time stick wilththe rules so you can join cuz I want everyone to ;) you can leave your name and comment and send me your contact info by email that's an option too .

So I ended up with 7 people in the draw although some just guessed the destination but only for this time your in ;) since its the first contest ..the 9 contesters are:

1- giggles
5-Expat and the City

Here we go with the Draw ;)

and the winner are ;)

My dear winners first of all I'm so happy that my winners are females :P really finindg them loving travelling and adventures I love that ! second of all more contest are coming inshallah so good luck next time to all of the others

Giggles and Expat contact me to agree on the delivery process ;) emails will do:

and I hope you guys enjoy your gifts ;) and let me know what you think ;) luv u :**

My Apologies that it took long time from me to go with the draw but the lag and I got sick and still sick little bit ;) sorry for the delay you guys .

Let's Visit Florida's Gators !

I was over excited when I found myself as close as I can get to a real  gator in a real wildlife !
That was my new Adventure that I did two weeks ago in Florida ! Since Florida is well known for its wildlife so what's better than paying thoses FL Gators a visit ;P  The good thing about me I guess is that I enjoy doing Adentures alone I mean like no one of my Family joined me on the Gator Adventure because they were scared :P but they were so sweet to wave at me when I was leaving on the air boat wishing me a safe tour and to take care :P

I've did a great search on the net before I left on my vacation and I have made up my mind to go with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides . They are located at Florida Everglades in south Florida ( Kissimmee) & are known worldwide as the location to go out on an airboat tour. It was less than an hour drive from Orlando.Ofcourse knt emzahba 3diti eli ehya bs elkaboos (cap) 3n el7ar cuz you know I was in the Sunshine state it was like the sun burn state ;) 

7ta el6reeg kan maq6oo3 embayen into the Wildlife ;)

Im out and the family is in the car yn6rooni :P

After arriving there, I made up my mind to go with the Half hour tour although I wanted badly the one hour but Ididn't want my family to wait for me that long ;)

Half an hour ride for 25.95$ nice price ;) here comes the fun..the adventure and the gators o ashwana shft.hum cuz as you've seen above in the photo it was maybe maybe not Forecast!

lma shfta qulbi qam y3awerni leana adri
bs brkab b3eesh dour CSI Miami lol  el ride khyaleya kh9oo9an lma eshafe6 :P

Hello Eddie ;) 6b3an el accent kanat ham et3awer el qulb amreeki a9lii !

weqafna faga ! jan eqool lena shofaw menak wela el Gator !

The closest that we got 6b3an was
10 meters away tqreeban o its a female
gator 3yl law male eshloon 7gma b9eer !

I was ready you know in case lol :P

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE wildlife ;*

and a beautiful rainbow madri laish ehnak
 everything gets better & better all day long :D

Ok hathela boqar 6be3iyeen at least mtyam3een
yam b3th o ham eshway b3edd 3n el may

ama hathi fa ma tdri wain allah qa6ha o 9ech ebqarah ! tbi tnte7er !
elmay kelah tmasee7 ashwana ma 9ar hejoom 3laiha jedami !lol

Leana hl  ryaal kan n7ees ela ybi e9awrna fi his
camera with the baby gator o print them for free !
 bs mamnoo3 our camera ! don't know what's the point of that LOL !
so I couldn't wait because I need my time I have other plans o people watting for me in the car :P

I've seen alot and learned alot in this tour. interesting information about Florida Gators Thanx to Mr. Eddie who was really kind to answer all of our questions while on the tour.

When it comes to Adventures ,I don't know how can I go ,I don't think I have a limit yet. Its not that I don't get scared well I do ! but I always push myself and say its a life time experience and I shouldn't miss it!

So would you be intrested in such adventures ? :P

Next coming up tboon Disney's Epcot wela Universal Studios ? wela tboon I post about malls ;P wela fooood ;)

Apr 27, 2011

Jm3eytna Publix - Orlando ;)

Once we arrived to Orlando the next day morning we had to buy elmaglah :P dayman hl meshwar ekoon elawal fi my list in every destination ma 3da at resorts ! so there it was Publix that's what Jessica suggested..who is Jessica ? well Yeah I call my Garmin GPS Jessica and she deserves a big thank you :*  

I'm not gonna talk about Publix alot other than saying that its right down the street less than 5 minutes from where we stayed (Floridays Resort Orlando) & away 10 minutes away if you're planning to have a great walk to get your groceries :) we got up on our first morning in Orlando at 4:30 am lol so I thought akeed eljm3eya tfta7 embacher and it turns it does!  

There we are at Publix Enterance 7:00am Sharp... I will never ever forget those beautiful greetings and smiles from all of the employees there. small details make me fine wonderful days and I guess thats what makes me positive almost all of the time ;D
let's start the tour shall we ;)

All set ! Let's go Publix ;)

hadaya emratiba min kil mokan yakh6er 3la balech
 7ta Victoria Secret gift card is there ;)

6aboooor emratab esh7latah eshaweq ?
7ta t7asaft ashtiri shay minah lol

Hatha POM 39eer el roman el qatil !!!
 6b3an kil mrah aro7 el states etzeed el ashya'a eli abeeha o a7bha mn el jam3eya o arg3 el kwait mo mwjoda :(

It has Vitamin D ! which I really need !

a7taag a'akheth m3ay eldwam hl sowalef abrak mn el junk :P
 those are my friends in every road trip in the states beside el junk ofcourse ;)

I make desserts but I never cook !
bs etha elsalfa jithi wallah el3theem a9eer 6bakha ! eshaweq !

for our lovely girls ma y7tag etqe9een bo9al o
thoom kil shay jahez 3shan ra7tch o anaqtech ;)
 nas etqader ena dinner gonna be cooked and served by family members

BENGAY is something I cant live without ;)

and ofcourse airborne

ehni kan elwath7 shakheth o shakhali o
em yamdinii a'akel eli eli bakhtha wela
bakil eb m6a3em braha lol
kil shay eshaweq

its time to celebrate whatever lol !

Ice creams...lw knt qa3da shahar jan shreet.hum klhum

emratbeen el trteeeb ebroo7a y3awer qulbii !

adri mwjood fi sultan 3ndena bs fih 2 differences :
1- ena hatha fi Publix Orlando  :P elmokan eli baklah fih yl3ab dor :P
 2- ena its made in USA and sold in USA

ynfa3 ayeebah el kuwait ;P ?

o hatha mn 7baayeb qulbi .. ok sultanyab mrah o waqefah !
 so laish yaybeena mn elasas !

one day when I'm back there I have to do a party !
bs elmoshkela min a3zem lol
 ...kil shay eshaweq

o hatha kan ryooqi o 3shaaay el 3jeeeb

I spent less than two weeks there ... I go publix everyday and another ...I went to Miami for a couple of days  I come back later I find one asking me at Publix hey how you doin its been days since we last saw you ! Lovely Isn't it ..3yl eshlooon law ana qa3da shahar ! akh ya qulbiii  ...ofcourse you go out loaded with your stuff that you bought plus : have a nice day or have a good one or goodnight or just even a lovely smile.