Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Apr 27, 2011

Jm3eytna Publix - Orlando ;)

Once we arrived to Orlando the next day morning we had to buy elmaglah :P dayman hl meshwar ekoon elawal fi my list in every destination ma 3da at resorts ! so there it was Publix that's what Jessica suggested..who is Jessica ? well Yeah I call my Garmin GPS Jessica and she deserves a big thank you :*  

I'm not gonna talk about Publix alot other than saying that its right down the street less than 5 minutes from where we stayed (Floridays Resort Orlando) & away 10 minutes away if you're planning to have a great walk to get your groceries :) we got up on our first morning in Orlando at 4:30 am lol so I thought akeed eljm3eya tfta7 embacher and it turns it does!  

There we are at Publix Enterance 7:00am Sharp... I will never ever forget those beautiful greetings and smiles from all of the employees there. small details make me fine wonderful days and I guess thats what makes me positive almost all of the time ;D
let's start the tour shall we ;)

All set ! Let's go Publix ;)

hadaya emratiba min kil mokan yakh6er 3la balech
 7ta Victoria Secret gift card is there ;)

6aboooor emratab esh7latah eshaweq ?
7ta t7asaft ashtiri shay minah lol

Hatha POM 39eer el roman el qatil !!!
 6b3an kil mrah aro7 el states etzeed el ashya'a eli abeeha o a7bha mn el jam3eya o arg3 el kwait mo mwjoda :(

It has Vitamin D ! which I really need !

a7taag a'akheth m3ay eldwam hl sowalef abrak mn el junk :P
 those are my friends in every road trip in the states beside el junk ofcourse ;)

I make desserts but I never cook !
bs etha elsalfa jithi wallah el3theem a9eer 6bakha ! eshaweq !

for our lovely girls ma y7tag etqe9een bo9al o
thoom kil shay jahez 3shan ra7tch o anaqtech ;)
 nas etqader ena dinner gonna be cooked and served by family members

BENGAY is something I cant live without ;)

and ofcourse airborne

ehni kan elwath7 shakheth o shakhali o
em yamdinii a'akel eli eli bakhtha wela
bakil eb m6a3em braha lol
kil shay eshaweq

its time to celebrate whatever lol !

Ice creams...lw knt qa3da shahar jan shreet.hum klhum

emratbeen el trteeeb ebroo7a y3awer qulbii !

adri mwjood fi sultan 3ndena bs fih 2 differences :
1- ena hatha fi Publix Orlando  :P elmokan eli baklah fih yl3ab dor :P
 2- ena its made in USA and sold in USA

ynfa3 ayeebah el kuwait ;P ?

o hatha mn 7baayeb qulbi .. ok sultanyab mrah o waqefah !
 so laish yaybeena mn elasas !

one day when I'm back there I have to do a party !
bs elmoshkela min a3zem lol
 ...kil shay eshaweq

o hatha kan ryooqi o 3shaaay el 3jeeeb

I spent less than two weeks there ... I go publix everyday and another ...I went to Miami for a couple of days  I come back later I find one asking me at Publix hey how you doin its been days since we last saw you ! Lovely Isn't it ..3yl eshlooon law ana qa3da shahar ! akh ya qulbiii  ...ofcourse you go out loaded with your stuff that you bought plus : have a nice day or have a good one or goodnight or just even a lovely smile.


giggles said...

il jam3eya yamha mcdonalds by any chance? teshbah il jam3eya eli we go to bas i don't remember the name. mashala il staff in the jam3eya wayed e7laiywen sa3at these little things make your day.

Anonymous said...

el-post y3awer el-galb !

Gold Medal Ribbon said...


Anonymous said...

wooooow shawagteni o ana yo3ana aqwa post ;p

AMA Traveler said...

giggles: la kan across the street 7 Eleven ;) lol 7aftheta leana atress banzeen 3ndehum lol kant ayam 7lwa ! waaaaayed I care how i'm treated o I love that I always run into grat staff el7mdella ;)

3ateeja: shftay eshloon tdreen eni aq3ad bl jam3eya 3aadi 2 hours bs a7ooos lol

Gold Medal Ribbon: LOOOOL Etyanin hl jam3eya a9lan mn mo3amalt.hum ma wedech t6le3een o lazem kil yom etmreen !

Anonymous : thanx ;)

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