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Sep 29, 2011

Kayaking at Desert Island Resort and Spa by Anantara - Abu Dhabi

Shaaay Khyaaaaal !!!! never ever thought that it would be that fun !!! min kthr ma ana meshta6a o mesaatnsa 3la el baraad eli ykatkit raaaay7aa o 6aayraaah agadef o agadef ma raya7t eediii ! fina naq9 activities ya gma3a !! mtna :P  lool

My new experience on this trip is Kayaking ! as all of you know how much I try my best that on each trip I try a new adventure or learn an new thing ..its the way a trip should be ! you're getting away right ! so you need something new !! try something new ! fail or succeed doesn't matter ! you got to explore yourself :D 3aadi ana da3amt chum shyara bil maay :P so its ok ;)

Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara in Abu Dhabi has a wide range of activities to do while you are staying with them ! you will never get bored !! actually they will help you plan your stay and activities they were so helpful with me ! I just love their unique service !! been to alot of resorts but this one has something that captures my heart :) 
 It was really really hard to choose from the activity list ! daaymaaan abi kil sha o abi agaarib kil shay wla abi shay e6ooofni asa long as I am there in the right moment and right place ! but I had to choose because I was on a short stay :( 7asafa

first let me take alook at their activities : 

1- Water Activities : kayaking- snorkeling  
2- Land Activities  :  Archery - Mountain biking - Nature and wildlife ride -Nature and wildlife walks
3-Heritage activities: Archeological site tour

For more information do not hesitate just contact them by email  :

For me I went with Kayaking and the nature and wildlife ride which I will post about later which will be beyond your expectations !! fag'aa leqait roo7i waqfa 3la kersii jeep el safara o ajakchek bil camera min el tantaa fooq :P yallah that excited you will get ! just keep tracking the posts coming up ! you don't want to miss one adventure of that resort ;) trust me for the people who got a taste when they travel ;)

So why Kayaking ? as I said I wanted to try something new although I loooooooooooove snorkeling ALOT ! but thought hey AMA Traveler you need shay ydeeeed !! Kayak ! my Kayak activity was on my day of arrival at 5:00 PM i should be in the lobby for my pick up ride ! yep the Island is big it takes like 10 minute to reach the Kayak area by ride ! The Lovely Ms. Sonica from South Africa my Kayak trainer !!! why My akayk trainer ! because it was only me on that activity that day !! two cute couples from Switzerland were riding with us for the drop off for the wildlife drive ! Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara Thank you SO MUCH for making my first Kayak experience and adventure one of a kind !! glad I did it with you guys ! lovely readers are you ready !????!  LET'S GO  KAYAKING !

Here we are making our way ......

Help yourself if your thirsty !! ee 3aadi atkarfas el jeep yetkhathkhaath :P it was fun ! o action Life !

Ok this is beautiful Sonica !!!! 3ashaaaaaaw ahaaal south africa !!! she is just an amazing driver and a Kayak trainer :D
I was like HUH ! jithi elsalfaa looool ! 6b3an knt meshta6a 3la el kayaking bs lma shft el 3edah khaqeeet lol :P bs WTH yallah foqa enjareb why not ! life is full of adventures don't loose one when its meant to be yours ;) 

Life jacket laaazimmmm ! kla 3baali bth6eee7 bil ba7ar o bthee3 o by6la3li shark :P AKhh min movie Jaws 3aqaadnii LOOL :P there are no sharks ppl ;) elmokan mthl khooor e9gheeer so don't worry

Ready ? YES I am  :D  we helped each other carrying our Kayaks into the water :) ee mako a7ad yesheel el wanasa min el bedaya serve yourself ;) I just loved it !
Yallah into the WATER :D 3la fekraa it was only me and Ms Sonica in that place !!! I was sooooo Lucky !! wayed khtheeet ra7tii ;) 3la 7athiii mako ela ana weyahaaa :) 

b3d ma khala9naaaa radeeena 7azat sunset :)

and I almost forgot to introduce you do the Lovely Sonica ;) certainly in my next visit I will go Kayaking !!

QASHIII o ya 7lo qaashiiii ....each thing is attached to one destination and many memories I just love my stuff ;)

Beautiful is enough !!! indeeed NO !!!! tra elmokaaan haaaaaaaadiiiiiii hedou qaatill o ra7at baaaaal o shofat ghroob elshams qomt basa6t eshway bs ashoof elshams :)

and that was on our way back to the resort ....this is how it looks from land view :) my home :***

the BIG thing that I missed is not having a waterproof camera !!!! 7asaafaa :( I should get me one !!! because as you see couldn't take my camera with me on the Kayak ! So what do you need other than the water proof camera ? sun glasses - towel in case you need it - hat - and yeah wear a swim suit ! because you will get wet when you are Kayaking :P tarajaakh bn6looniii hahahaha but it was FUN !!

My overall experience ? JUST AMAZING its what I needed !!! yes it wasn't easy ! cuz mako leyaqa :P tagdeeeef 3ajeeeeb ! but you could rest while kayaking ! loved the place..... loved the sound of the water while kayaking ...loved making my own way ...loved my new skill 3shtaw :P loved eni amshi o a3er fag'aa loool loved eni da3amt chum eshyaraa e7m e7m :P finally Loved me on a kayak !!!! its worth a try and yes Kayaking is on my List for water activities or sports !!! Sonica ....Thank you very much for taking sometime to teach me how to Kayak ! thank you for being patient when I keep asking you how do I look from far away and am I kayaking right ;P and doing well for a first time experience LOOL ...I had a wonderful Time you made my day truely !!!

Sep 27, 2011

My Stay at Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara - Abu Dhabi

Finally we were there ! ahh ya qulbii ! I already miss that place ! Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara ! after the road trip from Abu Dhabi Airport to Sir Bani Yas Ferry Port , we reached the island by a speed boat ! a small bus was waitting for us, then we headed to the resort ! its a big Island ! its not a small one ! so what makes it a better journey is that it took us almost 20 minutes by bus to reach the island ! So let's checkout how didn't go upon our arrival at the resort la o min ghair luggages :P

Don't ask me what kind of juice it was :P wa9la min el9eb7 o knt daykhaaa 7dii lol ...All I know is its a delicious tropical juice ! and as usual I never say no ! and ofcourse loved  the cold refreshing towel :)

at the enterance of the resort ! zahbay your book o fresh juice o lazem jithi kaboos o laffah etshaweq :P 3shan ajwa'aa el mokaan ;) aaaaaand lay back relax  

The Lobby 3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb ya 7lwa o ohwa khali jithi bs yestqblinii :P

The Hall way to our rooms ! 9ech jaw shaleeeeh !! eyaninn ! it felt like home !

So after the WARM welcoming  and checking in smoothly ! I handed over the lost luggages papers to the receptinist Angel :) her name is angel and she is indeed an angel ;) she told me not to worry about anything ! she will take care of it and track the updated concerning my lost luggages at the Airport.... I have relax and get ready for my schedualed Adventure that I arranged for before I took the trip when I was in Kuwait ! A7b eltrteeb el sana3 hl khdmaa taqtlniii :D There is nothing that you can't arrange from back home ! Desert Islands Spa and Resort made it so easy! ana qlt broo7 araye7 o astanis mabi ehnaak aq3ad akha6e6 shno bsaawi !! so I made my choices and they made them come true when I was there !

After that we headed for The Palms where we had our breakfast and which I will be posting about it later ! you know food always needs a special post ;)

I've been taking the trip since sunday the 18th sep night ! arrived there monday morning ! so trust me after that long trip inlcude 6b3an el speed boat o el road trip faa kil eli knt afakir fih eni abi anaaaaaaaaaaaam :P Our rooms were on level 3 , 2 deluxe rooms that over looks the sea ...BTW the hotel has some suites too ! that are perfect for families ! now back to our rooms ..Let's take a tour shall we ;) 

My room elktkoootaaa ... 6b3an el bab 34 emshara3 fini faqraa u know :P  elmokaan haaadii el dedoooou el qatil ! eyanin eraye7 el baaal ! u know I came up with alot of ideas for my blog o ana ehnaak fag'aa 9ert aqdar afakir :P

6b3an leana elmanthar eli b3d eshway braweekum eyaah emawet !!! khala9t el fakha kilhaa looool min elwanasa qomt aakil fakha wayed ! ehni bil deera qaleel ma aa'aakil !! when you're happy you caneat and never stop !

Simple resort style ! I loved it mo 3afsa o loyaa !! a good place to stay in to clear your mind ! la7thaw mako jan6aa loooool w3alaya tra awal mra b7yaati et.thee3 jan6itii !! wedii esawoon GPS 7aq lejnaa6 at least when they are lost we know where they are !

ray7a rada asawi bil coffee ! jna awal mra b7yaati :P

OK now after a looooooong trip all the way to the resort ! don't tell me ena ma eshaweq !! tkhayelaw elt3b ! I just couldn't say NO so khaleet el nooma b3d sa3a ! and I enjoyed my bubble bath !

la o katbeeli b3d indulge !!!! ana hl klemaaaat tethb7niii LOL  I love those small details that Anantara takes care of !

The other room :)

 and before I headed to bed I took some time to lay out there and enjoy the view  o 6e7t bil fakha 6ee7ah :P fresh air ..sad7a 3jeeeba ...mako 9ee7a o loya ..only the sound of the sea and the heat of the sun and me :P  and arrange some thoughts not related to anything back home but free thoughts only about how am I gonna do in my next adventure which was supposed to be the same day of my arrival ! LOOOL jithi kan tfkeerii ntheeef ! since it was going to be my first experience in such adventures ! I love it when my mind is that free ! well when you go there and be in that magnificent atmosphere you will get what I mean ! The new Adventure is coming up in the next post ! but know let me show you the view from the balcony .......

lma shft el pool ! said bacher elwa3ad lool because I had full day plans !

well this is the Palms the one on the left , its were breakfast is served every morning :) you will love the breakfast buffet !! wait and see

Hi ! this looks a nice place to lay down and say I have nothing , my bag is lost ! but who cares haaaa I am at a resort ! not any resort ! I'm at Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara ! so WTH let's enjoy ;)

The weather was amazing I think it was the end of summer time ! the perfect time for a great beach getaway mo wayed 7ar wla braaad wayed o 3adi r6ooba 3l khfeeef bs ham 7lo kaaan a7laa waqt for pool time ! regarding the rates of the rooms ! I find them reasonable if you want to buy your time to rest and enjoy then its the right place to go ! its the place to explore youself your skills with the activities you can do there ! which I will show you later ;) also to explore what's out there ! fagaa'a o ana ehnaak qomt a'aalef slogans for my Blog !! that creative you can be lol .

To check the rates of the rooms  : click here
to check the rates of the suites : click here
To checkout more about Desert Islands Resort and Spa : click here

Coming up next a first time experience in a new Adventure with Ms.Sonica from South Africa !! bkht9aaaaaaaar I got what I really needed at that time and that moment !! knt 7dii m7taga shay jithii ;D  

Sep 26, 2011

The Road trip from Abu Dhabi to Sir Bani Yas Island

My road trip started after my 4:00 am arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport on last Monday the 19th,sept,2011 ! Usually I go on road trip during day light ! so it was the first road trip to have the chance to witness the sunrise ! and the chance have been missed lol knt bsaaabi3 nooma :P

So The road trip was all arranged by the resort I'm heading to !! I had to worry about nothing ! make no phone calls !! all I did is arrange for it before my arrival in days ! and everything was all set PERFECTLY ! I've been to alot of resorts around the world but when it comes to arranging those little details that are the last thing you want to make your mind bus with during any getaway vacation ! the best is Anantara ! It was all arranged by Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara ! The Resort I stayed at Sir Bani Yas Island.

So what kind or arrangments did Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara take care of ?

1- A private car was waitting for us at 4:00 am upon our arrival ! all I had to do is provide Desert Island Resort and Spa by Anantara with our arrival details ! they made all the arrangments :D as I mentioned before our luggages got lost and found in dubai later on :P so we were light to go loool ! The road from the Airport to take the ferry heading to Sir Bani Yas Island was about 3 hours ! yeah 3 hours ! you gotta know that the road is full of big trucks a little scary because we took it at night ! has no rest areas but only stop areas ! but the car was fully equipped !

So where are we going ! take a look at the map from Dropp app

awraaq jna6na ethay3aaa ! allah ar7aam :P

in the car while waiting to hit the road :) o knt a7awel astw3eb eni ray7a o ma m3ay ghair my hand bag LOOL
Car transportation which was arranged by the resort was made by Etihad service .... ashwanah mama ma kant weyay leana 6aar fina :P bs kna daykheen lol ma haamniiii ...that's when we stopped at a gas station kna nbii blackberry charger ! ashwaanii f6eena knt yayba my iphone charger bl 6yara :P

In the car ...wet towels and bottle of waters

2- The ferry port : after almost a 3 hours drive from the airport we reached the ferry port . The resort Provides a ferry trasfer to Sir Bani Yas Islands and that it usually available from 10:45 am ! so since we got early it was al set to have a private speed boat to transfer us to the Island ! we arrived early bfathil el sayiq kaan 6ayir finaa :P so I had time to look around the place before the speed boat arrived 

etshofoon elshaleeeh eli min eb3eed ? hatha shaleeeh fih toilets o welcoming service o aham shay ahaaam shay WIRELESS !! it belongs to the Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara so its only for resort guests ! BTW you can drive there by yourself but I don't really recommend it :) intaw ray7eeen ra7ah westegmaaaam so qe6 efloosek bshams o eq3ad belethlaaal ;)
el tarteeeeeb eltarteeeeb qataaaaaaaal !!! wrakum ma shftaw shay yaykum eli bil Island shay shay mashallah ! al7eeen fahamt Laish el shaikh Zayed  allah yr7ma shay 3nd ahal el emaraaaat ! wayed t3b 3leeha !
knt 7azaat.ha na6raa 3la naaaar abi ashooof wain brooo7 !! LOOL akh ya qulbii lait min yeqe6i ehnaak esboooooo3 aghe6 3n loyat eldeeera ! mabrook ! ekteshaft eni a7b el getaways akthar min el cities !
resting bil mall shaleeh rest area while waiting for the speed boat to
take us to the Island
On the speed boat  ! yallah 6eeeeeeer finaaa wohooooo
Love the waving Flags !
That's only the beginning Baby ;D
If I want to discribe the trasportation trip I would say its the kind of trip that you just sit back and relax and enjoy and the expert do their job :) mo kilna n7taaag break o egaza o dala3 !! don't we ! well btshofooon shay ghair eli twaqa3toooh its waaaay beyond ! I said it before and I will be saying it again and again I was treated in a special way ! I always feel different with Anantara !! they just pamper you !

Next Post coming up The grand arrival atDesert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara ;) ma eti6awaaaaaaaaaaf !!

Sep 25, 2011

Happy 29th B-Day Ama Traveler

Journeys are always here ..... They come one package ! carrying the beautiful and the ugly ...laughter and tears ... the good and the bad..... the gain and the pain..... love and hate ....

But Its your Journey ! its your Life... its your choice.... Live it once live it right .... smile for the good ....defeat the worse ...survive the hard .... hold on to the best ! never let go of those things that make you special ..happy or one of a kind ! because those things will pass only once in your life ! that's why they say don't miss the chance :)

Believe in ALLAH ! This believe is your magical weapon ! I can close my eyes and smile with this thought wondering in my mind ! twakelaw 3la allah fi kil shay ! its your glory in life and after life :)

Proud of who I am ...Proud of being a Female Traveler ....proud of the journey's I've made around this beautiful world to meet all those wonderful people ...cultures and make all the adventures I dreamed of and have the chance to live days of sunrise and sunset on another place on earth !  I'm glowing ! Yes I am ... I'm 29th years old and proudly glowing !

 I promised myself that each year should had its special experience ..goals ..wishes even if they don't come true or you couldn't make them all should be so proud that you have them on that list of dreams ..... you should be proud that at one time your mind gone wider with those thoughts or wishes:) everything happenes for a reason ...everything comes on a certain time ....a perfect time that is decided by ALLAH

Love what you've got ! enjoy and appreciate the little details ! you will just LOVE your life ! believe its what you deserve then you will reach reliefe :) protect your Life let know human being let those tears out ! because who loves you will never let those tears drop of your beautiful eyes :)  

I've learned alot from where I've been ....seen.... & loved...yet I seek more :)

Family ..above all  akeed my  beautiful mama ...she a friend a supporter and ofcourse a caring mama ;) I love you ... I'm the Traveler the confident one .... because of you :** 

My little family ..only sister as she always calls herself when she wants somethings from me :P a7bchhhhh ;)

My two little brothers ! well they are not that little lol ..they are my men ! a7bkum :** you guys rock my world allah y7afethkum :*

My friends ahhhhhhh Friends all of you... I don't wanna metion it all because I will need posts min hl sena li next birthday just to list inaaa you all were here next to me when I needed you :* allah ekhaleekum li :** Allah keeps sending me amazing souls ... thank you guys yo are a bless :*

My readers the sweetest behind the screens ;) Thank you for reading my posts ! thank you for trusting me in arranging your trips ! you don't know how much it makes me happy when I find emails in my inbox asking me to arrange a trip for you and your families ! you guys have been helping me alot ! ALOT ! I love going around looking for info on each destination look for the best ! I want you all to travel and experience the pleasure of traveling with your loved once :)

A Happy 29th Birthday to me and to all who are celebrating their birthday today around the world ! Let's Celebrate ! let's enjoy ! moments are here now but gone in a while .... make them Happy memories ....make them special as you are .... Remember Happiness comes from within ;) to better journey's to explore the world to a better person I become goes my 29th year :) wish me luck guys ;)

Sep 24, 2011

I'm Back from Abu Dhabi

She The Traveler is just back from Abu Dhabi !! WOW ! I've seen alot I've learned alot ! and let me tell you this ...Abu Dhabi I might go there for weekends !!! Lovely City but its not just the city ! its about one amazing Island !!! to be honest I didn't expect to see what I saw !! I didn't expect to find all what I enjoyed in some destination that is close by home ! its all at Sir Bani Yas Island !! people get mixed up with Ban Yas Island and Sir Bani Yas Island ! the first one is close by the airport its like 20 minutes ! the other one where are talking about a 3 hours road trip folloed by a ferry ride !! yes a ferry ride ! The getaway at that Island !! oh God you guys are gonna love hat's coming up !!!where I stayed ! what I did ! new experiences ! new people I met ! new friends I made :)

I've been back Thursday Morning ! all I needed by that time is get some sleep !! Why ?? Because when I was there I didn't sleep alot ! didn't want to miss the fun ! didn't want to waste the time ! had only two nights there ! which made my stay 3 full days !

Let me tell you this ! you guys might want to spend your next Eid vacation at Sir Bani Yas Island ;) So I'm gonna try my best to bring it all to you fast in many posts ! I don't know where to start from But I'll bring you th amazing stry of my trip ! I'm gonna make that trip with you guys again ! right here wait for what's coming up ! 

Great times always come ...but some great times pass you once ! just don't miss them even if you didn't have them the way you imagined ! believe me once you caught them you will be amazed how beautiful they are ! and better than you expected ! 

My friend N was suppose to join me on this trip ! she had some issues she cancled a couple of days before the trip ! I was upset ! but I said the trip is coming I have the option to take it or leave it ...I went with let's take it .

Our luggages got lost ! at the final destination ! Imagine that you are going to a resort in an island and you dont have your essential stuff to stay at a resort ! I got upset 4:30am at the airport in Abu Dhabi ! but I had the option either go to the resort and hve fun or just ruin my whole getaway o at3asar ! said no let's go I don't mind even doing activities wearing my jeans and same top ! well I'm here ! so let's enjoy it ....

After all I had a BLAST ! Kayaft !! alf el7mdella :)

 Thank you for all of my readers ! you the travelers with passion ! to get the best of the destination your heading to ! thank you for your trust ! love ya guys :)

and for the readers who participated in My Abu Dhabi Trip  contest ! you guys all got it right !! I think I gave you easy hints ha ;P The gift is being wrapped by the amazing @Wrappingmania , Once ready I will do the draw but give me sometime will you :)

 yalllaaaaaaah be ready coming up big killer posts ;P shay qatilllll !!! 

Sep 15, 2011

a new trip ...a new contest !

Here comes a new Contest ! Who wants to win this time ;)

A new trip is on the way ...couple of days and I'm off again ! I'M TRAVELLING ! WOHOOO

A New Adventure with Anantara ! I have stayed before somewhere with Anantara but this time its a new place to discover .... experiences to feel ..People to meet .. food to eat... time to kill ...tears to leave behind when the time comes to come back home  ofcourse :P

As usual I'm coming back with some giveaways from the destination for you inshallah !  are you intrested ? all you have to do is answer the following in a comment ( your Name - Email - answer )  :

With Anantara I shall stay at ................

Name the Resort I'm staying at plus the location 

Hint 1 : describtion of the resort I'm staying at

The resort is the perfect Escape to explore and experience Arabia in a setting reminiscent of the ancient tales of adventure. My place to discover a landsteeped in history, culture and natural beauty. Follow the winding coast of the Arabian Gulf and discover a land far removed from the hectic pace of everyday life.

At the resort I will experience a unique brand of service inspired by the local traditions of hospitality and culture. Situated along the resplendent coast line of an Island, the hotel-resort offers luxuriously designed rooms ,Villas and four Beach Villas come equipped with the best standards of luxury services including a 24/7 butler.

I will need air transportation followed by land trasportation then by sea trasportation to reach the resort :) 

Hint 2: Traaaaa The resort

Hint 3: Go to click on find a Hotel . Mine is the first one in the drop down list ! this is a big hint :P ma a9la7 7aq mosabaqat kilsh loool

To know more about Anantara Press here  go and check their amazing resorts !

The contest in only for Kuwait residents :) you have from today until 12:00 pm sunday !

Yallaaaaaaah its so easy !!!! Hurry up ..spread it around ..let your friends join ya ... gimme the right answer and you might win in the draw ! good luck !

Just a second one more thing ...for those who would like to travel with me ...are there any?? I know YOU want to travel with me ? right ;)?Follow me on Twitter & don't miss the action... I'll be tweeting the Lovely details of my trip with photos from somewhere 7daaa eyaniin o emawet :P around the world ! really don't miss it :)

Wonder what my in previous contest giveaways look like ? press on Florida winners and Bangkok winner  

wish me luck !