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Dec 13, 2010

Anantara's Qasr Al-Sarab - Abu Dhabi

  Qasr Al Sarab Resort is luxury Desert Resort By Anantara. Its located in Abu Dhabi in the well know Empty Quarter. Its something new ! even if you dont like desert I think you like this resort. I planned the trip over day and night. I was so depressed of something that I needed to get away.of course all of you know that there isnt much space to get away in kuwait :). Anyways, It all happened so fast, the good thing is that you dont need to pack many stuff , because the resort is almost 2:30 hours drive away from Abu Dhabi airport Unless you are richy rich and take a Helecopter :). I booked two tickets on that thursday in last april for me and my lovely mom on Aljazeera airways. I always plan for every trip I make , this time I lived the perfect unplanned trip ! it was my Healing trip .We left Kuwait early morning on friday we returned late night on Saturday ! which is the next day. although it was a one night stay but it seemed a long one!
I made the booking with the resort for a Deluxe Balcony Room. its almost 170KD per night by that time.I also made booking for pick up and drop off to airport since the resort is in the middle of the desert and dont want to risk it with a taxi!

"MARHABA Welcome to Qasr Al Sarab Resort Abu Dhabi" the driver welcomed us at the airport. We hit the road in the desert( jnah 6reeg elshalehat ) after a while 9ar el6reeg raye7 raad ;P jna 6reeg chbd awal. b3deen elsyaraa qamat t93ad o tnzel on sand moutains. Mom was shocked , she turned her head to me smiling saying, what kind of hotel did you book us !!???? feeh mokayefaaat !!! maq6o3een shensawi lw eyoona qo6a3 6oroq :P beeni o beenkum tewahaqt :P ana khft ena ween ray7een bs qlt laha la la akeed khoosh hotel khoosh e9war bl net mama o b3deen kaa rakbeeen mercedes akeed khoosh hotel o emratab. then there was the silence lol . Finally there was that big Gate that went went thorugh o kaho bayaan el 7e9n ! its a big building elwth3 kan 9akhah mako 7es kelesh ! 9ech qa9er elsarab a scene from the mummy :P I mean how the desert looked !
Once we intered the lobby I was stunned ! this is the first time a say an an arabian bedouin clutural style hotel ! it made me more proud of our cultures. the staff were so class ! and polite that they had certain tone of voice :) the check in was done in moments ! while we were seated in the lunge and served some dates, coffee, cold drinks & cold hand towels. The staff are almost from everywhere in the world, thai, moroccon, nigirian, egyptians, tunisians, british, american all what you can think off. Remeber its an isolated quit resort away from life disturbia away from anything you are attached too away from 7nnah away from routine. I felt free out there mashallah. 

The room is soooo big and beautiful, elwth3 sh3bi bs kashkha ;P

Out in our balcony

The other side of the balcony
The enterance

yaybatliii ktaab aqrah yamshi m3a theme o jaw el mokan ;P

mom's machla eb kil safra :P usually hathi mohimat khalti bs el7mdela mama adaat elmohima ;)

I love this alot !!! they worked so hard to make everything perfct in this resort ! read the photography section

Lovely Bath tub ! 7da 3jeeb

Complemantary Tresures :P That's the arabian Hospitality

The Balcony and mom's beautiful hands ;)
Now What Can you do for fun at Qasr Al Sarab Resort By Anantara? I didn't do anything :P I mean there are lots of stuff to do but as I said I was there for relaxation so all I did is reading sleeping and relaxing ;) even if you arrive tensioned the place will force you to relax its peaceful and quit. Now back to what can you do. They have so many activities such as Archery, Camel Trekking & Dessert walk; just make sure to check with their schedule upon arrival. Take a walk discover the resort you will love it more. Concerning the weather in April it was really hot that you can't stand it but although it was so hot, they found away to keep their guests satisfied, whenever I need to move somewhere in the hotel they sent me that mini golf car with a driver to take me to the spa or a restaurant. But if the weather is ok I think by this time of the year, you will love walking there.

When it comes to security, they are almost everywhere fa la etkhafoon min 3e9abat 3li baba :P le'ana bleel 9ech e9eer 7da 9akha bs ya 7lohum 7aseet ena e7na dera e9gheer min wra hl soor ;)

Once you're in the resort you don't want to leave to anywhere else because it's far away from everything the city or any other place.

Also since the resort is in the middle of the desert they have a Helicopter for emergencies also an ambulance and a medical team of a doctor and nurses.  

Restaurants :

The breakfast buffet was included with our room , It was the first breakfast buffet that serves Camel Milk ;P it was something new for me but you know most of the guest where standing in line to get some !!! 6b3an aghlabhum ajaneb ;P 

On That night which is the only night we stayed ;P  I booked us dinner me and my lovely mum , Under stars of the desert with candles , elwth3 kan almost khrmes thalma bs 7lo ! 7ta q3dna bl balcony brah ! The restaurant's name is "Suhail" and I tried lunch one day at "AlLiwan " which is a gathering place at the lobby, they have snack lunch. And the other day before we leave to the airport We had lunch at Ghadeer poolside restaurant also they had delcious food.
Its time for Breakfast ! eb hl q3da el7lwa

complementary from the chef of Suhail Restaurant

The view while having your breakfast

The spa experience was unbelievable! Make sure to book a room with the French windows to the desert! it's a little expensive the prices but with no doubt it was the best massage I had ever made me Thai Staff. Can't wait to get back there wallah.

The view from the spa room

Done with my Massage

The Resort, The Food, The Staff were all more than perfect in everything mashallah I was pampered during my whole stay!  

Our car was on time to take us to the airport everything was all set! I love the people who put their guests first and they become so good at it by showing it off.

The thing that I loved the most is that once we checked out they sent me a survey email, I was so happy I love to get treated that way 6b3an ma boqa shay ma ktbta lehum :P . One day later I got an email from the resort directing manager saying that he is so glad that I enjoyed my stay,these things really matter in marketing ;)

Special thanks to Miss. Chadia , she was an angel my guide in the resort , please keep up the good work wishing you all the best inshallah.

check it out yourself & enjoy the my shots 
The swimming pool

one side of the resort

at night 9ech khrmes o 9akhah bs 7lo

Aliwan Gathering place at the Lobby , you can have some snacks there

etha 3ndkum a7ad ma et7bona qe6oh eb hl 9a7rah
 mako dqayeq o ero7 feha ;P

and for those who love to read ! they have a Library lounge next to the Lobby ! you can either bring your own
book or enjoy reading history books all about emirates ;)
 I loved their historical photo albums that were in some books ;)
Makes You wanna read !


Kadi said...

I WISH to go to This Place atwaqa3 hatha jawii !!!

el pics fathee3een mashala u did great job taking all those views !! :)

really luv it ...enshala my honeymoon will be there ;)

Teta said...

Elmokan shakla 3ajeeeeeeb
bs meta a7san wagt?
Eyehom eghbar? Mit3aqdeeeen :p
Elbalcony mal etnamen feha :D
I loved the library wall etshaweeeeeg!

AMA Traveler said...

Kadi : Glad that you loved it ! tra the visit is a must its something different ! you will love it :)

Teta: e wallah 7da 3jeeeb o ma3zoool 3n eldnya ! atwaq3 a7la waqt al7eeen eljaw bkoon eyanen! m3aani re7t eb 3ez el7ar bs el7mdela estanast. u will love it there wayed hedou o el library 7dha kbeera !

Unknown said...

the place was in my mind for long time now i think i will give it a try


POKA said...

great place ! amazingggg ! walah abu dhabi mo haynaa

AMA Traveler said...

samaher Tariq : it is !you should go for it then u will be an admirer of all anantara's resorts around the world !

POKA: shfta eshloon mashallah t6awrw ! next time wedi aro7 Yas Island 3ndhum feeha many hotels

Fatima Padua said...


AMA Traveler said...

Virtouso blogger: anytime my dear my pleasure ;)

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