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Dec 28, 2010


A couple of days and we will witness the new year inshallah. Big changes Happened in Last year the good and the Bad. No one can ever have a whole year of perfection but weeall have the responsibility to make the choice for our  years to shine with the good memories or the bad ones even if good things are less still its up to U .

when It comes to where I've been el7mdella I've been to many Places. some were planned to have fun others to have sometime away :

1-March 2010: 3omra
2-April 2010: Qasr Alsarab- Abu Dhabi
3-May 2010: Sharm Elsheikh
4-July 2010: The States (New York - Los angeles- Las Vegas- San Francisco)
5-Septemper 2010: 1 day trip to Dubai
6-November 2010: London and for the first time 2 Manchesheter To visit my Lovely Friend H ;)
7-December 2010: 3omra again ;)

this goes to where I've been each place has its memories , el7mdela didn't regret going to any.

What Idid? enjoyed every Beautiful moment that passes by me.
I laugh like I have no worries or pain I love the way that I will lose who I love just to make sure they know how much I love them .Even the saddest moments had me for a long time during this year bs el7mdela bfthl allah I'm always Back no matter what I have much things to appreciate in my Life, We all do ! HOPE is ur Rope never let go.

look at the things eli etshofoon enha lazm tkoon 3ndekum by default ! mthl elbeet el akel el sherb elahal o elra7a o el3afia o el7oriya ! those things make me fight for what I want o what I am .I did all the things that I wish to do at the right place and the right moment. I always do my best to get what I want with the thought that what meant to happen will happen so one day when I look back I'll be always proud of what I Did.

Learn..... this word reflects  what we go through everyday every moment by living so when it comes to what I've learned, by experiences you learn the good and the bad ;)

I've Learned that I should miss the People I love... miss them everyday and live with it .

I've learned that it is never to late for anything ! lama 7a6eet tqweemi ;P

I've learned ena ( ma a9abak ma kan li yokh6eok o ma akh6a'ak ma kana li yo9ebok). 7a6a hl klaam 3yooniii min aq3ad leen ard anam ! it gives me power to go on & survive ;)

I've learned to never ever give up NEVER EVER! because one day I will look back & I don't want to say the Word What If ! so do whatever you can do to make things right o get what u desire b3d el etikaal 3la allah.

I've learned to seize the moment and take chances & experience new food new cultures new things to do !

I've learned that no body is worth my tears, and the one who is won't make me cry.

I've learned that Being Happy Doesn't mean everything is perfect .NO ! it means that U decided to see Beyond Imperfections.

I've learned that I didn't know how strong I am until being strong is the Only choice I have !

I've learned to say I Love U to all the ppl that I love in my life whenever I feel like saying it I don't keep it I say it with a big Hug ;) They Deserve to know !

Much Much more waaayed t3alamt stuff

But I will Never forget the ppl who cause me pain and hurt I will never forget what I got in exchange from them. A big Thank you to them ! I realized
that many ppl deserve their place in my heart. Keep the ppl who will make your heart go on and get rid of those who cause you pain. Be with the one who U deserve and deserves U.

you will be Always on My Mind for those who made their choices
to leave from my life and those who left without a choice.

When I look back I can find that there is much of What I love !

I love my mom more than anything in my life ! Can't imagine aday without seeing her , 7ta o ana bl dwam lazm adeq aqreq sowalef m3aha I miss her much !

I love my Family :* ekhti elwa7eeda as she calls her self ;P o N who I consider my other little Sis ;* o the two Lovely Guys in my Life my dear little Brothers A & A :)

I love My Friends you all, Specially ( T,H,M,Bebo) yanaaantkum hl sena ;P bs How could I live without you Guys ! you shared my tears before my laughter! Wallah a7bkum:*

I Love Noro my best friend from college ya klba eshkthr 9ar lena friends ! min 2000 ! you are my light my guardian you dont know how much u r to me you don't know how much it means to me lma aqreq 3leech o aqreq o aqreq and u never get bored ! yallah come back I miss our Friday Glee night ;P luv u much.

I love you all my relatives.
I love that my readers are enjoying my trips ;) thank you
I love what I do & experience when I travel !
I love how small things and simplest Details make me Happy :) 
I love eli rbiii qasmah li o razeqni eyah !

things will be missed forever & always but love the way U are try to improve yourself be confident that what you got this year and what Happened to you is what you deserve cuz It would'nt Happened to you with out the Permission of  ALLAH sb7anah.

Move on & hold on to the memories that you love ! Let's all together turn a new page to a new year 2011!

2011 watch me smile but give me much Happiness as I'm ok to take some saddness too ;)

Can't Wait to write My New Year's Resolution ;)and one more thing to love !
I love el design eli sweeta foq bl pic lol ;) 


Kadi said...

woooow 7abaait el arangments of thoughts and memories what u love and learned

wish u happy joyfull year enshala m3aaana :**
Luv u lots :***

hope to enjoy the newyear night wiz ya ;)) SHake it Shake it babe ;)

Expat and the City said...

Happy New Year and I wish you many lovely trips in 2011. :)

AMA Traveler said...

Kadi :Luv u More :*** fthaa7teenaaa LOOOL, can't wait for the New Year ;)

Expat and the city: Happy New Year to u 2 ! best wishes inshallah ;)

Teta said...

Happy new year <3
inshalla etkon best year ever
Luv u :*

AMA Traveler said...

Teta: Happy New year to you ya a7la teta :* a'ameen 3leena klna enshallah , luv u more :*