Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Dec 11, 2010

The lovely Asia

      My trips to Asia are Unforgettable :) its the perfect destination for everything , shopping , Relaxing and adventure. I've been to Asia lots of times , My first was to Malaysia , and in My last trip I reached Hongkong. I've been thinking how to present this topic in the proper way and an easy way to be your perfect guide ;) I will mention My last trip since my memory is still fresh although it was in 2009;) I call it Asia April 2009 trip. My group on this trip was my lovely mom, sis and budbud the cousin :) our trip was almost for 14 days which is approximately 2 weeks including the day of the departure and arrival, 3 days in Bangkok , 3 days in Phuket ( the two spots that I'm never ever gonna be bored of) 3 days in macau ( a new destination for me) and unfortunately 2 days in hongkong also a new destination for me. In my next blog I will be your Guide in Bangkok, I will post individual post about each destination, but I wrote this post so that you all can know that you can combine these destination all in one trip but remember its so adventurous and I like to call it pack and unpack trip ;)  

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