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Dec 11, 2010

Bangkok - Part 1

Bangkok is Thailand's Capital, when I first visited Bangkok it was the opposite of what I heard! I heard that the streets are dirty the weather is poluted and when it comes to shopping mako ela eltqleed ;P ! well it is all not true, each country has the good and the bad in everything, in its people in its streets, society as I said in everything, the difference is your view, your view to the place is what matters, if you see the bad things only well that's your problem and I think its hard for you to really enjoy other cultures, but if you are my type, i think you are gonna really enjoy what I'm going to write about Bangkok. as I said in my previous post we stayed 3 days in Bangkok, what we did in these days was different than my visit to Bangkok before, but I'm going to try my best to mention all the things that are not to miss in Bangkok in general.

1- Airline : 

I arranged our whole trip with Emirates airlines , our trip as I mentioned before was( 3 days bangkok, 3 days phuket, 3 days macau, 2 days hongkong) in April 2009, it cost us 800KD per person, including airline tickets(economy) total of 7 flights ! staying at 4 hotels(5 stars) and a complimentary pick up from the hotel in our first destination in Bangkok paid by the Emirates and free tickets for a show in Bangkok. I think we got a very good deal and after viewing all the destination you can judge by yourself inshallah :)  

2- The trip Line

* Dubai-Bangkok
*Bangkok -Phuket
*Phuket-Bangkok ( transit )
*Macau to hong kong was by ferry :)
*Hong kong- Dubai
*Dubai- Kuwait

3 - Our Hotel

We stayed at InterContinental Bangkok it is located in a very nice place, in the middle of the shopping area, if you love walking even in humidity, then it is suitable hotel for you, when we stayed there we walked to most of the shopping centres less we visited by a taxi. what I really loved about this hotel is that English language is well spoken, the staff were very friendly, the rooms where very clean and large :) they have a very nice breakfast buffet which was included in our room charge. 
this is the link for the hotel followed by my shots of our room and please mind my hair clips :)
One more thing that I shouldn't forget to mention about this lovely hotel, well we did a very very big shopping in Bangkok for 3 days since I've seen all the attraction in my previous visit, and since Bangkok was our first destination we still have 3 more places so its hard to carry on all of our luggages all the way in our trip, I arranged with the hotel concierge to ship our luggages, for the first time in my life I had to leave the hotel and our luggages were at the concierge because we had to catch our flight that early Monday morning to phuket, since it was a holiday Saturday and Sunday in Thailand I didn't have the chance to handle the luggage's to the shipment company by my self. The hotel were trust worthy thank god :) I left them the luggages and the money and as soon as I arrived at phuket I checked my email and there was the hotels email with the receipt of the shipment company letting me know that everything is all set :) thank you very much  Intercontinental Bangkok for your special kind treatment and for the shipment company which I highly recommend dealing with it. It's called Eagles Air & Sea(Thailand)Co.LTD .They have reasonable prices also reasonable period of time for the arrival of our luggages to our country Kuwait:) First day in Hongkong while I was shopping I had the call that our luggages has arrived to our home before us :) save ;) OK now lets view the photos from the hotel    

well as you can see , you can turn your room TV into speakers ;) just don't forget your I pod or even I phone

This is Me and mum's room

This is the room's View
 4- Shopping

 Bangkok is a Shopping Mania ! Its a shopping jungle ;) I Just Love it ...why ? because you shop stress less :P I mean like no one knows you, no one cares what your wearing , its the free shopping ;P very very enjoyable with a very wide collections in big malls and night Markets, shop with all Levels. but I think not everybody loves this kind of shopping ;) I will start with the shopping Malls 

* Siam Paragon (located next to Siam center and  Siam Discovery) its  called the pride of Bangkok :) lets say its the perfect place and the one for luxurious shopping in Bangkok, it has all the brands local and international. also make sure to have a meal and the food court, they have a variety of restaurants and for sure they are clean ;) when you are at Bangkok avoid eating from anywhere, I usually have my meals either at the hotel or in well know food courts. inside this mall there is a department store called Paragon, after the Mall its self.moreover there is an aquarium located in this mall ;)

* Siam Center and Discovery (are located in front of paragon) so when you visit Siam paragon make sure that you plan to visit these two small malls also, I like going into them every time I go to Bangkok although they have low sealing that I don't like cuz I like wide places with high ceiling, anyways they have so many local designers store, there are a very nice shops in Siam center , my favourites are Tango and Soda. you girls are gonna love it ;)

* Central World Plaza you will love this mall is the biggest ever ! lots of shopping stores I mean LOTs, and there is a very nice Italian restaurant called Gostoso. an more and more , you should go and discover it yourself.

*Gaysorn Plaza a small brand mall, worth a visit.

* Suan Lum Night Bazaar for the people who enjoy night bazaars and simple shopping (sooq sh3bii) its a local market for hand made stuff , candles, souvenirs and lots more. I love buying soaps and essential oils from there, you don't want to miss it and its a great place to practice bargain ;) its an outdoor market

*Chatuchank Weekend Market if you like markets alot, this is your heaven of markets ;) but remember this market is only every Saturday and Sunday from early morning I think 9AM until 6PM , its bigger than you can imagine with thousands of stores , its of course an outdoor market, but you can buy very unique stuff that u wont be finding anywhere else. the market has 27 section , you should decide before you leave your hotel which section do you want , so u can save time rather than walking.

 * Central is Bangkok's well known shopping department store, it is almost every where , it has a red logo, the biggest is at chidlom area.

In conclusion : it took me the whole day to write this :) remember that the above shopping icons are my best which doesn't mean that there isn't more and more to discover ;) I'm just trying to help u with my experience .... in the next post your gonna know where to go for attractions in Bangkok and transportation, most important information about the place ;)


Anonymous said...

Allaaaaaaaa wanasaaaaaa :D
Nxt time barooo7 ma3aaaach ;)

AMA Traveler said...

You will Inshallah ;D

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