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Feb 28, 2011

Happy Days...February in Kuwait

on my seat while waiting for the Fireworks to begin
... a7la 9ora wallah !

February 2011 was expected to be different in Kuwait!
 ...and Proudly it reached beyond everybody's expectations !

Celebrations like never before ! I want to attend everything , not to miss anything ! my mind was so busy with the events even when I go to bed that I can't sleep ! Yes I'm the kind of person that gets over excited :)

Don't want to keep what I saw in this month hidden in my Albums .. I want the world to see how we celebrated :) and how many countries joined our celebrations ! from my Country Kuwait thank you to our friends :)

Enjoy what's coming up ! wa6aanii wa6an elnahar :* 3sa rbi e7afthna o edeem 3leena afra7na o edeem 3lena ne3mata eli fathlna fiha 3la gheerna ...alf el7mdellah :) 7afthaw 3la el Kuwait :*

From Gulf Countries... they came to share our Celebration :)

I really really loved that people know the basics of getting ready for Fireworks shows !


Al-Hamra Tower
That's something from what I've been working
on for last month a small exibition at work

For more Lovely Photos check below :

Hope everyone enjoyed February in Kuwait this year :) and for the first time I feel good that I didn't traveled :P

Feb 26, 2011

Golden Celebrations in The State of Kuwait

Its a day to Remember
They Worked Hard to bring us the Glorious
 Present so Let's appreciate

it will never be erased from our History its in our History the Iraqi regime Invasion ..we will never forget

its time to liberate Kuwait comes the Desert Storm

we will Never forget what Sheikh Jaber did !
allah yr7mk baba jaber

and we will also never forget all of those countries that participated in Desert Storm and liberated our Kuwait

and That's when Kuwait was Back to
whom it belongs to..Alf El7mdellah  

Our present Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah
Thank you :)
Colorful future inshallah

More Fireworks in the middle of the sea

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