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Feb 16, 2011

The Antarctic Expedition of Maryam Aljoaan's

Yes to Antarctica Yes to  My dream Destination to one of the best destinations since decades !

Maryam Aljouaan a young Kuwaiti Girl got her chance of being there  this  February 2011.... she already started her Trip :)

 As a representative of Kuwait Science Club, Maryam Aljoaan will be the first Kuwaiti female to set foot on Antarctica in Feb 2011. Proud of you Maryam :)

Maryam Aljoaan is pursuing a major in Earth and Space Sciences in Bremen, Germany. Currently she is working on her thesis about the Temporal Evolution of deep and shallow hydrothermal systems on the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR).

Pre Expedition Photo taken by Maryam on February 13,2011

Best of Luck Dear Maryam o inshallah you get the chance to reach Space as you wish :) you deserve it.

Be a part of it by following her exciting expedition , she is really doing a great job in updating us on the Student on Ice expedition !
join her on Facebook The Antarctic Expedition of Maryam Aljoaan's

One day I'm going to see Antarctica and fulfill my dream of waking up one fine  morning , open the curtains of my room in the ship to see my beloved little once, penguins playing on the Ice. Yes that's My dream ;) and here is a little bit of Antarctica

by David tipling - Lonely Planet Photographer

by David tipling - Lonely Planet Photographer

by David tipling - Lonely Planet Photographer
 One day its gonna be me on that Ice
 and nothing is Impossible until you say so :)

by David tipling - Lonely Planet Photographer

By Ira Block During his trip with Linblad
National Geographic Explorer cruising around Antarctica

I know I posted all pics on Penguins :P cuz that's the main reason I wanna be in Antarctica. I wish I could have a penguin pet if its possible :P

Now who wants to join me on The Journey to Antarctica one day soon ;P ??


The Stig said...

You can have a fat child instead of a penguin :P

AMA Traveler said...

The stig: hmmmm no don't think so :) a penguin it is, not gonna change my mind for a baby :)

Mithos said...

LoooooooooooooooL honestly if i get a fat baby i will make him/her a key chain for my keys :D

this is a good one too :P

AMA Traveler said...

Mithos: still I prefer a penguin :) although that fat kid is cute :)