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Feb 15, 2011

Virgin America from NY to LA

On Board Virgin America

Usually we hold memories of nice places, Hotels and experiences at Destinations we head to. But I never  had a favourite fly experience , stuck in that place economy seat ofcourse:P  and always Like FOREVER surrounded with kids ! ahhh and only on the long flights that's when it always Happens to me.

But Virgin America was something Different and when I say Different it means a new experience. Me and my family as of many of you already know that I started posting about our trip to the States in summer 2010 in my blog long ago. 

Anyways, we took the flight from JFK to LAX approximately 6 hours.
We got the tickets from Kuwait for 120KD we could have gotten them for cheaper price but we did the reservation on the last minute.

 JFK airport security was OK we got thorugh easily El7mdillah. Actually my cousin forgot his Backpack at a cafe before checking in into the gates ! So he has to go back there and thorugh the security again ! he and my brother were taken to a room and questioned :P meanwhile me and my mom were having a neck massage at the spa in the airport :P so That about security and our experience as a family traveling together.

LA we are on are way :( wanna go back there wallah

back to Virgin, first I want you to check the light effects in the plane ! amazing huh ! ok the thing was the plane was full and also I was surrounded by kids but this time different kind of kids actually they were my movie to watch ! Lovely family from LA going back to their Home from NY.

American Dad , Chineese Mom, and little 3 beautiful kids and yes the best of all is their Nanny !mexican Nanny she looks like beyonce with the attitude :P She was the star of the whole movie :P Loved how she was enjoying her job as a nanny with the kids ! she was a drama lol

What I loved is their Safety Video that was played in our screens , its was one of a kind lol

You have to listen carefully to what the guy is saying LOOL

whya I'm Flying on Virgin again :

1- Wireless onboard :)
2- The Inner atmosphere ( el6yara shar7ah tftaa7 elnafs mn dakhel )
3- on Board passenger chat room :) eli ybi yt3araf :P
4- Seat to Seat conversation ! chat :) Like you get a pop up massage that chair No.17 wants to chat with you :P

5- Hungry or thirsty go over the menue press on what you want add it to your cart checkout and slide your Credit card :) sweet huh ! you want an email with your receipt? check yes and it will be right sent to you ! Wonderful huh ! now what about my order? count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ! and it will be there brought to you ! clever system ! like magic :P

6- Regarding the entertainment programs I didn't use any because as I said I had a life movie going on the plane to watch :P

Ok the chocolate is ours :P no3na enmagel 7aq el6yra u know safraaat 3ayla fa lazm extra bl3a ;P

bl arth bl jaw bl ba7ar kil mokaaaan google m3anah :*

ok weqaft chayakt mino then I found out its my cousin :P loool

It was an exceptional flight I loved it ! my family loved it too !
Thank you Virgin America can't wait to fly with you again ;)
That great perfect flight was with you


Anonymous said...

This might be my first good review to read about Virgin America !! am very surprised of the amount of fun things they have, so i guess its a must try huh?

AMA Traveler said...

moodypanties : I know ! During the past few days I read bad reviews on virgin america ! but I Think the experience is based on many things the flight the passengers and many other factors that will affect your personal experience. but that was my first time and it was a wonderful experience :)

Anonymous said...

I had heard that VA is really good. gonna try it out next time I'm in NY .. my wife is dying to go to LA next time

giggles said...

after reading your post i recommended it to my family ;)

Bint ilKuwait said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL il video 7adaaaa ewanis!!!!! ;p inshallah will try it in the future :D

American Girl said...

Virgin America is one of the best there is! When flying domestically in the states they're my #1 choice. Unfortunately their flight paths are somewhat limited. But definitely a great airline! So glad you enjoyed them as well :)

AMA Traveler said...

Randy: many people had bad experiences with Virgin America as I heared but Mine was amazing ! and yeah you gotta take the wife to LA :) sure she is gonna love it, let her check my blog for the next couple of days its gonnna be a whole world of LA :)

giggles: ;) it is something different and I hope they try it:)

Bint ilKuwait: el video shfteeeh :P LOOOOL ana elmo3aleq kan 3ndi to7fah !wallah kanat khooosh re7la el 6 hours 9arat jnha 2 hours mn kethr ma elwth3 kan ewanes o action on board :P m3ana our flight kanat early morning :)

American Girl: the last time I tried domestic airlines in the states was 1998 ! but last summer 2010 I tried virgin and its gonna be always virgin but as you said they have limited routs and thats the problem ! thanx ;)

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