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Feb 19, 2011

a Journey to Al-Slami Desert

Paris Joines in a journey to alsalmi

I always plan for stuff but I don't mind doing stuff on short notice ! that was it on last Friday ! we decided on the same day that morning Let's go camping or in other words picnicing ;P I didn't have time to do my special preperations but I said whatever ! I'll join them then the next time I'll do the preperations myself because I really do enjoy doing it :) 

The desert holds great memories to me that I can't forget ...
I love that place so much ! its the only place I wanna be when I feel down because its the only way I can have wide lands were I can breath and breath and breath fresh clean air with the perfect nature !
I'm the kind of person that enjoys almost everything ! but I don't mind at all being alone in the desert for a while just to rethink and arrange my thoughts ;)

Anyways, in about an hour and 30 minutes from home,we picked one nice spot in Alsalmi desert in kuwait . My Idea of the perfect camping or picnic is to have it while no one is around ! I hate the idea of mokhayamat that are next to each other ! this is way far from the real purpose of camping.
lunch was
a mazing although it was a little windy but its not easy to mess up with my moos when it comes to nature ;)

the empty desert is my style being alone running around screaming walking laughing is all what I do and ofcourse eating ;)

One thing was different this time we had a new member that joined us for the first time ! Its Ms. Paris :) the sweet dog :P sweet she is habla she is maynoona definitely she is , she is the perfect compination of craziness and cuteness. m3anha wayed shai6ana  bs she is loved by everyone ! the crazy new thing that she did in the desert that made me love her more is that she couldn't stop chasing one kind of a black bird lol . she belongs to my uncle's wife :P Mrs L :P ha r u happy now that I posted about your little baby:P 

Paris must learn how to keep the environment clean:P she has an issue with the tissue :P

That little Paris enjoys zwara ! lol how is that, sometimes we just call and say we want her to visit us all we have to do is go pick her up ! I think little parisis so social that she won't turn down any zwara invitation even from people she doesn't know lol ! Ms. Social LOL:) 

I didn'nt take lots of Pics but I promise the next time I find myself in that desert I will do a better cover up specially with my preperations ;)

Some people add beautiful things to your life but you added chay 7leeb with  za3fran 3la elfa7am ! and that's whats beautiful to me :*


Buzfairy said...

I've never been to Al-Salmi before, went to wafra a few times, but never Al-Salmi or Sabiya.

How to you get there? Is it safe to go, girlz only? Are there trees or grass there? I heard that the typography there is something else :)

AMA Traveler said...

Buzfairy: wallah 7lwa elsalmi bs lw dasheen more inside jan a7la b3d, walalh I went with the family o wedi lw aro7 girls only ! its safe actually it was cuz mako a7ad kelesh ! bs khofech mn el mofaga'aat ena a7ad ytsala6 o emor ! bs wallah e7na kelesh ma mar 3leena a7ad wla syara fa we had fun kan 7da hedou! trees grass at our spot mako wla 7tan netfa lol ymkn dakhel maybe ma kan fi any sign of even wild life 7ta namel mako :P ybeela we go more inside as I said ! etha no3ch ma etkhafeen yes you can go there with friends girls only ! and take me with u :P

Babble said...

Paris is adorable!!!! Nevermind where you went, I want Paris :P :P

AMA Traveler said...

Babble: loool well that's imposdible :p she is like a daughter to her :p she won't give her up no matter what ! Its been all about paris ;) since she got her paris paaaaaaris and paris and I might get something nice just because I posted about paris :D

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