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Feb 24, 2011

Who is Jessica ?

This is Jessica

She deseves to be mentioned in a post :P Why? because without her we get lost ! our vacation in the states wouldn't be without her.

Jessica joined the Family last summer 2011! got her from the Lovely Costco   Garmin Nuvi for 200$ and something ! We all love her !

I get so attached to everything I love and we love you Jjessica, now she lives in a box in my room lol waiting to get out again and be in the states and I pray that that will happen so soon Inshallah !

Why Jessica not Sarah :P well jessica I named her jessica I feel its pure american name :P blondy too ;) lol

Jessica taking us to San Francisco ;)

Anyways Just wanted to say how she made our road trips wonderful and easy ! and I will call her she :P nothing is impossible she gets the best of every place ! just feed the information you want in and she locates it in seconds.

We had to carry her with us every place. Why? because of robbery ! I was warned not to leave her in the car and as I said If she is gone we are lost ! although I had a map for back up but nothing is like Jessica ;)

Our Lovely car too :* thank you for being the great ride in the road trips,
thank you for always making space for our shoping bags ya b3d qulbi lol :* shelteena o e7na qa3deen o shelteena o e7na naymeeen lol 9ech ma qa9artay ! I miss you ;*

We rent the car for a month from Avis Kuwait's office I think the total was 600kd. We got it from LAX office. the whole process went so easy el7mdella :) I would definitely go again with renting from Avis.

Hi A my brother :P
wallah el US got the best out of you:P lol

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