Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Jan 31, 2011

Gold Digger State of Mind

This is how I describe NYC :p

Since I've been posting about my last trip to NYC, I've been playing these two songs everyday and I can't get them out of my mind.

They just keep reminding me of that place, the streets & the people

Since I'm proudly addicted to Glee :P the first one goes to Gold Digger by Glee Cast. I loved this song more when they preformed it

and the second one goes to Empire State of Mind -Alicia Keys - Jay Z

 Two more things are coming up for the lovely NYC then we will be flying to the sunny OC  ( orange county -California). 


Jan 30, 2011

NYC Shopping Madness !

I Got an Exclusive Juicy loves NYC track suit:)

I thought its all at London, Paris, & Rome! But Shopping in New York is something Different, walking in those famous streets that we all know from the movies has its thing ! you just can't stop walking and discovering the place around ! Its a shop until you drop ! mostly I did window shopping and also got me unique stuff that is only exclusive from New York ! I saved my big shopping to Las Vegas since it has Lower Tax ;P

why I consider it shopping Madness althought I didn't buy much ! its the stores the boutiques and their sizes! I mean it's New York !     

I had many lists that I collected from friends, but there is nothing like being there and discovering those avenues by yourself.

I didn't have time to check out everything, but I saw much :)

I will leave you with some photos but for those who are really intrested in shopping in NY I have a whole document listing the shopping places with their desciption info, that was made by me and I will be glad to email it to you If you want :)

Is That Tiffany ! YES it is :)

Shopping  for Make up ! the place really helps:)

When I saw Barney's I had this big smile on my Face ! its Rachels from Friends Favourite shopping spot !

Henri Bendel is Only at New York so don't miss it girls ! its your Playgorund:P for unique accessories

Kiss for Madison AV :**

you have no Option ! you will Difinitely fall in Love with that Little Brown Bag - Bloomingdales

At Woodbury Outlet NYC , its a must because they have different collections than California outlets!

I'm having an Idea that I might show you the special things that I got from my Trip to the States last summer ( NY-LA-LV-SF) :P

More is coming up When it comes to food in NYC what not to miss and Broadway shows :)

After NYC we headed beuatiful California on board of Virgin Airlines ! The best flight experience ever!


Jan 27, 2011

On Top of The Rock NYC

Where should I stop next ? thought of posting about my shopping in NYC but since the weather is incredibly amazing today here in my country Kuwait ! I thought I should go with my visit Top of The Rock

Top of The Rock NYC Observation Desk at Rockefeller Center is the most visited Sightseeing aAttaraction in New York City . 

We spent almost an hour up there enjoying the view of the city ! missed the chance to see the city at night ! Since it opens from 8AM in the morning untill midnight, for sure on my next visit I'll go byto check on the city day and night :) 

I remember when I was there last summer 2010, that they had special event tickets selling out for 4th of July ( US Independance Day ) to watch the firworks over NYC from Top of The Rrock ! but by that time I already had plans to celebrate 4th of July at New Port Beach ,the famous OC :)

People afraid of heights don't go :P Its a really long trip in the elevator to reach that top approximately 70 floors as I recall:P

Regarding the tickets I got them same day from the ticket counter but its better to always check online If they have special events you might not find tickets availabe.The ticket price was reasonable I guess.because If it was expensive I would have remebered :)

Empire :*

Wishing Everybody a wonderful pleasant day where ever you are !

What's coming up next after we left Top of the Rock we found ourselves infront of Magnolia Bakery :P so more FOOD in NYC is what's coming up next !

For those who would like to know more about New York City before planning a visit check out my previuos post , its only my personal travel experience, always there is more to discover and its always up to you :)

NYC My heart Keeper

Get All Over NYC by a Helicopter

The American Museum of Natural History

Jan 26, 2011

A Journey to Zain's Celebrations

Let's Celebrate with Zain
its there my flag next
to my heart everyday

And they say more surprises are on the way ! I wonder what more.... that's what I had in my mind when I left the Press Conference at Zain Yesterday.

I was glad that I recieved an invitation to attend the Press Conference regarding Zain's conturbution in Our country's Upcoming Celebrations !

We call it the Golden 50 -20- 5

50 Years of Independence, 3sa allah y7fethnah :)

20 year of our Leberation from the Iraqi Regime. Forever and always FREE.

5 years since Shaikh Subah Al-Ahmad Al-Subah has become the Amir of Kuwait.

These numbers made this year 2011 bring us a special Event, one of a kind that you might not see again ;)

Since I love travelling, dicovering, and attending worldwide events and celebrations. 

I thought I can bring some of my country's celebrations to my Kuwaiti Readers and Worldwide Readers :)

 Zain has been working hard in the last few months , people have been busy, little ones have also participated with Zain in preparing a special album of 12 songs dedicated to our lovely kuwait, Us and to all of you who loves this little country.

As I said more Surprises are there to be revealed !

I loved this song but I didn't like the clown in the Clip , also the children  should have worn something Traditional. That will go more with the celebration theme.

Best of luck and I hope it reaches our expectations :)

Jan 25, 2011

The American Museum of Natural History NYC

  From the Unforgettable Helicopter ride over NYC to the amazing American Museum of Natural History .....

During My Trip to NYC last summer 2010 I had that place on my list !
it all started with "Night at the Museum" movie. My imagination went wide to madness because of it :P

Unfortunatly the Museum enterance was under construction  so I didn't Have the Chance to take some photos , but everybody who saw the movie knows how Beautiful it looks.

Well for sure The American Museum of Natural History is a very big Museum that needs alot of your time, If I wasn't mistaken it is consisted of 4 floors and an I MAX theatre. I didn't Have time to see the whole place but it became for sure my place to visit everytime I'm in NYC.

Its A MUST if you are planning to visit New York , its the perfect place for family, couples and children to be. Just make sure to study the Floor Plan of the Museum before you go. That's what I am going to do in my next visit. 

Its has a compination of everything in life even Stuff you heared about, stuff you never knew about ...cultures and that what I loved most.

Something I really loved about that place is that Students have special tickets Prices not only students from the states ! its for every student who wants to get in that Museum! so My 16 years Brother and my 13 years cousin got special prices ;)

I got our tickets the same day from the ticket counter at the museum not online .But its better to check incase they have special event or something so you don't show up there and tickets are sold out.

Ben Stiller from the Night at the Museum , you made me visit that place :)
People you wil find the famous DumDum from that movie!!

Hall of Ocean Life etyaninnn ! loved the blue light atmosphere its like if you are really down there

I wish I can have you as a pet wallah :* 

I found this at the Cultures Hall ! laa o kan fi 9oot atha'aan el7aram !! I loved our section :P

I saw the Hall of Human orgins, Hall of Ocean life, Hall of Planet Earth and Culture Hall and I know there is much that I didn't see.

Yet Three hours at The American Museum of Natural History wasn't enough ! we Needed more time next time I might try to spend the night there and see what's gonna happen :P

Much of NYC is coming up in my next post ! still we got the Shopping for the  girls :P Food for everybody :P and the famous Broadway shows

Jan 23, 2011

Get All over NYC by a Helicopter

My Brother rides in the front :P

Getting yourself all over NYC ;P well we didn't have that in mind at all .
All I know that we were heading to see the famous Lady Liberty that morning and we ended up over the Lady in a helicopter ;)  It was the Ride I mean don't tell me you've been to NY and you've seen it unless you had this ride :)  

NYC  my heart Keeper when I planned our trip to the states last summer 2010 , NYC was the No.1 on our list, four amazing days in NYC between shopping, Sightseeing & broadway shows.

That Morning I got up early !I had to do 3 things before 12PM, ofcourse not all of my family Joined me :) me and my sister and my brother left the hotel early. First I wanted to see the beautiful Lady Liberty for the first time in my life then I wanted to go there by NY Subway, I heard it is not  safe but I had to try it because of all the movies that I saw ;P and third I wanted to try the No.1  NY Legendary Brownies at Fat Witch Bakery (which I will post about later).

We took the subway from Times Square to South Ferry. The big Surprise is that the que was already there..!! I think there was over 200 people waitting we didn't bother ourselves to check for the tickets, we said let's take some shots from here and that's it.

before We came up with the Helicopter Idea ;P

It all Goes to my sister the Helicopter Idea! we gave up !
we were heading to the subway to continue what we planned for that morning ! then she told me Hey sis why not a helicopter ! Iwas like huh ! you know it was still early morning :P
Then she said yallah mama is not here let's do it :P Because my mom worries alot about everything ;) I turned at my brother he was like min 9echkum !!?? lool ... I said yallah . It was the Idea of the century :P my sister never participates in anything :P if you know what I mean ;) let's say rarely 3shan ma tz3al ;)

Let's go ! and there we were getting ready to get on the Helicopter. We choose 20 minutes tour over NYC it cost us approximately 45KD per person but it was worth it !

 If yor Planning to Visit NY Make Sure not to miss This ride ! we did it with Zip Aviation, The Pilot was so kind to explain everything . so Kind to answer all of my Questions during our tour ;) Love the Head set thing and the mic next to my mouth lol.Felt like I'm in a movie:P I know I have wide Imagination and I love it :). As I remember the tour included flying over ground zero, Central Park, one Stadium that I forgot its name and Lady liberty. 

I really enjoyed it with my Beautiful sister and my dear brother ;* This was our Adeventure in NYC ;)

More of NYC is coming up ...Shopping, sightseeing, Broadway shows  & ofcourse The lovely Food :P