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Jan 17, 2011

Only in Kuwait ! 1000KD Morning Mood :)


Never had a 1000 Kd come to me in one day :P Waking up on such a news ! Come on don't tell it might Happen somewhere else:P I'm Happy everybody's Happy ! I wish I can make this tour around the city asking people about what are they going to do with it ... everybody has responsibilities & if not they have big wish list that have been waitting :P 

Each Citizen has the right to do what he wants will his money.
even the little ones listen to them I think what they want to get will be more reasonable that what we want :P

Kuwait gave us and will always give us , isn't it time to settle down  & give her back some respect !

It is our time to celebrate in our Golden February 2011 ! let's show the world how much we love our small Lovely Kuwait :*
Don't forget  to give some to the Poor 3shan allah ebarek lena fima rezaqnah :)

No country Have done this to its Citizens ...Remeber this

Thank you my Lovely Country Kuwait :*

Thank you to Our Amir Sheikh Subah Alahmad AlSubah

يا كويت يا أم الخير و أم الهنا  


NewQ8 Bride said...

eee walah el7mdelaah waayed estansanaa , alaah ykhalee deertnaa o ameerna yarab

AMA Traveler said...

New Birde: A'ameeeeeen ;*