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Jan 13, 2011

Let's go to Hong Kong- Part 1

Always on my mind... from my trip to The Future City Hong Kong in April 2009 , Its on my mind Let's go Hong kong :) A beautiful busy city in Asia that is definitely Worth a visit ! Actually I wanna go back there cuz I think I didn't see much of it since I stayed there only for 2 night and count one whole day at Disney Land Hong Kong :P

Hong Kong was once a British Colony, and now it is one of the World's leading international financial centeres so make sure to take a look at its Famous Harbour :) also it has its own currency which is the Hong Kong Dollar.

By Ferry we arrived to Hong Kong from Macau( part 1- part2) . Remember Hong Kong Is consisted of two main Island or let's say sides so make sure you are gonna stay on which side :) for us we stayed at Kowloon and the other side is called Hong Kong Island !

 Don't worry about commuting from side to side because you will need it for shopping centers,  you can use daliy ferries that leave every 5 minutes as I recall from side to side at a very reasonable price :) its only 10 min in the ferry to reach the other side :)

Ferry Station :) for Domestic commuting :P lol that's from side to side of hong kong Islands

Fag'aa I thoguht they were Pirates :P That's what wide Imagination does LOL 

Also Hong Kong is Different how ! they speak good english even those little ones their kids ;) The people are from everywehere china, india, macau, even british ! I called it the perfect mixture :) I loved their socieaty :) they are lovely people that they don't have a problem of staring :P by that time I wasn't Mt7agba(wearing a muslim Head scarve) , Only my mom ! but you know most of the ppl there enjoyed chatting with mom , they were so friendly :)

where we stayed ? my travel agent recommended The Langham Hotel Kowloon, I never heard about this hotel before ! I can describe it as the perfect city hotel its at the shopping venue , Luxurious with big wide standard rooms , as I remeber I got the room for 85KD per night:) All you have to do is just go down stairs and enjoy the shopping for many brands in the streets.

down across the street from the Langham Hotel Hong Kong

when it comes to moving to other side its also the perfect hotel ! why because you can take  a 10 minutes walk to the Ferry station to enjoy shopping at the other side which is Hong Kong Island ! I highly Recommend staying at this hotel your gonna love it. 

What about the weather? the weather was little cold and foggy also with light rain ! but the wind is little cold that was in April so you need your Jacket and your scarve for sure:)

I wonder are they done ? I think I will be surprised if I go back there :)

That's the Morning View!

wish I had time for a movie ;P

for sure 2 nights in Hong Kong are not enough ! I didn't have the chance to check many things that I had on my list but I'm gonna tell what's else out there :) as I said I write only of what I saw and experienced :)

Now to My dear Shopaholics ! don't consider youself a shopaholic unless you've experienced shopping in Hong Kong :P
For those people who thinks london, rome & paris are the perfect spots for shopping ! I've been to all and hong kong is my No.1 ! The nice thing that I haven't seen before in any city before is that most of the building have offices in the higher floors and shopping levels in the lowerone are conected by indoor bridges ! how is that? you can wonder from Mall to another without stepping foot on the streets ! you will love it ! even the bridges are divides into two lanes like the streets that's to arrange the crowds LOOL ...
Don't miss standing there during their lunch break you're really gonna love to watch the people move from building to another as fast as they can  to catch up during their break with friends during lunch! 

 I loved the Proffesional working girls with their outfits & high heels :P
 lol jena a scene from the Matrix movie.

go to IFC Mall as they describe it Expect the unexpected . Don't Miss The Landmark Hong Kong, is were I bought my little sweet Marc Jacobs Clutch! whenever I carry this clutch I remember that I had to take a ferry from Kowloon to the other side to buy that clutch :) I might have saw more malls but I didn't have the chance to get their names :(

el menu I love ! B sorry sis 3la your shoes it had to be there :P
 ur socks LOOL

why not Kill me Huh ! qaaaaatiiiilllll

Coming Up is My day in Disney Land Hong Kong :) which is My Favourite !

For those new readers who would like to know how to a rrange the perfect trip to Asia ! visiting 4 places in two weeks ? check out my older post on my trip to the Lovely Asia

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Why I do this? I want you to plan Adventurous trips for the handsome him:P for th beautiful she :) for the lovely Friends, for the Precious Family:) 

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Bint ilKuwait said...

WOOOOOOOW 4 sure Hong Kong in my most wanted visit places list!!

giggles said...

we stayed in hong kong island and it was amazing especially with the harbour view at night, your are right about the shopping fe wayed ashya2 7elwa 7eta their local brands ba3ad telgaiyn cham sha8la 7elwa o funky.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I tell you something?????

It's sooo useful wallah tra you r helping alot of ppl out there!
you helped me!

cant wait for the next one!



AMA Traveler said...

Pedablog : thanx alot ! wallah ma astghni 3n tshgee3kum :) o enshallah allah esahel drbi fi sfrat akthar yaya bl6reeg :)ymkn yom mn elayam a9eer awal morsheda sya7iya kwaitiya ;)

Bint ilkuwait:etyanin Hong Kong o mn elamakn eli ma tkfeha zyara w7da !

giggles:Yes their Local Brand ! etyanin ! bs ybeela temeshi eb hl sekeek o 7ta fi saradeeb ! wallah ybeelha 1 week

Anonymous T: Thanks ALOT!I'm SO glad that u love my blog ! I promise there will be more to come inshallah ! bs 3sa allah esahel drbii eb safrati ;)

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