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Jan 20, 2011

Vote ;)

How did the vote start ?
Yesterday she the sweet told me about it....
 got from work sha6ait all of my family ! It ends this saturday the competition !
That's what I was told !
He my brother has a watinya line .
Me to him please I need you to participate with my shot.
Him to me :why? Me to him: bacause it me at my friends new year's 2011 thing which is yallah let's participate in everything ;p
He : ok sure tamreen sis.
And here we are here to vote ;p  Didn't have time to come up with ideas but this is all what I got ;).
Please vote for him &  actually me ;p

 Me Da Traveler need your vote .. She no want get disappointed ;p Me no sleep after work today . Me as a result post dat way ;p

Just press on Vote for the Traveler

Participating is Fun
Winning is a celebration
both are breaking the boring routine ;)


Bint ilKuwait said...


The Stig said...

Done, good luck..
Better broadcast this thing.

AMA Traveler said...

Bint ilkuwait: thanx honey ;D

The Stig:Thanx I Did ! only here and on twitter ;) said...


and good luck

giggles said...

i voted for you, allah ewafgich inshala :)

Expat and the City said...

I voted for you! Best of luck. :D

AMA Traveler said... , giggles, Expat and the city a big Thank you goes to u ;)