Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Jan 5, 2011

My Sneak Peek to Qatar Asia Cup 2011 !

Hatha el Kaasss !! kalamta chum mrah ena ekoon Lena bthn allah ;) qa3deen edoroon fih bl Doha ! khoosh fkra !

Yes I went to Qatar ! Why? to check out the Beautiful Preparations for Asia Cup 2011! I got invited by AFC ;) to go and check out what they are working on ! well Just Kidding :P that's what I wished for ! but I invited myself to have a sneak peak ;P  I was there for one night staight from the airport to Khalifa International Stadium (were the opening ceremony is). It was so exciting to be there! Let's say I had my way and LUCK that day ;) I had the chance to Hold the Cup !! the one ! el kass kaan beedii :P got some shots too !

Enjoy my shots !

One more thing more of Qatar is coming up ! I had the chance to have a tour in Aspire Zone also enjoying the cultural Souq Waqif.

Qatar Good Luck ! You guys are working hard mashallah  for a unique bright future.

Getting ready at the airport ;)

at the airport Arrivals

on the way to the Hotel 3la el Corniche

at My Hotel

Ok now on the way to the Stadium !

Getting Closer ;) elsho3la eli jnha najma
bleeel etsheb nar bs ma medani a9awerha

The Gates of the Stadium

ma boqa shay ! they are wrapping things Up !

o Hathiii laqwaal tn6er :P
akh bs 3sa allah ykteb lena chum qool fiha YA RAB

ya bnaaat 7e6aw balkum ;P

yallah elml3aab na6rr :)

ya 7lo eltrteeb wallah !
 ana abi ashtghl weyahum eshloon ;P

eshaweq elml3ab !

AFC tour leqeet.hum 9edfa fi Villagio Mall ! hatheela yrabee3 ketakeet:) kil wa7ed eqadem ml3ab ! 5 Stadiums

weqaaft yamah shlta o 9awart ;P o qlt lehum tra ebnakhtha bthn allah ;) bqeet a'akhtha qlt mn al7een mrah wa7da lol

mntham 7aq jawlat el Cup ! khoosh aghaani 3leeh LOOOL

NBeeeeeeeeeeek yl kasss 7aqna ;)

9ech lekum 7aq t7taafloon ! 3leekm bl3afia 2022 !
7afla 7aq el kass fi Mall Villagio ! bs qabelha sawoola zaffah jena m3res LOL ! it was fun !


Teta said...

Allaaaa shakla wanasaaaaa!
Mashalla 3alehom sheghel emratab
Oo sana3!
Walla i respect them! Ystahlon! Nas teshteghel!

Bs inshalla elkaaaas lena ya rab
Hatha wagt'hom! <3

Bint ilKuwait said...


Wallah embayen ena shighil emratab!!!

Abii aroooo7!!:( i want to travel with u!!:P

AMA Traveler said...

Teta : 7da kan wanasa ! 9odfa khayr min alf me3ad :P ray7a 3la allah lol. sheghlhum wayed wayed mratab mashallah! same here all the respect to Qatar ppl for their unique Hospitality ! Teta bthn allah lena lol 3sa ma aqabes leesh eni shelta :P

Bint ilkuwait: 7daaa wanasaaa ! yestahloon Qatar they are working hard mashallah!
ana wedi a'akhth m3aay next time kil eli ebkha6rha etroo7 :) bsaawi group ;)

Kadi said...

thaaaaaaaatsssss amazing !!!
mashalaah kel street eshaweg emsaweena emsan3eena 7ag el Cup ! ya zeenhom mashala ...
akthar shay 3ajaabnee el Festivals and Firewoks OFFICE !!! OMG ! :) kelshay lah majalah o shoqla :) luv it :*

AMA Traveler said...

Kadi: 6afecfkum :P sheghlhum 7da emrataaaab wallah enhum kafo el world cup ;)

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