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Jan 26, 2011

A Journey to Zain's Celebrations

Let's Celebrate with Zain
its there my flag next
to my heart everyday

And they say more surprises are on the way ! I wonder what more.... that's what I had in my mind when I left the Press Conference at Zain Yesterday.

I was glad that I recieved an invitation to attend the Press Conference regarding Zain's conturbution in Our country's Upcoming Celebrations !

We call it the Golden 50 -20- 5

50 Years of Independence, 3sa allah y7fethnah :)

20 year of our Leberation from the Iraqi Regime. Forever and always FREE.

5 years since Shaikh Subah Al-Ahmad Al-Subah has become the Amir of Kuwait.

These numbers made this year 2011 bring us a special Event, one of a kind that you might not see again ;)

Since I love travelling, dicovering, and attending worldwide events and celebrations. 

I thought I can bring some of my country's celebrations to my Kuwaiti Readers and Worldwide Readers :)

 Zain has been working hard in the last few months , people have been busy, little ones have also participated with Zain in preparing a special album of 12 songs dedicated to our lovely kuwait, Us and to all of you who loves this little country.

As I said more Surprises are there to be revealed !

I loved this song but I didn't like the clown in the Clip , also the children  should have worn something Traditional. That will go more with the celebration theme.

Best of luck and I hope it reaches our expectations :)

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