Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Jan 17, 2011

Let's go to Hong Kong- part 2

Had a wonderful Time in the Magical Land were you forget all your worries, Bad thoughts everything disappears and the Smile, Laughter & joy arrives its all what I had at Disneyland Hong Kong ..planned to stay there for a whole day during my 2 days trip to Hong Kong. Spent amazing time with My sis L and my cousin B ! Yes we danced singed during parades ands shows :P we had our times there our time of living the Real Joyful Freedom enjoying each ride.

We left the hotel early morning on April 2009 I remember that day the newspaper under our room door had that Time  about Signs of Swin flue In Hong Kong and how people around started to wear a mask ;P tewaklna 3la allah and we headed to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Well as usual me and my excitement I have to be there first ;P there was this long queue and people were waitting for the Disney gates to be Open .

After 30 Minutes we heared the famous sentence through the speakers , Ladies and gentlemen Boys and girls, welcome to Disneyland Hong Kong, Please for your Saftey Walk & Don't run !!! before I had the time to comment on this announcement ! the Doors are wide open and the people are running inside ! LOOOL so that's why ! ma 9adaqna khabar ! we Started running as they did for fun lol ;)

into the Magical Land

I didnt miss the chance to take a shot with the beautiful Princesses of all Disney cartoon Movies ! I got mine LOL

Merlyn and the great story behind the Sword in the Stone :*

Under the Sea with Little Mermaid :)

loved her more in the Movie LOL

Disney Royal Family ;*

My Strawberry Jelly ;)

My Favourite Ride : Its a small world.. the perfect peaceful ride around the world in a couple of minutes ;)


Disney Land Hong Kong is not that big we almost checked in all the rides and by 4pm we were done ! but we didn't leave, we stayed there and waited for the Fireworks ! I never miss a closure ! one time I had to walk backwards out of Disney not to miss a closure :P

I loved the place beacause I enjoyed my time doing what I really want to do without thinkng that people might stare ;P 

I've been to Disney Land Paris, California & Hong Kong ! but Disney Land Hong is the best in One thing ! which is if you have your little once with you and if you are going for them or if you are just a adult who likes to take shots with Disney's Characters ! Then Disney Hong Kong is where you have to go ! its so easy to take those shots with them short queues , not that crowded and they are all over the place ! Just make sure your kids doesn't see 2 Mickey's in the same time :P

Glad to know that I will never ever be too Old to be in DisneyLand ! I just love that place that whenever I step foot in it I have to buy me a T-shirt with any Disney Character then head to the toilet and get dressed with my new outfit to enjoy my magical day at Disney ;P

After this Lovely two weeks trip (abangkok-Phuket-Macau-Hong Kong) Once we got back to Kuwait I was checked into Al-Hadi Hspital for 4nights :P Don't worry it wasn't Swine fule but Its seems I caught a Virus from there at least 
that's what the doctor said :P bs ham ma t7asaaft eni re7t o yeswa elmrath b3d eloya ;)

I will Upload some Videos of the Fireworks ;)

and for all my new Readers :) Hello and welcome ;) to know more about my whole trip just check out my previous posts :)

Update :This is What I enjoyed there ...enjoy it on your screens ;)


giggles said...

7elwa disney land hong kong like you said you can do whatever you want without a7ad staring and commenting, if you have a chance and went to the states go to disney world orlando florida a7la min malat california.

AMA Traveler said...

giggles : e wallah elwa7ed yakhth ra7ta ehnaak ;) mayta aro7 malat Florida ! enshallah ya rab soon .. I was there bs meta lmah knt 4 years old :P so Its doesn't count at all ;)

Bint ilKuwait said...

WANAAAAAAAAAAASAAAAA 3alaaaaich bil3afya sweeeeeetii;**

Bes soa'al khi9oo9i shway:$ o 3adi if u dont want to answer :D do u go alone or u do have a company!?
Cuz really i don't think its fun without some company;p said...

Amazing report

tslm eydck

Sugery said...

Waaay ur killing me fe ur posts and pix !!! la honestly shay amazing !!

memories of each pic :*

Mashala 3laich ,,,since b4 u have this habit of taking pix and nice shoots !! as if u know that u'll be a blogger sooon !!!!! :**mwa

AMA Traveler said...

Bint ilkuwait: Allah e3afeech ! a3shaq hl no3 mn elwanasa ;P so'alech kelesh mo kh9oo9ii;)sometimes go with my mum,aunt & sis . Other times with relatives and also friends :) and also my lovely two brothers ! so I go with company never gone alone ;)bs el7mdella always my travel group rocks le'anhum family o I am the guide bl sfraat ;) Thank you ! wait for more and more coming up :)

Surgery: Killing u !! 3yl law etshofeen B ana esh9ar fini o ana ashoof el videos eli fehum 9ee7atna way ams met mn elthe7ek qa3da aqa6e3 asawi montaag :P kaant elsafra khyaaal haya9na fi hl disney m3a ahaalha loool ...enshallah ybeelna safrat ra7alah again ! o sheftay eshloon it was a sign ena bkoon 3ndi blog :P lucky me I have taken those shots

النوري said...

am feeling ur joy love disney anywhere bas u scared me about the virus what kind is it in food or in the air !!!????

AMA Traveler said...

النوري: it was from air :) I suffered from high fever like never before.. but I said it was worth it and thank god it happened after I got back here ;) have some vitamins before and eat alot of onions( elmothad el7ayawi elfatak :P) before you travel in a week ..I do this before any trip :)

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