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Jan 19, 2011

NYC My Heart Keeper

NYC the place where all those wonderful movies were filmed ! we loved those streets & got attached to those amazing love stories that happened there.
I alway thought when am gonna be there? Is it possible that the magic of NY is only in the movie as they say? Well NO ;) NY is the dream of all ! everybody wants to get there specially to get in love:P I got in love but in a different way ..who cares its LOVE after all ...NYC you are my Heart Keeper :)

   Once I arrived at JFK Airport I couldn't believe I was there (mo shayfa khair :P its ok) although I've been to NY back in the 80's when I was 4 Years old but it doesn't count at all! Officially 26.June.2010 is my first time to NYC. My trip to the states started at New York City,Los Angeles,San Francisco & Las Vegas.

I don't know how can I start talking about NY. I had this huge list that I collected from friends with places, broadway shows, restaurants. but all I had is 4 nights. I guess I've seen alot and ALOT is waitting to be seen in my next visit for sure.   

Let's start with the Time Square & The Beautiful streets ! If you're planning to go to NY then you must know the best thing to do is wonder in the streets and shop ! I had my list in my hands but I discovered more things just by walking around.
 Times Square is always crowded specially at night


Where to stay ? I stayed at the perfect spot in the middle of Time Square, the perfect location at Broadway District at JW Marriott Marquis. It was a nice hotel but always crowded ;P this is normal in NY. I think its the perfect place because when you are in the big city you will not spend alot of time in your room , for me I just go back to either to pray or use the toilet:P lots of shops are few steps from you, Icluding the famous M&M's World & Hershey's Time Square .

Welcome To NYC from our Hotel ;)

How is the people out there? friendly, Helpful even policemen  NYPD! they help you with street directions using their I phones :P So NY is not that danger as we see in the movies just keep yourself in the safe streets and don't get yourself in trouble. 

For the Girls wearing Hejab believe me people will love you more and would like to chat with you :P no worries at all! I was so worried because if your remember by that time there was that guy who planned a bomb in a car in the middle of the time square. Well I stayed in the middle of time square and it was save and secured, Don't let those crazy Terrorists ruin your Holidays ;) 

 bl kwaiti elf9eeeeeee7: New York etbaaaaaachiii o etmaaaawet mn kthr ma eyha etyaninnn ! ambeh shay khyal you will lose your mind ! that's only if you know hot to have fun ;P o mako 3sarah ! take it easy enjoy your life and do that thing that we see in the movies lmaah et6ob elmomathela eb ne9 elshare3 tbii taxii fi new york ...tra its true :P we did it lol
Coming Up next is what I did in NYC....

*Helicopter Ride only to see the Lady :P and all of new york city ;)

*Americna Museum Of Natural History....Wanted to visit it since I saw Night at the Museum movie:P and I did ;)

*Shopping NYC @ eating in NY :P

*Top of The Rock


Expat and the City said...

Me too! I LOVE NYC! It's a great place to visit but I don't want to live there again. I'm lucky that two of my closest friends live in the city. When I visit they take me to the best hot spots. :)

AMA Traveler said...

Expat and the city :Exactly as you said its a great place to visit, a week will be enough I think :)you're lucky to have friends over there ! you could also save up some money and stay with them:P I wish I had some friends there so I can save up some money :P

The Stig said...

Expat! you used to live there ?
You're my new tour lady! take us there and show us around.

Saud said...

I just lived above hershey's store at the ritz plaza. :( best times of my life.. GOD I miss living there.

AMA Traveler said...

Suad : and you are back ! I sytayed in that street for 4 nights only at JW Marriott marquis and I'm dying to go back there :(

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