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Jan 23, 2011

Get All over NYC by a Helicopter

My Brother rides in the front :P

Getting yourself all over NYC ;P well we didn't have that in mind at all .
All I know that we were heading to see the famous Lady Liberty that morning and we ended up over the Lady in a helicopter ;)  It was the Ride I mean don't tell me you've been to NY and you've seen it unless you had this ride :)  

NYC  my heart Keeper when I planned our trip to the states last summer 2010 , NYC was the No.1 on our list, four amazing days in NYC between shopping, Sightseeing & broadway shows.

That Morning I got up early !I had to do 3 things before 12PM, ofcourse not all of my family Joined me :) me and my sister and my brother left the hotel early. First I wanted to see the beautiful Lady Liberty for the first time in my life then I wanted to go there by NY Subway, I heard it is not  safe but I had to try it because of all the movies that I saw ;P and third I wanted to try the No.1  NY Legendary Brownies at Fat Witch Bakery (which I will post about later).

We took the subway from Times Square to South Ferry. The big Surprise is that the que was already there..!! I think there was over 200 people waitting we didn't bother ourselves to check for the tickets, we said let's take some shots from here and that's it.

before We came up with the Helicopter Idea ;P

It all Goes to my sister the Helicopter Idea! we gave up !
we were heading to the subway to continue what we planned for that morning ! then she told me Hey sis why not a helicopter ! Iwas like huh ! you know it was still early morning :P
Then she said yallah mama is not here let's do it :P Because my mom worries alot about everything ;) I turned at my brother he was like min 9echkum !!?? lool ... I said yallah . It was the Idea of the century :P my sister never participates in anything :P if you know what I mean ;) let's say rarely 3shan ma tz3al ;)

Let's go ! and there we were getting ready to get on the Helicopter. We choose 20 minutes tour over NYC it cost us approximately 45KD per person but it was worth it !

 If yor Planning to Visit NY Make Sure not to miss This ride ! we did it with Zip Aviation, The Pilot was so kind to explain everything . so Kind to answer all of my Questions during our tour ;) Love the Head set thing and the mic next to my mouth lol.Felt like I'm in a movie:P I know I have wide Imagination and I love it :). As I remember the tour included flying over ground zero, Central Park, one Stadium that I forgot its name and Lady liberty. 

I really enjoyed it with my Beautiful sister and my dear brother ;* This was our Adeventure in NYC ;)

More of NYC is coming up ...Shopping, sightseeing, Broadway shows  & ofcourse The lovely Food :P 


giggles said...

great pics thakeroni fe e8neyat jay z and alicia keys new york, after reading your post i can't stop singing it ;)

The Stig said...

Loved the pictures from above!

Next time I wanna try that, and that Central part looks huge!! like the lungs of Manhattan.

great shots ;)

AMA Traveler said...

giggles: eeeh akh 3la leghniya ;) 9ech NY se7er !

The Sting: Thank u ! NYC feha blawi bs ybeelha qa3dat 6 days ;) I had the chance only to c Central Park with this ride :( next time I should go there

Bint ilKuwait said...

WOOOOOOW Abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ...9ij shaklaa ewaniis!!!! 3alaikum bil3afyaa;* glaad that u enjoy it!;*

AMA Traveler said...

Bint ilkuwait: 7dah kan shay ydeed :D allah e3afeech dear