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Dec 30, 2010

U, Your Camera, National Geographic ALL at Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara

You Love Photography ? Want to Learn from one of The Best experts in the world ? Well then it is time for you to get Ready and pack your Stuff ! Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara is Calling YOU! 

Anantara and one of the top photographers from National Geographic has teamed up with Canon to introduce the first “Click & Stay” photography workshop at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Abu Dhabi, which will take place from Thursday 20 January 2011 to Saturday 22 January 2011.

 Learn from a skilled professional Mr. Ira Block !who worked with National Geographic’s Traveler, Adventure magazines and the Discovery Channel!

Dont Miss The opportunity ! Places are limited ! Let your curious lenses roam for new horizons to capture the true face of Arabian nature.
Its for YOU !whether you're a complete novice, a keen hobbyist or a professional photographer with a passion to learn, get ready to stretch your zoom lens and grab this unique opportunity to learn new skills with an expert landscape and travel photographer from National Geographic, Ira Block.

Check out the Amazing offer Click & Stay Package

Need More Information ?I will be glad to send you an email with all the information you need :) Go for it ! I've Been there I know what kind of Services they offer ! Trust me you don't want to miss it :)

 For Bookings and Reservations Please contact Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara on Tel: +971 2 886 2088 or email: For further information please visit

قصر السراب منتجع الصحراء بإدارة أنانتارا يمنحكم فرصة تعلّم التصوير الفوتوغرافي  مباشرة من المحترفين في  بيئة رائعة للاسترخاء وصقل مواهب التصوير مع أروع المشاهد الصحراوية الطبيعية

انه العرض المناسب لعشاق التصوير الفوتوغرافي الذين يبحثون عمّا يشبع فضول عدستهم. ، تعاونت أنانتارا مع أحد أفضل مصوّري ناشونال جيوغرافيك و مع كانون، الشركة الرائدة في حلول التصوير الفتوغرافي، لإطلاق ورشة العمل الأولى حول التصوير الفوتوغرافي "كليك أند ستاي" Click & Stay في قصر السراب منتجع الصحراء بإدارة أنانتارا، في أبو ظبي، والتي تُقام من 20 وحتى 22 يناير 2011.
سواء كنتم من المبتدئين، أم كنتم من هواة التصوير الفوتوغرافي، استعدّوا لاقتناص هذه الفرصة المميّزة لتعلّم مهارات جديدة وانضموا إلى أيرا بلوك ، وهو مصوّر متعاقد مع مجلّة ناشونال جيوغرافيك ومتخصّص في تصوير المشاهد الطبيعية والحياة البرية، والسفر. وبالتالي، تتمكّنون من إتقان مهاراتكم وتعلّم بعض التنقيات من مصّور محترف خلال ورشة عمل تدعمها "كانون"
وخلال ورشة العمل التفاعلية، سيرافق أيرا المشاركين طوال يومين مخصّصين لتصوير المشاهد الطبيعية. ويمضي المشاركون فترة الصباح في الطبيعة التي تشكّل "موقع التصوير" حيث يصوّرون مختلف المواقع ويتأمّلون مشاهد الصحراء الخلابة، من الكثبان الرملية الشاهقة التي تمتّد على مدّ العين والنظر إلى النباتات والحيوانات التي تزخر بها المنطقة. وخلال فترة بعد الظهر، سيتمّ تقييم الأعمال قبل الانطلاق للتصوير عند المغيب، وتطبيق ما تعلّمه المشاركون خلال النهار.
يمكن حجز عروض “Click & Stay” على الإنترنت عبر موقع أنّ الأماكن محدودة، فلا تفوّتوا هذه الفرصة لتعلّم التصوير الفوتوغرافي مباشرة من مصوّر محترف ماهر، والاستفادة من الموقع الرائع والمرافق والتسهيلات التي يقدّمها قصر السراب منتجع الصحراء بإدارة أنانتارا.
للحجز، يُرجى الاتّصال بقصر السراب منتجع الصحراء بإدارة أنانتارا عبر:
الهاتف: 0097128862088، البريد الإلكتروني: لمزيد من المعلومات، يُرجى زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني

Dec 28, 2010


A couple of days and we will witness the new year inshallah. Big changes Happened in Last year the good and the Bad. No one can ever have a whole year of perfection but weeall have the responsibility to make the choice for our  years to shine with the good memories or the bad ones even if good things are less still its up to U .

when It comes to where I've been el7mdella I've been to many Places. some were planned to have fun others to have sometime away :

1-March 2010: 3omra
2-April 2010: Qasr Alsarab- Abu Dhabi
3-May 2010: Sharm Elsheikh
4-July 2010: The States (New York - Los angeles- Las Vegas- San Francisco)
5-Septemper 2010: 1 day trip to Dubai
6-November 2010: London and for the first time 2 Manchesheter To visit my Lovely Friend H ;)
7-December 2010: 3omra again ;)

this goes to where I've been each place has its memories , el7mdela didn't regret going to any.

What Idid? enjoyed every Beautiful moment that passes by me.
I laugh like I have no worries or pain I love the way that I will lose who I love just to make sure they know how much I love them .Even the saddest moments had me for a long time during this year bs el7mdela bfthl allah I'm always Back no matter what I have much things to appreciate in my Life, We all do ! HOPE is ur Rope never let go.

look at the things eli etshofoon enha lazm tkoon 3ndekum by default ! mthl elbeet el akel el sherb elahal o elra7a o el3afia o el7oriya ! those things make me fight for what I want o what I am .I did all the things that I wish to do at the right place and the right moment. I always do my best to get what I want with the thought that what meant to happen will happen so one day when I look back I'll be always proud of what I Did.

Learn..... this word reflects  what we go through everyday every moment by living so when it comes to what I've learned, by experiences you learn the good and the bad ;)

I've Learned that I should miss the People I love... miss them everyday and live with it .

I've learned that it is never to late for anything ! lama 7a6eet tqweemi ;P

I've learned ena ( ma a9abak ma kan li yokh6eok o ma akh6a'ak ma kana li yo9ebok). 7a6a hl klaam 3yooniii min aq3ad leen ard anam ! it gives me power to go on & survive ;)

I've learned to never ever give up NEVER EVER! because one day I will look back & I don't want to say the Word What If ! so do whatever you can do to make things right o get what u desire b3d el etikaal 3la allah.

I've learned to seize the moment and take chances & experience new food new cultures new things to do !

I've learned that no body is worth my tears, and the one who is won't make me cry.

I've learned that Being Happy Doesn't mean everything is perfect .NO ! it means that U decided to see Beyond Imperfections.

I've learned that I didn't know how strong I am until being strong is the Only choice I have !

I've learned to say I Love U to all the ppl that I love in my life whenever I feel like saying it I don't keep it I say it with a big Hug ;) They Deserve to know !

Much Much more waaayed t3alamt stuff

But I will Never forget the ppl who cause me pain and hurt I will never forget what I got in exchange from them. A big Thank you to them ! I realized
that many ppl deserve their place in my heart. Keep the ppl who will make your heart go on and get rid of those who cause you pain. Be with the one who U deserve and deserves U.

you will be Always on My Mind for those who made their choices
to leave from my life and those who left without a choice.

When I look back I can find that there is much of What I love !

I love my mom more than anything in my life ! Can't imagine aday without seeing her , 7ta o ana bl dwam lazm adeq aqreq sowalef m3aha I miss her much !

I love my Family :* ekhti elwa7eeda as she calls her self ;P o N who I consider my other little Sis ;* o the two Lovely Guys in my Life my dear little Brothers A & A :)

I love My Friends you all, Specially ( T,H,M,Bebo) yanaaantkum hl sena ;P bs How could I live without you Guys ! you shared my tears before my laughter! Wallah a7bkum:*

I Love Noro my best friend from college ya klba eshkthr 9ar lena friends ! min 2000 ! you are my light my guardian you dont know how much u r to me you don't know how much it means to me lma aqreq 3leech o aqreq o aqreq and u never get bored ! yallah come back I miss our Friday Glee night ;P luv u much.

I love you all my relatives.
I love that my readers are enjoying my trips ;) thank you
I love what I do & experience when I travel !
I love how small things and simplest Details make me Happy :) 
I love eli rbiii qasmah li o razeqni eyah !

things will be missed forever & always but love the way U are try to improve yourself be confident that what you got this year and what Happened to you is what you deserve cuz It would'nt Happened to you with out the Permission of  ALLAH sb7anah.

Move on & hold on to the memories that you love ! Let's all together turn a new page to a new year 2011!

2011 watch me smile but give me much Happiness as I'm ok to take some saddness too ;)

Can't Wait to write My New Year's Resolution ;)and one more thing to love !
I love el design eli sweeta foq bl pic lol ;) 

Macau to Hong kong a Bumpy Ride !

The Vomit Bag on Board :P but we didn't use it :P

  It was different and new for me !moving from a place to a place by a Ferry! making the decision while I was plannning the the trip was hard !

Ididn't know what kind of Ferry I'm going to book ! all I know is that I have to move from Macau to Hong Kong by a Ferry. Is it safe ? well I depended on travelers opinions from the internet on which Ferry company should we take. I made my options but I didnt book from here, Since I found out that ferries leave every 15 min starting from 7am to 7pm daily from Macau to Hong Kong & Vice Versa.

The Venetian Macau (our Hotel) were kind enough to have free bus trasportation to New World First Ferry Services. Its a couple of minutes away from the hotel. But you should put in in mind that Hong Kong  consists of two Islands, so remember when you book your ticket you should know in which part are you staying.

That's My ticket from Macau To Kowloon(Hong Kong).

Some Information you need to know :

- Regarding the reservation, once I arrived to our hotel in Macau I asked if I should book our tickets from now(the moment of the arrival) since we were planning to leave to Hong Kong on a weekend so the tickets might be sold out. Well, It turns that its ok , we left the hotel with no concern because we can get on board of any ferry we want since there is one leaving to Hong Kong every 15 min. we arrived at the Ferry Terminal then we booked the next one that is leaving.

- Its approximately one hour ride from Macau to Hong Kong. What's funny is that their Ferry terminal is like an airport :P you should get your passports stamped.

-The ticket is 155HKD ( 6KD) per person .
- They Charge for the big luggages I dont remember how much but I think  20HKD. the ticket and the luggage extra charge was very resonable.

- Its a bumpy Ride :P that was in april 2009 elb7ar kan eshway mooy fa be careful sea sick ppl ;) everybody around were vomitting bs el7mdela the 4 of us were enjoying o el ferry etroo7 fooq o t7t ;)

- Help your self ! it means mako a7ad esheel lejna6! u r responsible for your luggages you take them in the ferry and out of the ferry so make sure to limit your carry on's ;) wraakum kaad o tyerer jnaa6 ;P

- the Ferry was a high class one ;) leather purple chairs and clean.
- The Link to the Ferry Company

On the way to The Ferry Terminal in Macau

One ferry that already left ;)

Enjoying el Scene eli kela thbaaab o gheem ;)
Ferry Terminals ! ma6ar el feriyaat ;) so so arranged

My Breakfast ;) Breakfast el3a'azah ;P

Wait for Hong Kong , U will be amazed ;)

Dec 27, 2010

Macau....Baby Its The Future Las Vegas -part 2

The Wynn Hotel in Macau ! The same as the One in Vegas

Are you considering Macau your next destination? then there is many places not to miss.

First you have to check my previous post, it will tell you where to stay in Macau and how to get to Macau :) seems like there is a lot to discover.
 I stayed there for three nights and I think it was enough.

Besides attending the spectacular Cirque Du Soliel show Zaia(Check my previous Post). We had to leave the shopping for a while and see what's out there:) the weather in April 2009 was cloudy and little rainy but it was ok with cool breeze. It’s the perfect weather to tour around for me.
And one more thing to consider before going there Macau is still under construction but you will see once you are there that Macau is going to a bright future!

Now What to do:

1- Macau Fisherman's Wharf:

  If you stay at The Venetian Macau Hotel you will get a free drop off to many places! Like for example if you want to visit the Fisherman's Wharf ask the reception for the free bus that will take you to The Sands Hotel. Once you are there the Fisherman's Wharf is gonna be across the street! So save some money:).
At Fisherman's Wharf you can enjoy Shopping, dining & some fun , just check it out 

2- Museums: from their Guide Book, They have many museums for museums lovers;) I didn't have the chance to visit any but if you are intrested you can visit TheMaritime Museumwhich is like a ship moored at the entrance of the inner Harbour.Also The Museum of Macau that has been built inside the foundation of the Monte Fort.

3- The Historic Centre of Macau: Just ask the taxi to take you there you will love it! if you like discovering churches and Historic places .

4-Senado Square: Macau's Main Square: Go there at night.

Mac Macau ;P

The FREE Buses from The Ventian Hotel Macau ! that takes you to some places

Sands Hotel Macau

Fisherman's Wharf Macau

Free Preformance show in  hotel ;) just go around hotels and discover

The Wynn Macau it has a shopping Center inside with worldwide brands ! Don't miss it

I relized that I didn't see a lot in Macau ! All I did is Shopping but it was worth it :P  for sure I'll go there again.However, remember when you are there you have to walk and discover the place around its the best thing to do which will help you discover new things,specially inside hotels visit all the famous hotels have a coffee at their cafe or wonder in the lobby.

From Macau To Hong Kong soon By a Ferry it was a trip hard to forget LOOL that's what's coming up next inshallah :) 7aq elnas eli y7boon eloya o el Adventure ;)


Dec 26, 2010

Macau ...Baby Its the Future Las Vegas ! part 1

My Boarding Pass ( Air Asia ) the way to Macau from Bangkok, on the side mum's shoe :P

 My trip to Macau April 2009 ! the Trip to the Land of Gambling :P Ofcourse I don't gamble :) its what they call it ! It is the future Las Vegas ! I heard this alot by many people even by a taxi driver in Vegas last summer.

Anyway, let me tell about Macau then I will list my trip to you guys ;) where is maca ? it is In Asia ! 2 hours away from Bangkok by Plane ! 1 hour far away from Hong Kong By Ferry ! its a place worth to visit ! this place has a glowing future !one of the things that I loved out there is that they were building the biggest spa in the world.Beside Having Most of the well known Hotels in vegas ! and Cirque Du Soleil Show !its all in Macau. 

Macau was a Portuguese Colony in Asia,remember when you go there you will notice that they have many streets named in Portuguese. also they have their own currency which is called Macau Pataca. They also accept Hong Kong Dollars but not Vice Versa ! hong kong don't except Macau Pataca. 

Concerning your Visa , we did it there upon arrival at the airport.
 The employees at the visa counter where sooooo rude ! but who to ruin my Trip :P didnt care what came later was sure worth it ! 

After starting our trip in Bangkok and phuket, we packed our stuff on the way to Macau by that time I only know that we are going to attend the Cirque Du Soleil show called Zai !

Can't forget our Flight from Bangkok to Macau ! LOOL it was one of the most amazing flights ! ahaal macau 7adhum sh3beyeen ! eli kanaw m3ana bl6yara kanaw qarqah ! el6yara kanat jnha ezwara ! Upon Landing most of the passengers climbed over their seats to get their luggages LOOL ! it was Hilarious ! we did the same for fun ! and also my friend B ! is the kindda of friend that you CAN NOT board a plane to anywhere without her :P she started cheering for them LOOOL ! o ohma kil mn mndmg wla ydroon o e7na 9afqa o tshgee3 li eloya eli 9arat awal ma 6beena !

The way from the airport to out Castle :P I mean Hotel which is like a castle to me ;) The Venetian Macau is 10 minutes away from the airport . Here we go with the Venetian the amazing Luxirous hotel the kindda of busy hotels ! its the same as the one in Vegas ! I got the best Price ever ! get a suite for only 85 KD a night ! with the Best service !come on ppl go discover those new places rather than spending ur money on the same expensive places that you visit every year !

The Way to the Reception Lobby
Our Room I mean suite :) eyanin ! 

Our Living Room
you just can't close your Eyes ! Love it !

The View from our room , Macau is Rising ! so soon

The Venetian Macau is the Best place to stay at ! We stayed indoor for whole one day ! we got the best too shopping Malls linked together they are right at the hotel ! the Venetian Macau mall called The grand Canal Shoppes and the Four Season Macau mall called The Shoppes at Four Season ! I was surprised with all the shops that they have ! Links to the Best Two Malls:

At the Grand Canal Shoppes ( The Venetian Macau ) You can enjoy The Gondola Ride Experience & Cirque Du Soliel Zaia Show . For the Show I did my reservations online in kuwait. I got a second row A section tickets for only 28KD each ! its soooo Cheap ! Once we arrived there I collected the tickets from the box office theatre entrance. and now lets take a tour to what you can enjoy at your place The Venetian Macau !
book your ticket to Zia :

for you girls ;)

Juicy Juicy Juicy !

 Lovely Cafe !
The Venetian Mall

The Venetian Mall

Zaia- Cirque Du Soliel
Just Married ! Ketakeeeet ;)
The way to the Spectacular Zaia !
Fat Burger at The Grand Canal food Court

The Gondola Ride

This Video is some of what I saw ;)

That's all what you can do indoor at your hotel ! If you stay at The Venetian Macau.. 

What can you do outdoor? what attractions can you visit ? what's out there is all coming in a next post :)

Dec 23, 2010

The Perfect Getaway at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

   One of the places that amazed me when I was there and keeps amazing me even when I'm back here in my country. I have posted before about Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.
Most of my readers were surprised what a close Resort in Abu Dhabi had to offer! It's the perfect getaway for recreation, Wedding Anniversaries or family holidays.
I had the opportunity to contact Ms. Nancy Nusrally - Area Public Relations Manager at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara & Desert Island Resort & Spa by Anantara. She was so nice to offer me the wide collection of beautiful pictures from the Resort's Library.

Thank you Ms. Nancy for your cooperations & kindness I really appreciate it.

 Now for my Lovely readers & to all of you who sent me emails with questions ,enjoy your journey from home to Qasr Al Sarab Resort by Anantara with these wonderful pictures hoping that you will soon experience the real journey to it ;)  
Flamelit resort bridge entrance

Main reception of inviting grandeur

Al Liwan Lobby Lounge

Exterior shot of hotel's palatial fortress design

Tennis Court

Dining by Design at Hazeerah

Royal Pavilion courtyard
Twin bed Deluxe Room

Villa living room

Deluxe Terrace Room

Morning outlook from private pool

Suite living room

Ghadeer poolside bar

Ghadeer restaurant poolside dining

All-day dining Al Waha restaurant

The Best view ever ! this is where I had My Treatment !
Ghadeer restaurant indoor dining

Panoramic desert views from Suhail restaurant

Hamman treatment suite at Anantara Spa

Restful Arabian Spa treatment suite

Can't wait to discover more Anantara Resorts around the World ! I'm in love with the high class service they have mashallah !