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Dec 23, 2010

More Than A christmas to me

Let it snow My screensaver ! love it !  

I don't know why everything in the world blooms for christmas!
its just amazing ! I love Traveling in Christmas and New Year'S season but this year I couldn't :(
This week was a more than a Christmas week to me ! it was the busiest ever ! I started the week with a bachelorette party for a OUR beautiful Bride my little sis :P that's what she is to me. Our Lovely Bride wish I can say more here but wishing you the best of luck in Happy marriage inshallah :*

the next day, I had this wonderful BBQ at my other sister's house B ;) the BBQ was supposed to be last week but if it had been we would have been barbequing with the dust ;P thank you for the lovely evening ;* you girl do the best BBQ ever ;*

The next day is my treat day ! that's what I called it , I didnt go to work Why ! because with new years coming and christmas its time to get my self a gift ;) I had expected sometimes to get something from someone but never expect its the best thing to do so you never get hurt, just wait and it will happen . But take it from me ALWAYS expects to get from yourself ;P and there is no way you will be dissappointed ;) I had some stuff that I needed but I had kept them to buy them this month. My day off made me happy I celebrated with my New Iphone ;) that I just couldn't get out of my hands! I'm so Happy ;) I like making small stuff big events in my life! my gifts for me was so worth it ;)
 the day after at work One dear friend that has a special place in my heart made us this deleciuos breakfast although all I can eat was white cheese because of my braces :( bs the gathering made my day. Thank you S :*

And that's Y I love where I work :P
 On the same day from work out with My Bebo on the tour of the month :P that's what I call it :) we decided to do a tour every month ! we got out of work and we did our tour to many places buying some stuff to redecorate our offices for the new year ! this was one of our stops 

KDD shwaikh ;P Thank you Bebo as Usual u made my day :*

 To all of you my dear friends that I spent this week with , Thank you ! you are a bless in my life :* you are my True happiness :*


NewQ8 Bride said...

we love life and happiness :) that is why i don't mind enjoying Christmas's `s spirit :P

bl3afeya next time ana ma3akom :) enshalah

AMA Traveler said...

New Bride: I agree with you ! 7da we missed u m3ana bl6al3a ;) next time akeeeed

Anonymous said...

7bait <3
w 3lekum bl.3afya

AMA Traveler said...

Anonymous : Thanx Dear ;) so glad that you are enjoying