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Dec 12, 2010

Bangkok - Part 2

Here comes more of Bangkok ... lets go and check out the must see attractions , I'm going to combine what I've seen in previous trips & what I saw in My last trip.

1- Temples and City Tour: I did this tour maybe in 2007 , I think the city tour is a must in every new city you visit whether its worth it or not , you need to know the main information about the city your in like culture, towns, population, markets and many more. the city tour including stopping by some well known temples, well for me they all look alike but its interesting to go in and take some pictures inside. Some temples will ask you to take off your shoes so bring on socks with you ;) you can visit the Grand Palace with its temple of the Golden Lying Buddha its considered Bangkok's top Attraction.

This Is the Lying Buddha
2- Floating Market : Its A wonderful experience and its a must if you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, its gonna be really hot and humid I think ;) also you have to leave your hotel so early because the best time is early morning at 8am and its a little far from bangkok's downtown. Have you ever tried shopping or light shopping while you are sitting in a floating long boat ? will this is it, its fun & hilarious. Its shopping for fresh Thai fruits and a variety of souvenirs but its all about the experience .I went to it with my mum's wonderful cousin ;) we were a group of 9 persons , all ladies of course:P we took two boats along the river I remember we couldn't stop laughing but you have to know that the river is not clean at all, also the place just go for the experience as a change, I will leave you now with the photos:

3- Siam Niramit (a must see show of thailand) in my previous post I mentioned that Emarites Airlines gave us along with the offer 4 free tickets to a show, well this was the show, its a world class show that presents the journey to the enchanted kingdom of siam (Thailand). The stage of this show is certified By Genuinness World Records as the highest in the world. its a pectacular performance of thailand's art and cultural heritage presented by 150 preformers, over 500 costumes. If you are planning to visit Phuket in the same trip, then you have to choose between this show and the one preformed in phuket under the name of Fantasea show, Because they are almost the same, presenting the same idea.

before the show starts you can visit the  small thai village which is presented by the same company and also enjoy the traditional dancing of thai ppl outdoors then you will be asked to inter the stage.

4- Mandarin Oriental Sala Rim Naam: this is a restaurant that belongs to the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. The Sala offers traditional Thai dinner. When I was there I was looking for a clean place that offers a class performance of Thai cultural dance and a clean dinner :P that comes from clean kitchens ;P our hotel recommended this restaurant for us . the restaurant is across the river opposite to the hotel.we enjoyed the ride in a traditional made Thai boat from one side of the river to the other. you should know that you will have to sit on the floor ;) its so traditional. I really Loved it, also when we made the reservation we mentioned that we don't want any spicy or raw food at all. the experience was wonderful I love to watch cultural dance and read about what it means. they will hand over a booklet that explains all the dances in Thai and English . you shouldn't miss it !


  Now About Transportation to close places I prefer taking  BTS SkyTrain ;) don't worry its easy but really crowded lol but its so fun to indulge your self with other ppl and commute with them :P its so easy even if they don't understand you at the station I mean they don't know English all you have to is point with your finger showing the ticket man or the security where you want to go, then they will help you out. of course the hotel will let you know according to where you want to go which station you have to go to. They have machines for tickets but I don't really recall my memory I think they are tokens :) anyway its fun if you are able to take the stairs to the sky train station. Its the best way even better than TukTuk the small cars:) because Bangkok streets are 24 hours crowded.  


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