Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Dec 18, 2010

My Phuket -Part 2

Phi Phi Islands

Hello Everyone! It's time to know what to do in Phuket :) In a previous post I wrote about my favorite hotel in Phuket but what makes you go and stay is what things you can do in a certain destination! Phuket in the largest Island in Thailand surrounded by small cute Island which you must visit once you are there. Fulled with many activities and attraction...these are my best:

2- Attractions :

*Phuket Fantasea: It's a rich cultural show presented in a magical magnificent way it's a must show you have to see it. Once you arrive to the hotel to your booking for all the trips during your stay it's the best way to save you a place in trips. I always do my booking in these countries with the hotel for safety purposes. Anyways, when you book your ticket make sure to pick up for a round trip which a bus will take you to Fantasea then a bus will bring you back to your hotel. Also remember to book golden seats, golden seats are the seats that are in the middle of the stage, make sure they show you the seating map. Moreover, they have an open buffet dinner I never tried it before but it is one of the options you have. The show is indoor suitable for families, couples & kids. Here is their link regarding more information:  

  * Sea Trips:  

It's the best to enjoy your day take an early morning trip starting from 8AM until 6PM. Spending all of the day in the sea snorkeling, swimming, and discovering the Surrounding Islands. I've been to Phi Phi Islands Trip twice once with a group boat & the other I have arranged for us a speed boat with three crew members and 9 passengers(My Relatives) serving us beverages and fruit snack during the trip all for 150KD.
The Phi Phi islands are the No.1 attraction. There is also the Phang Nga Bay day trip & Krabi Island that I haven't been to yet! The Phang Nga Bay is well known for James Bond Island where James bond movie where filmed by that time. I always do my booking with Phuket adventures through the hotel, they have highly equipped speedboats with new engines ;)  you can check them out , One day I'm gonna try the canoe trip it looks interesting ;)
Below you can enjoy some photos from my trip to Phi Phi Islands  

Monkey Beach at the Phi Phi Islands ...tra el monkeys loves the visitors ;P

U can feed them bs an9a7kum mn eb3eed ;)

* Land Adventures:

The best thing that I enjoy doing there is Elephant trekking on the mountains of the oldest rainforest in south Asia, Khao Sok.
 I love the silence of the rainforest! actually it's not a complete silent ;) but I mean the silence of us humans enjoying the sound of nature birds, insects & more that you can hear but not see;P its a little bit scary but it's worth the heart beat every time I go elephant trekking :P 3adi elfeel e3er faga'a o yt9ala6 3la eshyara t7t.ha wadi ela ybi yakil mnha lol o ewadeena till the edge bs el7mdela ena khr6ooma 6weel yt6awal feeh leshyara eli ebkha6ra ! The trip includes baby elephant show and many other things it depend on what you choose upon booking.
I always go with Siam Safari company they pick us up from the hotel with a safari jeep , it's fun just get ready to jungle ;) check them out for more details :

our group guide I forget her name , bs at.thakar enha kant t7t eltdreeb fa kant 7dha meshta6a :P

elmanthar eyanen !! mashallah

Baby Elephant show o tra u can get a free kiss from an elephant !
I did it lol we eshwayat s3abeel bs it was so cute o katkoooot el  elephant

the Babies also know how to dance !

* Banyantree Resort:

For you girls who are addicted to spas and massages! They have the best spa ever, Book a villa not a room and try a 2 hours treatment afterwards the villa will be yours for 45 minutes you can enjoy to shower outdoors! Don't worry its private so it's time for you girls to spoil yourselves. Once you are there you can ask the hotels to arrange a fast tour to the resident villas you can take a look at them and plan to stay there for your next time. shakla el Thai massage 3ndhum 7lo ;)

3- Shopping

 I don't really prefer shopping in islands but if it's your only destination, here  are some shopping malls and area's:

   * Phuket Premium Outlet: it's a small cute outlet worth a visit

   * Central Festival Phuket Mall 
   * Jungceylon Shopping Center

   * Patong Beach: at this beach you can shop for gifts, candles & 
      Many other souvenirs besides enjoying some water sports.

From Phuket to Bangkok's International Airport as seen above ...Where are we going ? to the future Las Vegas .......Macau



ChuBBy-Doll said...

phiphi island 3ishgi elawal wela5eer

AMA Traveler said...

Chubby-doll: ma tnlameen ! elmokaaan 7da ma ynmaal mina lw etro7eela 100 mrah

Teta said...

" I love the silence of the rainforest" me 2 
Ba3dain is it safe to swim?! Chna ekhare3!

AMA Traveler said...

Teta : wallah every time I go there it is safe ;) bs I always ask about sharks ;P fini phobia minhum mn kthr ma ashof their movies ;P bs el7mdela ma 9adaf ena fi sharks wla jellyfish :) hathi moshkelat elba7ar ma tqrdeen t7kreenhum fi mokan! the best thing is to snorekel next to your speed boat ;)

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