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Jan 10, 2011

Why Souq Waqif (Doha)?

Sh3beyat Souq Waqif :P  Doha

I never heard about it before..what's about that place that made it so special? My question to my mom Why souq waqif ? why you and your friends want to go all the way to doha-Qatar only for Souq Waqif? What's so special about it ? she said its their Mubarakiya souq but in a different way ! how in a different way? we almost have the same cultures ummm ....well It was worth it to take 2 days off and leave to check that souq :P anything to get me on a plane is worth it I never say No ;P  I said Y not at the same time I can check out Asia Cup 2011 preperation & also had the chance to check Aspire Academy.

I love ! really its like having a day of the past Mashallah !

Now What can I say about that souq, I just love it ! amazing atmosphere !Loved every single thing about it modern cafes & restaurants and their free wifi:P q3daat sh3biyaaa weya 9a7baat kil qahwa qa3da weya 3baat.ha o kil w7da yadah ! So so so cute ! also el small shops for traditional spices, Handicrafts, souvenirs and much more.

 How is it different from our souq lmbarikiya. They are both traditional markets that reflects our cultures,the difference is that Souq Waqif is so clean! everything is well arranged and it reflects the past in most of the ways , what I like is the Police officers who were wearing the old clothes that they used to were in the past! I like the food ! usually I get scared of eating anything from the streets but this time I enjoyed it ! many foreigners were enjoying their times ! they are so crazy they were wearing the traditional Deshdasha & Ghetra o le3qal el qatari o the girls with them were wearing women's traditional clothes ! 3baya o ba6oola :P so cute when u notice them talking english and doing their shopping with those clothes ;P

I don't know if I had the chance to check it all around !  I stayed in Doha only for one night Unfortunately but this is what I saw , enjoy guys :)

a7la khbz erqaq eb beeth :P yeah I tied everthing ma khaleet shay :P

Souq Cop lol its reminded me of the Mall cop :P

ya rbi naas tharba o theweeqa :)

esht6eet 3lehum abi ashtiri :P bs madri shasawi fihum bs shofat.hum etwanes alwaaan

nas etarazaq Allah ya 7lohum wallah :)

ok hathi li 3ad my elqeemat my order li a7la elqeemat mn el Old lady el7lwa ma qa9arat wallah :)

Allah 3leech ya Qatar ;)

hl dowa3ees o ma7alt.ha etyanin !

jeha fiha sooq araneb o 6yoor o kil 7mam o kil shay ! 9ech frga !

9ech majles eldammah! emratab

y7eqlek wallah fr7aaan ! dawart 9a7eb elma7al 7asafa ma lqeeta ;)

the Phrase Allah ya 3mri ya Qatar was really in its place Mashallah that's what I felt 9ech ;)

hathi qahwat 3een elsee7 3ad um a7mad :* 7beet.ha hl mrah qa3da etgabel qahwat.ha ;)
nikhi o shay esma khanfrosh eli ohwa cake lol o Karak ( chay 7leeb) ;P My meal at om Ahmad's Alrafa'aa shop
ya 7lwech wallah ya um a7maad ! tbi mina dra3a mn lekweet next time bwadeelha ;) o pls la7ad yes'aalha eshloon etsawih tra et3a9eb :P
so Proud of her hathi engazat.ha um a7mad :)
rb3 le7gama ham ma nesakum elsooq :)
e3gbaatnii wayed ! cute
kan mfroth ashtiri wa7ed 3n kha6rii wayed 7lween ! eli broo7 pls eyeebli :)
shofay eshlqeet ! allah yr7emek ya baba jaber

Souq Waqif blends the past & the present in an astonishing way ! It is MUST

Still more posts coming up on the Lovely Qatar and yes I fell in love with Doha wallah ! people are so respectful , you wanna taste what  arabian hospitality is ! Then Qatar is a Must!


NewQ8 Bride said...

madree shagool !! mashalah mashalah 3aleehom

:) glad u had fun there ;) waiting for more posts ;)

Anonymous said...

ما شاء الله خووووش تغطية وخوووش صور ..
فز قلب لمن شفت بابا جابر :)

Expat and the City said...

I just love your travel blog and the pics. :)

giggles said...

glad you enjoyed your time there and thanks i will pass this info on to my family especially my grandmother i am sure she would love this place :)

AMA Traveler said...

New Bride : My dear u know more than what I posted :P more is coming up ;)

Anonymous: thanx dear :) yeah baba jaber :)
Expat and the city: thanx dear : and I love that you are loving my blog :) wait for more new places are coming up :)

Giggles: thank you dear :) I think your grand mother will love the pics :)I know mom and her friends got attached to that place :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog and post , keep it up :D

AMA Traveler said...

Anonymous : Thank you 1 As long as I keep traveling aroun Inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

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