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Feb 1, 2011

Get Wicked - NYC Broadway show

A show NOT to miss if you really wanna Laugh

Shall we go with Marry Poppins? Lion KingMamma Mia? Phantom of the Opera? The Adams Family? Wicked ?

Well It was really hard to choose, Many shows are out there that I wanted to see but I had only one space in my schedule ! one space one show !

I hate to admit that I made a big mistake when I planned our trip to the states that I listed only 4 nights in NYC. That wasn't enough ! next time I'm gonna stay there for a week.

Mamma Mia Here we go again ..My My how can I resist you :P wanna go :(

I'm not Leaving New York unless I attend a Broadway show :P it was really really hard to choose! I wanted to attend all the shows ! trust me when you stand in that street(Broadway) you just want them all !

We had this meeting me and my family that day back in summer 2010 in the middle of the streets of NYC ! I told them Yallah decide which show you wanna go to? I wanted us all to go together I mean that's the point of a family trip ;) I like Considering my family's Opinions but Its always up to meat the end:P why ?because I'm the Guide :P

while deciding which show to attend :P
after a small discussion , we narrowed down our choices to either Marry Poppins or Wicked. althought I would die for a Lion King show ! its the thing that I never get enough from ! I 've seen it in London, I've never missed a disney parade in disney Land(California- Hong Kong- Paris).

Wicked  Musical was our choice ! The other big big mistake that I didn't do is that I should have bought the tickets online before we leave Kuwait!

 my mom told me when I was booking shows for Las Vegas " why don't you book also for NY shows" I was like " mom there are alot of shows I don't think tickets are gonna be sold out"

Well that wasn't the main issue I managed to get us 4 seats together and another 2 together. I Got the tickets for 120$ person. If I booked them online earlier I've could have got them for less than 90$. we were so lucky to find availabe seats.

Next time on my list for sure

I tried to get the tickets from the ticket desk at out hotel ! but you know how much it was? it was 167$ ! really expensive ! I had my family budget with me and we are still in the beginning of our trip since NYC was our first stop and I know we have lots of money:P but I like getting the best offer ever ;) so after having some help from the bellboy at our hotel ! he told me since you want tickets to tomorrow's show then it best to go to the theatre it self and get the tickets from there. Thank God the Theatre was few blocks away from our hotel:)  and that's were I got them for 120$ per person.

What is Wicked? Its the untold story of the Witches of Oz. the Only think that I won't forget is that we all couldn't stop laughing ! I thought the show is gonna be scary since its about witches :P but it was Hilarious ! just don't miss it ! even my two brothers enjoyed it ! although they are not into shows and such stuff.When you go to this show just focus on Glinda's act LOOL fiha eshway mn dala3 bnatna :P

Wicked (Gershwin Theatre)
To make it easy for you, If your planning to go there soon , just book your tickets either from Ticket master or for broadway shows. and take me with you :P

Next Post gonna Wrap up NYC with what to eat out there ! so don't miss it :)


Bint ilKuwait said...

wanaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:( i want to see all the shows!! 7atan the addams family! but didn't they stop Lion King show with cats?!

giggles said...

wicked shakla 7elow o 7eta the adams family, the last time we went to new york kena naby enshof the lion king bas kanow il tickets sold out fa shefna the little mermaid instead.

AMA Traveler said...

Bint ilKuwait: e wallah all the sows 3shan jithi ybeelha q week ! 3adi aro7 show eltheher o elthani bleel :P lma knah ehnak el theatre mal lion king kan jdam our hotel marriot marquis time square o kan On ;) twa fi summer 2010 fa ma atwaq3 ena waqefooh ! lion king is the No. 1 ::)

giggles: waaaaaayed 7lo o I highly recommend it ;) o ham addams family kan next to our hotel ! t3alamt ena for NYC mrah thani ashtiri all the tickets online :)

Anonymous said...

Its one of my best Musical, I've been to The Adams Family last summer and I loved it. I also went to a lot of musicals you can check it out if u want ^_^

AMA Traveler said...

Roashina: well glad to hear another person's opinion cuz usually they say I'm easy going and enjoy everything:) I will check them for sure ! thanx ! and how is Adams family ? is it worth it ?

American Girl said...

I'm going back to NYC at the end of March and will make sure I see Wicked then. I haven't seen it before. So far my favorite has been Stomp. If you haven't seen it you really must! It was amazing.

AMA Traveler said...

lucky u :) yeah you should its really not to miss ! hope you enjoy it ! never heard of stomp ! have to check it out then !

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