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Feb 28, 2011

Happy Days...February in Kuwait

on my seat while waiting for the Fireworks to begin
... a7la 9ora wallah !

February 2011 was expected to be different in Kuwait!
 ...and Proudly it reached beyond everybody's expectations !

Celebrations like never before ! I want to attend everything , not to miss anything ! my mind was so busy with the events even when I go to bed that I can't sleep ! Yes I'm the kind of person that gets over excited :)

Don't want to keep what I saw in this month hidden in my Albums .. I want the world to see how we celebrated :) and how many countries joined our celebrations ! from my Country Kuwait thank you to our friends :)

Enjoy what's coming up ! wa6aanii wa6an elnahar :* 3sa rbi e7afthna o edeem 3leena afra7na o edeem 3lena ne3mata eli fathlna fiha 3la gheerna ...alf el7mdellah :) 7afthaw 3la el Kuwait :*

From Gulf Countries... they came to share our Celebration :)

I really really loved that people know the basics of getting ready for Fireworks shows !


Al-Hamra Tower
That's something from what I've been working
on for last month a small exibition at work

For more Lovely Photos check below :

Hope everyone enjoyed February in Kuwait this year :) and for the first time I feel good that I didn't traveled :P


The Stig said...

Great coverage.. and nice pictures :)

giggles said...

thanks for the great pics, mafi a7la wala a8la wala abha wala ajmal min baladi il kuwait :)

Toomzie said...

It was different indeeed! i'm sure everyone is so proud :)

Bint ilKuwait said...

LOVED THE PICTURES! bes ta7saft laish ma ri7t 9oub il abraj!!:(

AMA Traveler said...

The Stig: Thank you ! think I'm gonna be a great reporter :)

giggles: et9adqeen u r right ! mako mthlha el Kuwait :*

F.J. Bliss: e wallah it was something really different :) think everyone is happy and spent a wonderful vacation !

Bint ilKuwait: tbeen el9ech !! hmm 7DAH 6AFECH :p 3ad lw adri jan qaylaatlch and meet u for the first time t7t elabraaj :P! ana o my cousin o elkhadam lol from 4pm embas6een ehnaak :) wallah kanat khooosh experience !