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Feb 2, 2011


your not in NYC unless you have alot of shake shack !

That city NYC hold the best of everything ! not only shopping, sightseeing but also when it comes to food ! you will find all kind of restaurants nothing is not out there. As I mentioned before for my readers I had my list full with many restaurants to go by but the time was the issue. The list was sent by me to those who would really like to try the best of NYC.Let me know if you want the list to be yours too :)

When it comes to food the No.1 not to miss in NYC is Shake Shack burgers ! go with the shack original burgers ! trust me once you reach the order window just order 2 burgers for you because you will need to wait another hour to reach that window again :P

I described them before in a previous post as my Dynamite Babies :P check them out My shake shack Lunch for more pics and details.

That was decoration for  4th of july :)

This branch was in the same block as Top of the Rock

This one goes to all of the cupcakes lovers ! all of sex and the city fans ! Its time to go by Magnolia Bakery NYC. If you are in New York you realy should try it.there is alot of branches I guess. all you have to do is write your hotel's address at Google Map in section A and write where you are standing in NYC by that time in section B( for me I wrote our hotel address) in the get direction bar. and you will get the directions to all Magnolia Bakery's in NYC. Its delicious ! You have to try Carrie's Cupcake from Sex and the City ;)


Magnolia's Bakery Red Velvet

Here comes more of Desserts ! on board of NYC subaway after taking a Helicopter tour over NYC  we arrived at the Meat packingDistrict just to taste the New York Legendary Brownies at The Fat Witch Bakery, The brownies were to die for ! Really I don't know its the place and the astmosphere and being in New York and te taste ! you have to try it ! I bought some for our trip to LA ;P they have many kinds and you can choose what you want! you can also buy one small piece.


something I loved in NYC while at Starbucks is this

cool huh :P

and that's all about my 4 nights in New York last summer 2010 ! for my New lovely readers checkout my previous posts to get the best out of New York!

Need my list of the best of new york just let me know and I will email it right to you :)

coming up next fly with Virgin America to Los Angeles- California... a flight experience that I will never forget:) sure you will love it too.


Anonymous said...

now you are throwing Shake Shack in our faces?? LOL i cannot wait til it opens here. does Magnolia in NYC taste like Magnolia in Dubai?

giggles said...

3alaykom bil 3afia, your pics 8a9eb et5ali il wa7ed eyo3 hehe the food looks good ;)

AMA Traveler said...

Randy: well there is nothing and there will be no burgers like those shacks :) in my opinion its gonna open here but it will never ever be like what it is in that beautiful city NY , having those burgers there is New York's thing :) you want the truth ! I think the red velvet in Dubai's Magnolia tasted better, Magnolia is Ok for me and not to miss if you are in NYC but there is another cupcake in LA, gonna post about it when the time comes :)

giggles: thanx :) I know o ana qa3da asawi el post aqol leet min esheelni o eq6ni fi NYC , you eat but you walk alot so no worries about the wieght at all :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a: would those LA cupcakes be Sprinkle's? If so, one opened in Houston and we tried it out. It was good but we have a better local cupcake in H-Town ...

if you ever sched. a trip to Houston ... let me know i can tell you all the good places to shop and eat :-)

AMA Traveler said...

Randy: yep you got them right :) I will check them out ! and thank you for the offer If by any chance I'm going to Houston I will need your list :)