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Sep 6, 2011

All the way from Vegas ...oh baby

All the way from Las Vegas to my Shirts collection ... mako fayda ma ashb3 min hl khrabee6 kabati eb ynfeger ! LOL ! I love to collect shirts from all the places I love and ofcourse been to ;) ! Even thought I've been to Las Vegas summer 2010 ! still when my friend Nada went last summer 2011 , I asked her to bring me some :P

Some I have choosen myself  ( allah ekhaleelna el Whatsapp ;D ) o one she surprised me with !!! almost all of my friends know how much I love CSI !!! actually I can be a CSI :P I can predict the end of a crime movie mn kthr ma ana modmenaaad jrayem o kha6f o loya :P I was so happy to have this shirt ! althought I've been there  !!! at CSI The Experience MGM las vegas summer 2010 !! bs mn kthir ma knt fr7ana o yanah 3la el wth3 ! ma shrait shay minhum !! LOOL yallah walbiii I solve the Crime !

However, I asked her for naughty shirts :P bs 3ad mo 3aib lol fa from the collection she sent me thorugh Whatsapp I choose these two ...akh ya qulbiii those shirts smell like vegas :P Don't tell me Vegas is all about Gambling and Clubs and night life ! Open your eyes its one unique place to shop and have the real fun ;D bs mo kil el naas et3aref laha ;)

Thank you Nada :*

Mtaa brooo7 Vegas Mtaaa Mtaaaaaaa :D


giggles said...

malbos il 3afia inshala, your shirts are so cute. i can't wait for the new season of csi, ga3da a3ed il ayam hehe maboga shaiy inshala a5er il shahar ;p

Dear Romeo said...

bl3afya, I liked them a lot

AMA Traveler said...

giggles : shokran :* waay me too edman hl CSI! season from ayho ? ana 3shtaw ams bdeet ashoof CSI miami min season 1 :P fagaa abi min elawal again :)

Dear Romeo : thank you dear :)