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Sep 24, 2011

I'm Back from Abu Dhabi

She The Traveler is just back from Abu Dhabi !! WOW ! I've seen alot I've learned alot ! and let me tell you this ...Abu Dhabi I might go there for weekends !!! Lovely City but its not just the city ! its about one amazing Island !!! to be honest I didn't expect to see what I saw !! I didn't expect to find all what I enjoyed in some destination that is close by home ! its all at Sir Bani Yas Island !! people get mixed up with Ban Yas Island and Sir Bani Yas Island ! the first one is close by the airport its like 20 minutes ! the other one where are talking about a 3 hours road trip folloed by a ferry ride !! yes a ferry ride ! The getaway at that Island !! oh God you guys are gonna love hat's coming up !!!where I stayed ! what I did ! new experiences ! new people I met ! new friends I made :)

I've been back Thursday Morning ! all I needed by that time is get some sleep !! Why ?? Because when I was there I didn't sleep alot ! didn't want to miss the fun ! didn't want to waste the time ! had only two nights there ! which made my stay 3 full days !

Let me tell you this ! you guys might want to spend your next Eid vacation at Sir Bani Yas Island ;) So I'm gonna try my best to bring it all to you fast in many posts ! I don't know where to start from But I'll bring you th amazing stry of my trip ! I'm gonna make that trip with you guys again ! right here wait for what's coming up ! 

Great times always come ...but some great times pass you once ! just don't miss them even if you didn't have them the way you imagined ! believe me once you caught them you will be amazed how beautiful they are ! and better than you expected ! 

My friend N was suppose to join me on this trip ! she had some issues she cancled a couple of days before the trip ! I was upset ! but I said the trip is coming I have the option to take it or leave it ...I went with let's take it .

Our luggages got lost ! at the final destination ! Imagine that you are going to a resort in an island and you dont have your essential stuff to stay at a resort ! I got upset 4:30am at the airport in Abu Dhabi ! but I had the option either go to the resort and hve fun or just ruin my whole getaway o at3asar ! said no let's go I don't mind even doing activities wearing my jeans and same top ! well I'm here ! so let's enjoy it ....

After all I had a BLAST ! Kayaft !! alf el7mdella :)

 Thank you for all of my readers ! you the travelers with passion ! to get the best of the destination your heading to ! thank you for your trust ! love ya guys :)

and for the readers who participated in My Abu Dhabi Trip  contest ! you guys all got it right !! I think I gave you easy hints ha ;P The gift is being wrapped by the amazing @Wrappingmania , Once ready I will do the draw but give me sometime will you :)

 yalllaaaaaaah be ready coming up big killer posts ;P shay qatilllll !!! 


giggles said...

il 7emdela 3ala il salama, can't wait for your upcoming posts :)

AMA Traveler said...

@giggles : thank you dear friend :) yaaaykum shay khyaal lol tons of posts ;)