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Sep 29, 2011

Kayaking at Desert Island Resort and Spa by Anantara - Abu Dhabi

Shaaay Khyaaaaal !!!! never ever thought that it would be that fun !!! min kthr ma ana meshta6a o mesaatnsa 3la el baraad eli ykatkit raaaay7aa o 6aayraaah agadef o agadef ma raya7t eediii ! fina naq9 activities ya gma3a !! mtna :P  lool

My new experience on this trip is Kayaking ! as all of you know how much I try my best that on each trip I try a new adventure or learn an new thing ..its the way a trip should be ! you're getting away right ! so you need something new !! try something new ! fail or succeed doesn't matter ! you got to explore yourself :D 3aadi ana da3amt chum shyara bil maay :P so its ok ;)

Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara in Abu Dhabi has a wide range of activities to do while you are staying with them ! you will never get bored !! actually they will help you plan your stay and activities they were so helpful with me ! I just love their unique service !! been to alot of resorts but this one has something that captures my heart :) 
 It was really really hard to choose from the activity list ! daaymaaan abi kil sha o abi agaarib kil shay wla abi shay e6ooofni asa long as I am there in the right moment and right place ! but I had to choose because I was on a short stay :( 7asafa

first let me take alook at their activities : 

1- Water Activities : kayaking- snorkeling  
2- Land Activities  :  Archery - Mountain biking - Nature and wildlife ride -Nature and wildlife walks
3-Heritage activities: Archeological site tour

For more information do not hesitate just contact them by email  :

For me I went with Kayaking and the nature and wildlife ride which I will post about later which will be beyond your expectations !! fag'aa leqait roo7i waqfa 3la kersii jeep el safara o ajakchek bil camera min el tantaa fooq :P yallah that excited you will get ! just keep tracking the posts coming up ! you don't want to miss one adventure of that resort ;) trust me for the people who got a taste when they travel ;)

So why Kayaking ? as I said I wanted to try something new although I loooooooooooove snorkeling ALOT ! but thought hey AMA Traveler you need shay ydeeeed !! Kayak ! my Kayak activity was on my day of arrival at 5:00 PM i should be in the lobby for my pick up ride ! yep the Island is big it takes like 10 minute to reach the Kayak area by ride ! The Lovely Ms. Sonica from South Africa my Kayak trainer !!! why My akayk trainer ! because it was only me on that activity that day !! two cute couples from Switzerland were riding with us for the drop off for the wildlife drive ! Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara Thank you SO MUCH for making my first Kayak experience and adventure one of a kind !! glad I did it with you guys ! lovely readers are you ready !????!  LET'S GO  KAYAKING !

Here we are making our way ......

Help yourself if your thirsty !! ee 3aadi atkarfas el jeep yetkhathkhaath :P it was fun ! o action Life !

Ok this is beautiful Sonica !!!! 3ashaaaaaaw ahaaal south africa !!! she is just an amazing driver and a Kayak trainer :D
I was like HUH ! jithi elsalfaa looool ! 6b3an knt meshta6a 3la el kayaking bs lma shft el 3edah khaqeeet lol :P bs WTH yallah foqa enjareb why not ! life is full of adventures don't loose one when its meant to be yours ;) 

Life jacket laaazimmmm ! kla 3baali bth6eee7 bil ba7ar o bthee3 o by6la3li shark :P AKhh min movie Jaws 3aqaadnii LOOL :P there are no sharks ppl ;) elmokan mthl khooor e9gheeer so don't worry

Ready ? YES I am  :D  we helped each other carrying our Kayaks into the water :) ee mako a7ad yesheel el wanasa min el bedaya serve yourself ;) I just loved it !
Yallah into the WATER :D 3la fekraa it was only me and Ms Sonica in that place !!! I was sooooo Lucky !! wayed khtheeet ra7tii ;) 3la 7athiii mako ela ana weyahaaa :) 

b3d ma khala9naaaa radeeena 7azat sunset :)

and I almost forgot to introduce you do the Lovely Sonica ;) certainly in my next visit I will go Kayaking !!

QASHIII o ya 7lo qaashiiii ....each thing is attached to one destination and many memories I just love my stuff ;)

Beautiful is enough !!! indeeed NO !!!! tra elmokaaan haaaaaaaadiiiiiii hedou qaatill o ra7at baaaaal o shofat ghroob elshams qomt basa6t eshway bs ashoof elshams :)

and that was on our way back to the resort ....this is how it looks from land view :) my home :***

the BIG thing that I missed is not having a waterproof camera !!!! 7asaafaa :( I should get me one !!! because as you see couldn't take my camera with me on the Kayak ! So what do you need other than the water proof camera ? sun glasses - towel in case you need it - hat - and yeah wear a swim suit ! because you will get wet when you are Kayaking :P tarajaakh bn6looniii hahahaha but it was FUN !!

My overall experience ? JUST AMAZING its what I needed !!! yes it wasn't easy ! cuz mako leyaqa :P tagdeeeef 3ajeeeeb ! but you could rest while kayaking ! loved the place..... loved the sound of the water while kayaking ...loved making my own way ...loved my new skill 3shtaw :P loved eni amshi o a3er fag'aa loool loved eni da3amt chum eshyaraa e7m e7m :P finally Loved me on a kayak !!!! its worth a try and yes Kayaking is on my List for water activities or sports !!! Sonica ....Thank you very much for taking sometime to teach me how to Kayak ! thank you for being patient when I keep asking you how do I look from far away and am I kayaking right ;P and doing well for a first time experience LOOL ...I had a wonderful Time you made my day truely !!!


giggles said...

glad you enjoyed it, sure looks like fun. i went kayaking once in thailand can't wait to try it in abu dhabi :)

Anonymous said...

انا جربته في تايلند اينن عجييييب وايد عجييب ,, عليج بالعافيه :*

ننطر السحب :)))

ocean :*

Anonymous said...

wow amazing 9ej shaj3tene shakle baro7 elresort soon!

bs Q shlon elmokan 7ag elmet7ajbat? fe private shaleh pool and beach ?

thank you :*

AMA Traveler said...

@giggles : 7daa kaan fun !! atwaqa3 b3d in thailand its an amazing experience ! it was my new adventure o el7mdella it went well ;)

@ocean : eeeeeh ma twaqa3taa jithii ! knt 6aayra mn elfar7aa o ana mq6oo6a ebos6 el ba7ar LOOL o all by myself ! eni fi kayak broo7ii o ana masoulaa etha enqalabt :P

Anonymous : eyanin !! o lazem tro7een ! tra ana mt7agbaa! o mako shay waqafnii :P I can do whatever I want ! shofay el public pool a6ob fi lebs elmt7agbaat :) eb kil theqah ! o eli etkhez mn el ajanib aro7 asalem 3leeha LOOL private villas ! with small pools too ! bs beach not sure ! bs el villas bktib 3nhum fi post ! with lots of pics so keep checking :)

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