Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Sep 25, 2011

Happy 29th B-Day Ama Traveler

Journeys are always here ..... They come one package ! carrying the beautiful and the ugly ...laughter and tears ... the good and the bad..... the gain and the pain..... love and hate ....

But Its your Journey ! its your Life... its your choice.... Live it once live it right .... smile for the good ....defeat the worse ...survive the hard .... hold on to the best ! never let go of those things that make you special ..happy or one of a kind ! because those things will pass only once in your life ! that's why they say don't miss the chance :)

Believe in ALLAH ! This believe is your magical weapon ! I can close my eyes and smile with this thought wondering in my mind ! twakelaw 3la allah fi kil shay ! its your glory in life and after life :)

Proud of who I am ...Proud of being a Female Traveler ....proud of the journey's I've made around this beautiful world to meet all those wonderful people ...cultures and make all the adventures I dreamed of and have the chance to live days of sunrise and sunset on another place on earth !  I'm glowing ! Yes I am ... I'm 29th years old and proudly glowing !

 I promised myself that each year should had its special experience ..goals ..wishes even if they don't come true or you couldn't make them all should be so proud that you have them on that list of dreams ..... you should be proud that at one time your mind gone wider with those thoughts or wishes:) everything happenes for a reason ...everything comes on a certain time ....a perfect time that is decided by ALLAH

Love what you've got ! enjoy and appreciate the little details ! you will just LOVE your life ! believe its what you deserve then you will reach reliefe :) protect your Life let know human being let those tears out ! because who loves you will never let those tears drop of your beautiful eyes :)  

I've learned alot from where I've been ....seen.... & loved...yet I seek more :)

Family ..above all  akeed my  beautiful mama ...she a friend a supporter and ofcourse a caring mama ;) I love you ... I'm the Traveler the confident one .... because of you :** 

My little family ..only sister as she always calls herself when she wants somethings from me :P a7bchhhhh ;)

My two little brothers ! well they are not that little lol ..they are my men ! a7bkum :** you guys rock my world allah y7afethkum :*

My friends ahhhhhhh Friends all of you... I don't wanna metion it all because I will need posts min hl sena li next birthday just to list inaaa you all were here next to me when I needed you :* allah ekhaleekum li :** Allah keeps sending me amazing souls ... thank you guys yo are a bless :*

My readers the sweetest behind the screens ;) Thank you for reading my posts ! thank you for trusting me in arranging your trips ! you don't know how much it makes me happy when I find emails in my inbox asking me to arrange a trip for you and your families ! you guys have been helping me alot ! ALOT ! I love going around looking for info on each destination look for the best ! I want you all to travel and experience the pleasure of traveling with your loved once :)

A Happy 29th Birthday to me and to all who are celebrating their birthday today around the world ! Let's Celebrate ! let's enjoy ! moments are here now but gone in a while .... make them Happy memories ....make them special as you are .... Remember Happiness comes from within ;) to better journey's to explore the world to a better person I become goes my 29th year :) wish me luck guys ;)


NEZAR said...

Happy Birthday Dear...

وعقبال 100 سنه

I am really enjoying your posts....keep 'em coming and take care. :)

swera said...

Happy Birthday Dear :*

Dear Romeo said...

Happy Birthday darling
3ssa 3omrech 6weel ;))

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Kil 3am o intay ebkhair wel 3umr killa inshallah :*****
wish you all the best luck and keep on doing what your doing and never stop posting, you blog is one of a kind ;)

giggles said...

happy birthday o kil 3am wentaiy ib 5air :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Happy belated Birthday :)

AMA Traveler said...

@Nezar : Thank you for your kind greetings !

@swera : thank you :*
@Dear Romeo : ma qa9artay wallah :* agma3een enshallah ;D

@Ruby_Gloom : your words meant alot to me :*** thank you for your support !!

@giggles: shokran :* o intay bkheer o se7ah o slama :**

@Butterfly Chick : thank you ;D

Anonymous said...

haapppy birthday enjoy ur day 7bebty ;*

AMA Traveler said...

@3ateeja : thanks :***