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Apr 28, 2011

Let's Visit Florida's Gators !

I was over excited when I found myself as close as I can get to a real  gator in a real wildlife !
That was my new Adventure that I did two weeks ago in Florida ! Since Florida is well known for its wildlife so what's better than paying thoses FL Gators a visit ;P  The good thing about me I guess is that I enjoy doing Adentures alone I mean like no one of my Family joined me on the Gator Adventure because they were scared :P but they were so sweet to wave at me when I was leaving on the air boat wishing me a safe tour and to take care :P

I've did a great search on the net before I left on my vacation and I have made up my mind to go with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides . They are located at Florida Everglades in south Florida ( Kissimmee) & are known worldwide as the location to go out on an airboat tour. It was less than an hour drive from Orlando.Ofcourse knt emzahba 3diti eli ehya bs elkaboos (cap) 3n el7ar cuz you know I was in the Sunshine state it was like the sun burn state ;) 

7ta el6reeg kan maq6oo3 embayen into the Wildlife ;)

Im out and the family is in the car yn6rooni :P

After arriving there, I made up my mind to go with the Half hour tour although I wanted badly the one hour but Ididn't want my family to wait for me that long ;)

Half an hour ride for 25.95$ nice price ;) here comes the fun..the adventure and the gators o ashwana shft.hum cuz as you've seen above in the photo it was maybe maybe not Forecast!

lma shfta qulbi qam y3awerni leana adri
bs brkab b3eesh dour CSI Miami lol  el ride khyaleya kh9oo9an lma eshafe6 :P

Hello Eddie ;) 6b3an el accent kanat ham et3awer el qulb amreeki a9lii !

weqafna faga ! jan eqool lena shofaw menak wela el Gator !

The closest that we got 6b3an was
10 meters away tqreeban o its a female
gator 3yl law male eshloon 7gma b9eer !

I was ready you know in case lol :P

I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE wildlife ;*

and a beautiful rainbow madri laish ehnak
 everything gets better & better all day long :D

Ok hathela boqar 6be3iyeen at least mtyam3een
yam b3th o ham eshway b3edd 3n el may

ama hathi fa ma tdri wain allah qa6ha o 9ech ebqarah ! tbi tnte7er !
elmay kelah tmasee7 ashwana ma 9ar hejoom 3laiha jedami !lol

Leana hl  ryaal kan n7ees ela ybi e9awrna fi his
camera with the baby gator o print them for free !
 bs mamnoo3 our camera ! don't know what's the point of that LOL !
so I couldn't wait because I need my time I have other plans o people watting for me in the car :P

I've seen alot and learned alot in this tour. interesting information about Florida Gators Thanx to Mr. Eddie who was really kind to answer all of our questions while on the tour.

When it comes to Adventures ,I don't know how can I go ,I don't think I have a limit yet. Its not that I don't get scared well I do ! but I always push myself and say its a life time experience and I shouldn't miss it!

So would you be intrested in such adventures ? :P

Next coming up tboon Disney's Epcot wela Universal Studios ? wela tboon I post about malls ;P wela fooood ;)


giggles said...

yes definitly interested in such adventures with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair not to mention the loud sound of the boat thank god ako headphones. bas aham shaiy ena you see the gators and you have to keep yourself hydrated all the time ;)

r.alsharif said...

Allahhh! The Sunshine state!! :D

AMA Traveler said...

giggles: ee eeee ur right the wind o the sun o the air fresh air kan 3jeeeeeeeeb ma ansaaaah ! o ashwani shft el gators 3n kha6rii o I loved the experience that next time I'm going to a 1 hour private tour ;)

r.alsharif: owh yeah kant 3war qulb :(

Humaun Kabir said...

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