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Apr 2, 2011

Las Vegas Outlets

I only had the chance to visit one of the outlets of Las Vegas last summer and it was worth I got me some really nice stuff and I would Have got more but some of my family were waitting in the car :P so I had to shop Fast !

Unfortunatly I dont have my own pics as all my readers know that I suddenly decided to have a blog :P anyways here is the list of outlets of Las Vegas :

1- La Vgeas Premium Outlets North ( this is the one that I shopped at )
2- Las Vegas Premium Oultlets South
3-Fashion Outlets Las Vegas


Anonymous said...

nice posts
waiting for the list though;p

giggles said...

interesting, will pass by them inshala the next time i am there. thanks :)

AMA Traveler said...

Anonymous: Thank you ! List are coming up ! all my lists for the states but need to do some updates on them ;)

giggles: small outlets but it worth to go by everything out there if you had the chance