Its Just the Love ....the Desire ... the Passion to discover in a word .... reveal in experience ...the hidden Adventures .... the beauty of new places around the world .... resorts & hotels textures .... the after all Joy .....made me a traveler... However ...when I'm home I blog about what intrests me as a Traveler

Apr 20, 2011

I'm Back :)

I don't wanna know how much days I spent in Florida but I wanna always remeber how much I had Fun el7mdella ;) el7mdella I'm back home stillcan't think of how I made up my mind and got on the plane to come back home .... but Ididn't realize that Until I saw me waqfa 6ayra bohti eb ma6ar el kuwait ;P then I was like mama ma abi arg3 !!! she was like reg3na khlaa9 ya bnayti ! aha ok now elwaqe3 elaleeem :( the people who know me well will know why I love the states that much ! I love every details and the people I love how I am treated like everybody else ! equal no matter where I'm from ....I'm saying all of that because of my experience there so people have different experiences we don't have to be all the same.

I'm so tired but excited to start posting about my trip hopefully ASAP ;) Lots fo things I did and experienced o khetamha mesk kant m3a 911 and I wasn't the hero that time I was the victim ! what happened ? its all coming soon ...but I'm still thinking where to begin ;) Orlando shopping? theme parks? Miami Hotel? Miami shopping? restaurants? Air boats ride ? but for sure its all coming to you guys are missing nothing :)

I can't really say that I am glad to be back ...but its nice to be home between time and another ;P and as usual I'm going to need a vacation from this vacation soon ;) but let's make it clear my next adventure is gonna be on Septemper and its gonna be an invitation from one of the worldwide chain of resorts & hotels...your are gonna love it ! its an honor !

one more thing lovely winners to be ! I didn't forget about you all but please as soon as I settle I will announce the winners from the draw and your lovely gifts will be yours ;) its gonna be unique :)

really miss you all ...those who follow me and read my blog silently and those who have been with me from the beginning ;*

wish I can say more  


Expat and the City said...

Welcome back to Kuwait :D I'm so happy to read you enjoyed your trip to America. I can't wait to read all about it.

giggles said...

welcome back from sunshine state il 7emdela 3ala il salama, 3ala salfat mama maby arja3 thakarteni ib weld 5alti lez8er makan yaby ero7 london o 6owl il wakt bil 6ayara egol 7ag oma mama maby aro7 london ew9alaw ma6ar london o il 7abeb lail7en em9amem mayaby aro7 london hehe. glad you enjoyed your vacation, waiting for the upcoming posts ;)

AMA Traveler said...

Expat and the city: Thank you Guess I'm really back lol ! lots of amazing stuff are on the way ! I know I'm easy going and extra positive ;) but I fell in love with lots of stuff in the states ;)

giggles: hey dear ;* allah esalmech ;)loool yeah hatha etha elwa7ed ma ybi elshay continues repeating it :P 7da I enjoyed it I go and come with new experiences as usual and that's why I love it !