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May 30, 2011

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Well its a world full of Surprises ! when we were at Epcot last April 2011 I found out that there was a festival going on there ! and people inttend to visit only to see this festival ! it was something unique ! I loved it ! its the Flower and Garden Festival from March 7 to May 15, 2011.

This festival was all around Epcot ! you can find many artisans, specialists and shops that can help you bring the enchantment of the flower & garden festival back home with you ! lovely Idea huh ! that time I really wished that I can buy some plants for my home there ! If I was really living there ;)

The festival inlcude even live concerts ! Featuring popular preformances ! Unfortunately didn't see any :) but I enjoyed seeing disney in a different way ...take a look

creative ! loved this alot !

Tangled ! still haven't seen it

ahhhhh 7beebi Simba !
The circle of Life ! the only parade that will always make me dance !


having my break and sharing my pretzels with the duck !
and she wants more LOOL I just love animals ! eshway o tq3ad eb7thni which ofcourse I don't mind at all !
Peter Pan ! ah my childhood hero

After along long day at Epcots exactly at 5pm it was time for lunch ! ofcourse family wanted Shawarma :P which was available at the Moroccan Pavillion !so family headed to Morocco :P  but I was going for Mexican Food ;) went alone to have lunch at mexico ! but I couldn't have my meal alone ! so I asked them to back it up and went to join the family ;)  loved my lunch alot !

3adi 3adi adri 3afsah bs always el mess tkooon shay qaatillll !

as usual lazem laaaaaazem kil mokan a6obah ashtri shay for my friend bebo ! I got her this & sent her the pic right away !
then saw that the pic looks lovely so I went back in the store and got me peprmints too :P

That was all at Epcots but my day didn't start that way there was more ! rides and attractions ! click here


giggles said...

wow never knew they had such festivals, is it only in april?

Anonymous said...

I think we were there around the same time! Haha I posted about the flower festival too 
Spring is the best time to travel ...I was in NYC the year before, and Macy's had the Flower Show ...the entire first floor of the department store was covered in flowers...soo pretty! Glad you had a good time :D

AMA Traveler said...

giggles ! e kaan rw3aa ! a7b aro7 amaken o atfaga;a fi events ma adri 3nhum :P april and may I guess leana I have next years plan o katbeen bekoon april and may :) lool o laish ma shftch :P now gonna check your post cuz ana ma 9awart kil shay ma mdani :( we did enjoy ahh the states ! hope you did too akh 3la NYC I miss that place :/