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May 23, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory - Orlando

The first place to dine at was Cheesecake Factory !! It was there at Mall of Millenia ! once we entered the mall  I said " Hey guys lunch is gonna be at cheesecakes be there at 4PM ! now let's go shop :P"

So after a long day shopping and losing money :P we arrived at cheesecake's , for my new readers ! haven't heard of Cheesecake click here read my previous post from last sumemr in the states ;)

Sometimes you have to wait to get a table but usually this time at Orlando's, we waited only for minutes ! not like at California's you wait time can reach an hour but you leave your name an go continue shopping them come back later ;) and now let's check cheesecake ! do I need to escirbe the food ? Guess everybody knows that chesecake factory offers more than 200 different dish from multiple cuisine !

sprit with cherry ;)

forgot the name 6b3an :( but its something with crab . crap cake I think ...63ma khyaaaaaaaaaaaal

MY NO.1 !!! Its the boneless wings !! ambeh mo 9ECH !!!!

I want my lunch today at Cheesecake Factory :( checkout cheescake factory so you know when it arrives to Kuwait if they serve the same exact and all the dishes ;) click on : The Cheesecake Factory


giggles said...

3alaykom bil 3afia, we did the same thing as well. we went shopping o 5etamnaha fe cheesecake factory la2na if we did the opposite chan ma7ad la 5elg yetsawag you want to go home and sleep after their yummy food.

AMA Traveler said...

allah e3afeech dear ;* el comment section kan khrbaan 3ndi lol I just changed some settings ;) ama 3la cheesecake factory hatha
e7a6emni lol ahhh I miss it

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