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May 31, 2011

My story with 911 - Orlando 2011

" Hello 911 yes please my sister fainted and she is sweating like hell !"  I always thought that one day I'm gonna help someone and be a hero hmm but that call was made by my sister LOL ! 911 rescued me ! This is gona be along story people :)

SCENE 1 at the apartment : That morning in Orlando at our apartment,  I was OK I mean like nothing was wrong with me I felt nothing coming up, actually I got up early morning starting with online check in with United because the day after we were supposed to come back to Kuwait. so Imagine it was our last day there ! we wanted to pass by many places to grab up some stuff :) so we made the breakfast ready

SCENE 2 on the way to the car : On my way to the car, I felt dizzy suddenly with no warnings ! one man approached me and said " Hi goodmorning could you take a photo for me and my family ? " me " aha sure " shako sure ! adri fraghah bs family o mstanseen yayeen orlando ma bgheet areda lol .

SCENE 3 in the car : I don't know but I took a photo for maybe 6 families that's what I saw in the camera lens ! my family were in the car ! once I'm in I layed back and told my sis drive now let's go to the Hospital I can't see a thing ! and I know how this goes it happens alot to me :( and I know what's next I'm gonna faint ! an if I do my mom is gonna freak out and if she does I can't forgive myself :) o as Usual I just close my eyes and repeat again and again " mama ma fini shay la tkhafeen wallah ma fini shay bs abi dreb abi shay e9a7eeni la etkhafeen mama ok ok "
The next thing I felt was that I just took a shower ! and I'm all wet from head to toe ! OMG all the black leather seat was covered with water I was just sweating like hell! !! ok now I know its my low blood pressure !!! that all happened in minutes... my sis doen't know how to use the GPS ! its always been me the guide :P o she said " sis ma aqdar asoooq ma aqar shasawi ween enroo7 ! khlaa9 broo7 el main reception fi our complex we need help ! all I know is I aaked them to hurry up cuz that fainint is on its way I cn feel it bs qathba 3mri 3shan 7beebti mama walah akhaaf e9eer fiha shay :/ ehya no3ha wayed et7aatiii :(
SCENE 3 the 911 Call : At the reception mama and sister ran inside and made that call ! the receptionist asked my sis to talk to 911 to explain my condition, I think my sis did well except in describing me as " she is yellow :P " loool 3adi bda3at and now I'm trying my best to get that 911 voice recording tape LOOOL. The guy kept asking my sister how am I doing , she told them that I'm in the car with my ant, he asked her to go out check on me then come back to tell him how am I doing ! the cool thing is once she reported my case to 911 a whole recue team was given the call and on the way to me ! an ambulance and fire fighter car. 

SCENE 4 waiting to be rescued : How was I doing by that time ? I don't know ! actually as I can describe thatI was moments gone and moments back  just to say to my mama that I'm ok ...If she wasn't there I would have fainted long time ago LOL. ofcourse my condition got worse when I started to vomit :P 10 minute exactly and they arrived to the rescue ! my sister was on the phone  with 911 until their arrival then she was allowed to hang up the phone ! I loved the way how it goes ! they never leave you alone :)

SCENE 5 the ambulance is here : I was sitting infront next to the driver's seat, the door was open " HI ......he said my name then he said " I'm Mo, you are ok sweetie ! I'm gonna carry you by holding your arms and Tom is gonna hold you legs , we are going to move you to the Ambulance " welli ma ydrii shesalfa I just wanted to be ok I was so afraid that becaue I wasn't able to talk or respond to them  ! OMG I could hear them but when I tried to open my eyes  I saw fire fighters too I was thinking was there a fire too at our complex? it turns out that the whole team should come on each 911 call no matter what the condition is ! 7aseet em6al3ah 3 cars only for me ! I just wanted to say that Im ok 7aqhum klhum lol although I could hear them well but it was like If I was under sea it wasn't clear.

SCENE 6 in the Ambulance: ma boqa wire ma lazeqooh 3ly ! it was so nice of Mr. Mo to keep telling me what he's going to do next m3ani knt emghaybah ! how could he know that I can hear him ! seeeeeeedaaaaaa 3a6ani IV hydration  Drip o mina bedeet a9a79e7 ne9 eldarb ! I opened my eyes finally ! he was just there with a big smile ! o ana m3a 7osti o loyti madri shesalfa a9laan bs 6b3an yaneeeeet 3la el Ambulance ! ambeeeh jini fi film !!!  I didn't have my bag or Iphone I had nothing :( so no pics of the ambulance :( he told me look at your face ! you look better ! ya 7asriti o ana msa3a eshlon kan shkli lol ! he said you were in a stage between fainting and not !what happened to you ?.... saying my name :P I told him really I was holding on I think I was over the edge but I was worried that if I do mama will freak out ! he told me so where are you from o 6b3an bedat elqarqah ! in the front my ant asm3 7es.ha sa6ra jedam m3a el driver 3aaadi qalatla kha6 our trip kla o ena re7na miami o ena epcot elawe3 el chbd lol o 7ashaatna tharbat shams o 3shan jithi ana 6e7t o klaam kelah bdleyat english lol .

To be continued ......


LadyB_Q8 said...

Omg omg omg!
allah 7fe'e6ej o 5a6aj elsewww, I hate epcotttt ! dont ask me why bs I'll never in my life step foot in that damned place , yuck!
o salamat babe :* wgaf galby ela shwaya allah y3een omej kan sh7alha :/

Anonymous said...

OMG I miss that hommos!! it used to be my favourit!

Anonymous said...

maaa tshofen shar ;**

Anonymous said...

خطااج السووو ,, ما اتشوفين شر حبيبتي :**


Anonymous said...

ma tshofeen shar, glad ur ok, what a way to end a nice vacation! :s

Bits 'n' Pieces said...

Salamat matshofeen sharr!!
memorable experience though :P

star said...

salamat I had soo many goose bumps reading this post ,, kilsh wala khar3at el mothers te3awer galbi :(
kha6akum elsoo

AMA Traveler said...

Lady B: epcot was OK :P ashwani ma 6e7t ehnaak lol 6ala3 elathar aday later ..shams.hum khyaaal 7arrah eb shakil mo 6bee3i ! it was scary walalh bs lmah 9a79a7t 9ar eshway 3la adventure :P bs mthl ma qltay qulbii kan e7aati mama elmskeena ehya no3ha etkhaaf famabalech b3d ana 6ay7a :(

moodypants : hl hummos is one thing I love to have whenever Im there ;)

3ateeja: elshar ma eyeech :**

ocean : elshar ma eyeech dear lovely pretty friend :* : elshar ma eyeech e walalh alf el7mdellah ashwana qbl elsafra o mo 7azat elsafra allah qadar o le6af :/ bs khoosh adventure :P

bites'n'pieces: elshar ma eyeech dear ! off shay ma ra7 ansaah lol

star : tra awal ma t3bt I was thinking bs fi shay wa7d fi mama lw b9eer fini shay :/ wayed a7bha o waayed akhaaf 3leeha ! bs el7mdella allah 3daha 3la kheer ..kh6aach elaash sweetie ;)

Expat and the City said...

I had chills and tears in my eyes reading your post. I wish I could understand the Arabic part. Lol. I know you were in good hands once the rescue team arrived. I am so proud of our emergency services in the USA. They are outstanding. :) Now I will read part two to make sure you are okay. :)

AMA Traveler said...

Expat and the city : as you said I was in good hands ! they also tried to calm my mom down while I was moved to the ambulance she told me later they told her not to worry and Im gonna be ok :)