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Jun 18, 2011

Let's Go USA - New York List

Here comes my list to NYC :) I make these list for almost every place I visit , just to make it easy for me to reach it or sometimes to save time :) I'm so Happy that so many Kuwaiti's my people are vacationing in the states this summer 2011 ! hope everybody enjoys their vacation inshallah :)

To check previous post on california lists press here

Now check the listing of all of my posts on NYC trip back in summer 2010 :

Going NYC
Shake Shack NYC  
Where to stay in NYC and more
Helicopter ride all over NYC
The American Museum of National History
Top of the Rock
Shopping NYC
Wicked Musical ( Broadway )
What to eat in NYC

 For NYC list email titled email with "Let's go USA - NYC list " at : and I will reply with the list back at your :)

Let's GO NYC :)

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