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Jun 1, 2011

My story with 911 - Part 2

At Dr.P.Philips Hospital Orlando ....

SCENE 7 at the Hospital : once we arrived Tom the driver opened the door of the Ambulance! Mo told me to get ready ! ana what ! ready for what ! he told me for the best ride ever in orlando its the ride while they pull me out of the ambulance ! lol they made the whole situation funny for me !

Once we were in the Hospital, My guys from The Ambulance didn't leave me alone until I get a bed! where is my family ? they are not allowed to come to the ER so the place doesn't get crowded ! and later when you get a room you are allowed one visitor !! ambeh shno hl nethaaam !!!! teshaqaqt min elwanasa lol !! I loved the Hospital its Dr.P.Philips Hospital Orlando one of the best there at Orlando's! ofcourse we didn't make the choice it was made by the ambulance team according to my condition Mo explained that to me later .

SCENE 8 Waiting for my room : Mo was at the counter reporting my condition to the nurse ( He had my report al in his hand in a mini laptop ) and Tom was there next to my head asking me how am I doing every 10 minutes !! they are not allowed to leave me until I get a bed ! I just couldn't believe it ! wallah mo 9ech eshloon y9beroon o yeth7koon ! o ana knt mayta abi a6l3 lol becaue I was feleing ok m3a el drip .it was my last day fi USA bla7eq abi stuff mn el sooq !!! talked to the head nurse told her I'm ok I can go home now she told me sorry no home must do blood test !!

SCENE 9 Still waiting :you want to know how long I waited to get a bed ? 2 hours !! yeah 2 hours and other people were waiting too ! ma7ad t7ala6m !!!! tra ma kan fi z7ma kelesh ! bs jithi ohma berood !!!  they were all serious conditions ! ma7ad qal yallah welah q3d e9arekh !!! 6b3an ana wla klma endemagt atabe3 el cases !! I was in ER !! elwth3 ma yt6awaf !! 6 cases from Universal studios and 1 case from Disney land all of them fainted because of the hot sun ! tharbat shams ! and one dad with a broken arm and one old man like in his 70's was vomitting :( mskeen 3awar qulbii he was really old o ma yt7al6am aw y9arekh ! even el nurse she was so sweet to him while she changed his bed sheets :P

SCENE 10 saying goodbye to Mo and Tom : before they left ofcourse I have lerned that tom loves traveling !!! but now its been hard that he is married and with kids :P Mo was there y7n fooq rasiii calling my name :P where is my tip ! where is my tip ! come on where is my tip ! I was like seriously !!! owh no you gotta be kidding me ! I didn't see that in 911 episodes ! you guys accept tips ! they were both fooling me lol o ana ekhtr3t 9adaqt ! then after that they were asking me to suggest a place for them to have lunch I told them guys I'm not gonna be a great help i can't think of anything other than shopping right now ! but I told them really if I had my purse I would  have said to you guys that lunch is on me ! wallah w3alaya eksaraw kha6rii ! 9ar lehum sa3teen waqfeen 3la 6olhum yami wla t7l6em wla shay ! AND finally my turn and I got a bed ! Thanks for Mo and Tom for taking a good caRe of me and not leaving me alone ! wanastooni bl qarqa o elsowalif !

SCENE 11 on my bed : the head nurse told me that its gonna take time to move me to a room and ofcourse I told her I don't want a room she told me the doctor will see you only at the room ! me said "ok then please just call my mom I really need some important stuff from her" my mom was allowed to come in for minutes ! they were waitting in the other side of the Hospital ...there was a badge on her chest with her name and the patient name, mine :) here goes our conversation:

me Traveler : with a big smile to mama "walaht 3leekum :P mama tra ana zaina al7een bs elsalfa 6awalah mo ratheen emashooni m3anah ma fini shay now a7san mn mesa3a"

mama " alf el7mdellah bs la la q3day khl esawoolech f7o9aat ma namshi ela lma netaakad ench zaina ya bnayti " o etmase7 3la eedi o rasii :*** bacher wrana safra bnred el kuwait ...tqdereen etsafreen ? "

me Traveler " ee enshallah aqdar mafini ela el3afia ! mama nbi jnaaa6 7aq elsefar o 6al3ay chum elsa3a !! eshraykom etro7on elsooq etkhal9oon sheghlna bachr 6yaratna mn el fayer o ana khalooni ehni mta ma khala9t adeq 3leekum"

mama " la nmshi m3a b3th nan6rech "

me Traveler " UMAH wallah tra em6awleeen ! ok eshloon bnwadi qashnah eli shareenah el kuwait ! tra ma 3ndena el 4 jnaa6 !! ro7aw mafini ela el3afia b3deen ana mtansa jini qa3a eb film minsad7a o qa3da atfarag :P "

mama " ee 3ad la etqooleen 7aq a7ad fi twitter malch ench 6ay7a t3bana o mestansaa :P allah e7fthech ya bnaaytii "

me Traveler " khlaa9 mama inshallah intaw ro7aw bs 3a6ooonii jan6itii o hm abi my  extra handbag eli fi dabat elsyara abi feeha b6l may o klinex o abi n3aaliiii !! ma 3ndi n3al lol shalooni madri ween en3ali lol o I phoniiiiii "
she brought me all the stuff I wanted then they went shopping lol :P and blood test were taken ....

SCENE 12 My room at the Hospital : once I was moved to a room bsmellah elra7maan elr7eem nurses started jumping to my room introducing them selves !! hi I'm sally hi I'm flana ! if you need anything call me or press the botton right next to you  ! so I was all the nurses at that unit resposibility ! told the nurse I need to use the toilet while I was getting out of bed she told me wait sweetie ! I want you to sit first for 5 minutes ! 6b3an ana ok ! wanasa abi a3aref kil shay y9eer bl hospital ! then she told me how do I feel !and if I feel dizzy ! I told her I'm ok ! estghfr allah 7sait mabi a6la3 mn elmostashfa lol ! then she asked me to stand up and stay still in my place for 5 minutes ! And I did and when she saw that I'm ok she told me go ahead to the toilet ... ! 6b3an ana emrabe6a o loya fa this is the best pics that I took ....

Vomit Bag :P  took one as a souvenir

SCENE 12 the doctor is here : He was a real doctor ! I mean the way he looked ! jena 6al3li mn film !! wela series ! el doctor 7da netheeeeeef !!! lol ee ee adri ghreeba bs he was shining mn el nathafa ! mo mthl b3th eli 3ndena :P I said b3th :P he explained what I had been thorugh its all from the sun ! spending the day before all at Epcots from the morning till the night ! the hot sun ! this happenes everyday to many people in Florida specially tourist ! and he was right once I'm at the hospital saw many people that came from Disney and univeral LOL. and discussed with him my situation that I'll be leaving on a two days trip back to my country kuwait and if its ok to take the trip ? deep in my heart there was a voice saying " ya RAB eqool ma y9eer asafir ya raaab" he told me that he will give me some medication and he want me to do one thing before I board the plane the next day, which is stand for a while and see If I'm really ok and ready for the long trip ! if I there was no dizziness at all then I should go on ! o el7mdellah that's what happened the next day :)  

SCENE 13 payment Issue :a lovely young lady walked into my room greeting me with my name ! she looks so professional with her formal suit :) she asked me how am I doing now ? and how was my vacation so far in Orlando ! ktkootaa ! I told her that I'm leaving the next day and I don't want to and asked her if there was a way that they could keep me in the hospital :P she laughed then she explained to me the payment issue since I don't have an insurance ! ya 7lookum wallah ! kil shay emrateb ! I signed some papers and she told me that when I'm done the nurse will show me where her office is so that I go ahead with the payment. I thanked her for their kind services ! an hour later I went with the nurse to that office and got the payment details it was a total of 1800$ ! since mom is paying :P I called her and I told her that I'm ready to go ! yallah t3alaw ekhthoonii ay sooq re7taw mama mabi e6oofni shay ! 

Scene 14 mama's Paying : I stayed there and had a wonderful chat with Ms. Dell at the payment office ! she was so cute and kind ! I remember when I asked her what's her good name is , she told me I'm dell like the computer lol . she asked me if I had any prescription from the Dr. I should save sometime and go to the pharmacy because it takes 15 minutes for them to prepare it ! so I did ! however, Mom arrived 30 minutes later ! finally done with the payments and I'm free to go ;)

I learned that paciency is a gift !

I learned that sometimes the best thing to do is let the experts take care of you and enjoy it !

I learned that no matter what your condition is there is always time for a smile or humor !

I learned alot from being at the ER ..mako tension mako loya o khabah o hosha !

Thank you 911 thank you for being there !

Thank you Mo and Tom for taking a good care of me  ! I felt like I'm with my family when they were not arround !
Thank you Dr.P.Philips Hospital for making me feel like If I was at home !

me Traveler : MAMA  yallah wadooni el sooq enshallah eljam3eya aw Wal mart abi ashem ree7at amreekaa ahhh qbl elsafra bacher ! and they did take me  lol

at 6 pm we arrived at Nordstrom ! Ididn't even go home to change !
mako waqt lol hathi 6l3iti mn el hospital !

I went in at the doors and I saw this !!! 6b3an q3dt abchiii !
! mo 9ech ena the word stay !!!!!
o ana knt bred el Kuwait the next day !! y3ni shno|!!!


Expat and the City said...

What an adventure! I'm just so happy to read you are okay and 100% better. :)

AMA Traveler said...

yeah it was ! but coudn't document the first part in the ambulance with some photos :P was almost passed out ;) but after that I went shopping lol

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