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Jun 19, 2011

The Hangover part 2 at Cineplex Bangkok

Yeah I was there so no way I'm gonna miss the movie :P and I did attend it there ! it was like a dream a movie that was filmed there in Thailand between Krabi and Bangkok and me having the chance to catch it there :)

For the first time in my life I attend a movie alone ! I planned for the whole thing when I was in kuwait before my trip started and I had in mind I'm going to see the Hangover 2 in Bangkok , I did my search on where to see it I needed some place close to my hotel and there it was Paragon Cineplex :) Most of you who are following me in Twitter @Traveler_q8 were with me when I was running late on the movie lol using the sky walk from my hotel but thank God I made it on time actually before time.

Sky walk to Paragon Cineplex
finally made it to Paragon Mall , looks like fi nas em6ansheen el madrisa :P

6yaraaaaan to the movie ;D

almost almost there :)

getting me a ticket :)

and my ticket :)
The ticket cost me only 200 Bht that is approximately 1,800Files K.D !! nice price huh :) I had to choose between those seats and other which were close to the cinema screen and cost 180 Bht.

Once I entered the cinema bsmella twni qa3da wella fag'aa el kil woqaf ! ekhtr3t jan ouqaf ! guess what ? National Anthem people  ! yeah they play the national anthem with some short movie all about their king |! I do respect it ! wish we had something here like this :) I love Thailand and I respect each single detail about that country :) one thing I had in mind thank god I was alone leana lw b3th elnaas weyay jan 9ar shay thani o the7ek :P you know lma et9eer ym3ah you just can't hold your laughs :)

Over Excited I was and don't worry I'm not gonna mention anything thing about the movie other than one thing ! YOU have to watch it in cinema ! its not the kind that you can watch at home ! my advice go dubai and watch it I would have done it :) but you know I got the chance to see it in Bangkok :P its one hilarious movie right on the top of my best comedy movies of the year !! and might be ever too !

enjoying the hangover  & Loved the Thai Subtitles :P LOOOL

When the movie was over I had only couple of minutes to go around the cinema theatre to take some photos because I had to go back again to the hotel to catch a pick up for dinner ! yeah that day I was a mess :P so let's see some of Cineplex Paragon

wanted to watch the Pirates too but 7asafa I had no time :/

its a promo 2 dirnk and larg popcorn seems to be only 160 Bht !!!!!!

One thing I asured of attending that movie alone is that when you travel or when you are right at home, If you know how to have fun alone or reach happiness when you are alone then your are gonna be ok all your life no matter how problems you go thorugh everything will turn alright at the end :)

Just enjoy the moment, no body in the world has it all but indeed we all have many blessings so enjoy them :) now people go watch the Hangover :D  


giggles said...

e7na kil youm ehnak bil mall hehe o cinemat.hom wayed 7elwa. same thing happened to us e5tara3na we were like shesalfa lama faj2a kil wa7ed gam o il national anthem on the screen with king's pictures mashala this is an exapmle of a sha3ab eli 9ij ye7terem 7akemhom . as to the students in their school uniforms they are everywhere hehe 7eta sa3at you see them studying in the restaurants and coffe shops :)

AMA Traveler said...

lol ee ana ekhtr3t bs ashwani knt bro7i lw all of the girls kanaw weyay eb hl sfra o that movie jan 9ar th7ek :P bs really I loved el7araka even me tra I do respect Thailand much ! loved their sutdents uniform too :P

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