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Jun 12, 2011

Let's go USA - from Mission Viejo 4 Lists

Finally your guide to the American Vacation ;) I have arranged these simple lists for you to be your guide in discovering and enjoying the Beautiful States  :) summer is here ! so let's go USA ! this is only the first list so more to come inshallah :)

Why from Mission Viejo ? its like an hour away from Los Angeles but its where e I stayed that place we even reached SF ! so in the list you will find all the places that you can reach if you stay in that area the OC or LA .

First here goes all the previous posts about all the things that I enjoyed while I stayed there for a month:

-   Where I stayed in Mission Viejo and how to do reservations
-    IN-N-OUT Burgers
-    Driving in the States
-    Celebrate the 4th of July in the states
-   Universal Studios Hollywood
-   Universal Citywalk Hollywood
-   Sprinkles Cupcakes 
-   Best Outlets around OC
-   Crystal cove state park
-    Sea World San diego
-   Tom's Farm   
-   How to spend a day in Hollywood
-   Shop Fashion Island
-   The Cheesecake Factory
-   Crumbs Bake Shop
-   Shop La Americana - The Grove - South Coast Plaza
-   DisneyLand & Disney California Adventure Park  

Moreover I have my lists,  I made them by myself according to my search on the net and some friends recommendations :) what can you find in these list ? all the important information about the places you are going to visit :) for Mission Viejo I made four lists  

1- Malls
2- Outlets
3- Places to eat
4- Places to go

How can you have them ? Just send me a titled  email : " Let's go USA - Mission Viejo 4 lists"  to  my email and I will reply with the three list attached :)

Enjoy my dear readers :) If you have any questions regarding any list or place or just a travel info, I will be glad to help :)


giggles said...

thank you, that is so helpful :)

AMA Traveler said...

its my pleasure dear friend ;)

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